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Tanai Adriav has connected.
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Tanai Adriav:
Mechalomaniac: Boo
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* Franky rolls: 1d3+3 => 3 + 3 = 6
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Mechalomaniac: You no longer have the least!
Mechalomaniac: (Amusingly Go has the most. Apparently boobs give an HP bonus)
Mechalomaniac: Is it better at all now?
MaiKobayashi has connected.
Regris has connected.
MaiKobayashi: Hi
Mechalomaniac: Hi!
Franky: HI
MaiKobayashi: When did our party become a bunch of mandalorians and a jedi?
Kite Lanford has connected.
Mechalomaniac: What?
Tanai Adriav: Token Library Map
Mechalomaniac: Oh, that's just there
Kite Lanford: Oh boy
MaiKobayashi: Whats the map were using today?
Mechalomaniac: Safehouse, though your tokens are on Thirsty Mynock still
Mechalomaniac: The tokens were already updated for your leveling. Even Furu's
Tanai Adriav: I don't know how to move my token onto new maps.
Mechalomaniac: Right click ---> Cut (or Copy) ---> Paste
Mechalomaniac: I lied on the last part. Ctrl + V to paste
MaiKobayashi: you did not update it right
Mechalomaniac: Is Furu's computer dying?
Mechalomaniac: I did
MaiKobayashi: at least for me
MaiKobayashi: nope
Franky: I'm here.
MaiKobayashi: as i have 6 forcepoints and all my defences are one higher
MaiKobayashi: i fixed it though
Franky: My token's already at the safehouse
Franky: Sitting on this comfy-ass couch
Franky: this SPACE COUCH
Mechalomaniac: Oh ok, all your Force Points are off. Sec
MaiKobayashi: remember defences are not + half level but full
Character Sheet Updated!
Character Sheet Updated!
Character Sheet Updated!
Character Sheet Updated!
Kite Lanford: Hmm, now that I think about it, did we ever salvage the Suits off Sith guys we fragged?
Mechalomaniac: I know. The thing calculates defenses automatically
MaiKobayashi: It said +1 for level on mine
MaiKobayashi: instead of +2
Kite Lanford: Oh well
MaiKobayashi: so i changed it to 2 on mine manually
Mechalomaniac says to the GMs: Display properties set up successfully. Mouse-over the token to see them.
You say to the GMs: Display properties set up successfully. Mouse-over the token to see them.
Character Sheet Updated!
Character Sheet Updated!
Character Sheet Updated!
Character Sheet Updated!
Mechalomaniac: Ok should be right now
Mechalomaniac: Anyway!
Xant: (( is regris here ))
Mechalomaniac: LAST TIME Our heroes fought a bunch of nasty creatures to get a scanner so they could get off this rock. Now all they have to do is break a man out of Sith lockup!
C22: (( No. ))
MaiKobayashi: (( so what was the plan again? ))
James Mestitia: "... so in short, that's the plan, someone has to disguise ourselves as this dead Sith and Impersonate him long enough for me to hack in and get our man out of lockup."
* C22 taps the door to where Tanai is resting, "Hey, I think we're going to be on the move."
Mechalomaniac: They have the location of the base, and there are any number of ways they could approach it!
* Tanai Adriav yawns and pulls herself out of bed, heading towards the droid.
Tanai Adriav: Hm?... Ok.. I'm coming...
Tanai Adriav: (( "Who left the dead body in the kitchen?" ))
James Mestitia: "Now comes the matter of figuring where the rest will fit in but I'm sure I can make it up as we go along with it."
Mechalomaniac: They did manage to get an ID Card off a Sith in the cave, so they could infiltrate. Alternately, they can try the straight forward approach.
* Jarai Sun looks at Garron. "Well Master, I think that if we are going to go with his plan. Your the only one amongst us that can pull this off."
Tysus Garron: You want me to impersonate a Sith?
James Mestitia: "Someone has to..."
C22: "I don't know. The more people we have the more suspicious we draw."
Jarai Sun: "Well, Tanai is not a man, And she isnt human. And altough my gender will check out if they bother to remove my pants, I am still not a human."
Xant: "I'm still not convinced you're male myself."
James Mestitia: "Well C22, I did draw up a contigency plan if that ever comes up: A detachment group consisting of myself and a few others will take the back door while our little Sith impersonator keeps as many people at the front door as possible."
* Tysus Garron manages to hold back a laugh at that.
C22: "Do you even know how many people staff this place?"
Xant: "I'm going to assume the number is in the neighborhood of 'a lot.'"
C22: "And five of us? This sounds like a great idea."
Mechalomaniac: The base it's on is quite populous, but the prison itself isn't exactly maximum security. There's likely to be a dozen men at most.
Tysus Garron: Hmm, I've got an idea, but it is risky.
C22: "I think if you want to jailbreak you might as well get everyone out."
C22: "And run out with who we need in the confusion."
James Mestitia: Incite a Mass Jailbreak?"
James Mestitia: "Why that's where our plans merge."
C22: "... Sure, if you say so."
Tysus Garron: I could cause a distraction on the other side of the base, to draw most of their forces away from the detention facility.
* Tanai Adriav lifts her hand to her mouth to stifle a large yawn
Xant: "It's likely none of the prisoners truly deserve to be there."
Mechalomaniac: From what you were told it was mostly those trouble makers who caused the riot not too long ago.
Mechalomaniac: (The one in the first session)
James Mestitia: "Yea..."
Tysus Garron: (( Yes that one ))
Jarai Sun: "Do we have any idea of the prisons layout?"
Mechalomaniac: It's a fairly small facility, a single level and not more than a dozen cells.
Jarai Sun: (( one level? ))
C22: "Wish I had a bigger gun... *sigh* Ah well."
Mechalomaniac: (( One block. ))
Tanai Adriav: I'm sure we can find our way.
James Mestitia: "Yea... my first instinct says there should be a Terminal nearby I can hack but... hope I don't get lost."
Jarai Sun: (( if i were to climb onto the roof and use hack saw lightsaber diplomacy, could i convince the ceiling to open a hole directly above the cell for instance? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( No, you can not diplomacy a cieling. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( We aggressively negotiate with the ceiling. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Exactly. ))
Jarai Sun: (( would it work? ))
Xant: (( it has diplomatic immunity ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Yes, if you can climp up on a roof you can cut a hole in the cieling. ))
Jarai Sun: "I would suggest that instead of trying to infiltrate the facility ikely crawling with guards, we make our own entrance into the cell."
James Mestitia: "As in blast a hole in the wall, with what?"
C22: "Sounds like somethign you'd need to sneak around for."
* C22 stomps robot feet.
C22: "I'm not really built for that."
Jarai Sun: "Blast? No."
* Jarai Sun holds up his lightsaber.
* Tanai Adriav giggles at C22 and playfully stomps her feet in the same way as it does.
Xant: "Yes, the guards would hear your squeaking from a mile away."
James Mestitia: "Oh, forgot that."
Jarai Sun: "Even a fortified blast door will give way to a lightsaber. "
Tysus Garron: You'd be more likely to draw less attention by posing as the Sith.
Tysus Garron: The rank and file soldiers aren't likely to question orders.
Jarai Sun: "I thought you were against the idea of posing as the sith, master."
James Mestitia: Shame we forgot to take a few suits of Armor to really blend in... but if we go back to the sites...
James Mestitia: "No, it'll be too late to salvage anything by then..."
Tanai Adriav: I believe he was against the idea of himself posing as the sith.
* Tysus Garron nods. "I think you can manage it."
Jarai Sun: "I am not human. Nor am i a very good liar."
C22: "I can just hang back if you guys want to play some covert ops stuff. Otherwise if there's someone going as the Sith, I'll just go with them. Droids don't get questioned much."
Tysus Garron: You're close enough, and many sith have pale skin.
* Xant smiles.
Tysus Garron: Alternately, I can cause a distraction and in the chaos you could break in forcefully.
Xant: "Then let me help you with the lying."
Jarai Sun: "Then I will need your help master."
* Jarai Sun holds up the crystal they salvaged from the siths lightsaber.
Jarai Sun: "I will need to look the part."
Tysus Garron: Very well. Let me see your lightsaber. It will not take long.
* Jarai Sun hands over his lightsaber.
Xant: (( Garron fumbles his roll to change crystals, destroying the lightsaber ))
* Jarai Sun almost seems to hesitate at letting iit go.
* Tysus Garron opens up the saber and carefully replaces the crystal, taking care to ensure it works before returning it. The entire process takes about half an hour if you guys have anything else to do.
Kite Lanford is disconnected.
Kite Lanford has connected.
* Xant spends the next half hour flirting with everyone in the room
* Jarai Sun dresses up as a sith in the mean time and asks tanai to help him practice his angry face
* Mechalomaniac is too old and not into men.
James Mestitia: "Now that I think about it, I wonder if it's easier to take the salvaged Scrap we got from the Sith's body, and use it to make a new Hilt
* Sten-lo Nerudi is ALSO too old and not into men.
James Mestitia: ... no that won't work..."
* James Mestitia has his mind thinking into the mechanics as a Mental Defence
* Tanai Adriav helps Jarai with his war face.
* James Mestitia walks up and takes some Medical Supplies to restock the First Aid Kit, then realizes something's missing...
Mechalomaniac: Half an hour later, Tysus returns with Jarai's lightsaber. It's now red, but not 3 times faster.
Xant: "Looks better."
* Xant makes his skin red to show his approval.
Tysus Garron: While you're rescuing this prisoner, I'm going to try to gather some information on their plans.
C22: "Right. I guess I'll play guard duty? What about James and Tanai?
James Mestitia: "Well, while Tanai works the Force, I'll sneak around and find the Terminal that connects to the cells if it exists."
Tanai Adriav: ...while I what?
C22: "Uh, that's probably the last thing you want her doing."
* Jarai Sun just stares at xant. he may even be glaring but hes terrible at that showing emotion thing.
James Mestitia: "Hmm... you got a point..."
* Xant is just gonna be red and smug
Tysus Garron: You could pretend to be prisoners.
Xant: "I can easily do that."
James Mestitia: "Yea... then when the chance presents itself, hack in and well, open a can of worms and cause a ruckus."
Tysus Garron: I recall seeing a holo that used a similar ploy.
C22: "Ooh, I get to point a blaster at my allies? That sounds promising."
* Tanai Adriav frowns at C22.
C22: "That's sarcasm."
James Mestitia: "With programing like yours, how can anyone tell..."
C22: "I hear not being daft is a good way to start."
Tanai Adriav: When should we begin this operation, hm?
C22: "Ready when you lot are."
James Mestitia: "Ready..."
* James Mestitia cracks his knuckles... "This should be a fun hack."
Jarai Sun: "As ready as i will ever be."
Xant: "Ready as ever."
Tysus Garron: When you're finished, contact me over the comlink and we'll meet at your Smuggler friend's spaceport.
Mechalomaniac: When ready, move to Imperial Base and start along the left side
Tanai Adriav: (( *Jeopardy theme* ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Is it taking that long to load? ))
C22: (( It took a bit. ))
Kite Lanford: (( A good while ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Bleh. WE LIVE IN THE AGE OF DSL ))
Mechalomaniac: As you all approach the base, you can see it is lightly patrolled by droids, with a half dozen guards posted near the entrance.
Mechalomaniac: There also appear to be several blocks set up around the area, likely to make it more difficult to run away easy and to provide plenty of cover were this a video game.
Tanai Adriav: (( Gears of (Star) Wars! ))
Jarai Sun: (( hey mecha what was this siths name? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Victus Cain ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Amusingly about 2 days later I found out there was a Darth Victus in TOR, but this is obviously not that guy. ))
Tanai Adriav: Are we waiting on Master Tysus' signal?
Mechalomaniac: (( No, he wanted you to contact him when you were finished. Unless you wanted him to cause a diversion. ))
James Mestitia: (( Yea... ))
Tanai Adriav: (( I was under the impression that the diversion thing was happening. If not, that's fine. ))
C22: (( Black walls are walls or more just barricades ))
Mechalomaniac: (( It's up to you all! ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Just barricades ))
C22: (( Ok ))
James Mestitia: "Alright... for now, let's inflitrate for now...
Mechalomaniac: (( Until the actual building part, at which point they're walls. ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: HALT, WHO GOES THERE!
* Sith Assault Droid 2 clearly sounds like a Decepticon
Jarai Sun: "Out of my way."
* Jarai Sun does his best to sound angry and irritated while in his mind he keeps his focus on maintaining a clear and balanced mindset.
Jarai Sun: "Try it tin can. And I'Ill be wearing you as my chronometer from now on. "
Sith Trooper 1: Oy, what's that racket going on down there?
Tanai Adriav: I'm just a prisoner, but maybe showing the droid your ID will help~?
* Jarai Sun turns to c22. "You droid, tell this thing who i am."
* Xant does his best to look terrified
C22: (( What did that ID card say anyways ))
Jarai Sun: "Your talking defence turret is annoying me. Tell it to stand down before I turn it into spare parts."
James Mestitia: (( Becides the name? ))
C22: (( No, the name :P ))
Mechalomaniac: (( It was just a general security ID belonging to a Sith named Victus Cain. ))
C22: "Make way, Victus Cain requires to drop off some filth."
* James Mestitia lowers his voice as he talks to Tanai... "Ah crap..."
Sith Trooper 1: Err...apologies my lord. We'll just need to scan your ID
* Jarai Sun throws it at the troopers feet and pulls his light saber from his belt and tosses it from one hand to the other.
Jarai Sun: "Hurry up."
C22: "Just... Give them your ID m'lord."
C22: (( Oh there it is. ))
* Sith Trooper 1 scrambles to pick it upw ith due haste, scare of being choked, lightninged, and impaled before being tortured and finally killed.
C22: (( lol typing at the same time ))
* Sith Trooper 1 then practically runs down the stairs to kneel in front of Jarai. "Here my lord, everything checks out.
Jarai Sun: "Good, I have more prisoners to stash down this hole."
Sith Trooper 1: Very good, my lord. The supervisors inside will process them.
Jarai Sun: "I will also need an interogation room."
* Sith Trooper 1 infact, proceeds to escort the group into the building.
* James Mestitia resists the urge to make an obscene facial Expression at the suckered Sith troopers.
Sith Trooper 1: I believe one of the spare cells opened up recently for that, my lord.
* James Mestitia looks around, then sighed as he didn't notice anything to hack with.
Mechalomaniac: Entering the facility, you find four more guards and two superivsors working at their consoles. In the back of the area is an elevator leading downward.
* James Mestitia tries to think of a way to knock off at least one person out of their console so he can start hacking.
* Sith Trooper 1 looks to the guards. "Lord Cain has prisoners that need processing."
* Sith Trooper 1 then quickly scrambles back outside, obviously scared shitless of the Sith.
Xant: (( LOOK AT HIM GO ))
Kite Lanford: (( Scared himself so badly he clipped though the walls))
Jarai Sun: (( he scaresd himself to death and ghosted? ))
* Sith Detention Guard 1 clears his throat. "How may I help you, my lord?"
Xant: (( fucking wallhax ))
Jarai Sun: "I need you to stuff these criminals somewhere for me. Except for the zeltron. I need a... private, place to 'interogate' that one. "
* Sith Trooper Bruiser 2 pushes Xant a little. "Over there, scum."
Xant: "Hmph."
* Sith Detention Guard 1 raises an eyebrow, wondering which definition of airquoted "interrogate" is meant." "Very well, my lord. Right this way.
* Sith Detention Guard 1 starts leading the group to the elevator. Two of the guards come with, keeping their weapons trained on the "prisoners"
* Sith Trooper Bruiser 2 keeps shoving Xant along.
Sith Trooper Bruiser 2: *Whispering to the other trooper* Never liked you Faleen. Lost my wife to one once.
Mechalomaniac: (( Move to Imperial Prison Level ))
* Xant simply grins smugly.
* James Mestitia 1 grins as he sees his target...
* James Mestitia thinks "Now I got you where I want you..."
Mechalomaniac: Entering the prison, there seem to be a dozen cells, and four turrets, which train themselves on the three fake prisoners. The guard moves down to the end and starts to work on the terminal.
Mechalomaniac: The Cell above Tanai opens, revealing an empty room.
Tanai Adriav: That looks rather cramped...
Xant: "This is certainly the nicest prison I've ever been in."
* Sith Trooper Bruiser 2 shoves Xant again.
Sith Trooper Bruiser 2: Get in there, scum!
* Jarai Sun bends down towards the guard asif to say something private.
Unknown command: "me, meanwhile, just decides to nudge James toward it.". Try /help for a list of commands.
Xant: "Watch the hands. Unless you don't want to, that is."
* Sith Trooper Bruiser 1 pushes James into the cell too, but not nearly as violently.
James Mestitia: Yahh!
Xant: (( I'm going to shoot this guy in the face. Not now. But SOON. ))
Jarai Sun: roll 1d20+9 use the force. "Disable the turrets then leave us alone, if anyone asks the droid is more then enough to guard the prisoners."
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+9 => 19 + 9 = 28
Mechalomaniac: Very well, my lord.
Mechalomaniac: (( whoops ))
Sith Detention Guard 1: Very well, my lord.
Jarai Sun: "You will take those guards with you aswell."
* Sith Detention Guard 1 disables the turrets, causing them to pop back into the floor and turns to the other two guards. "We're going. Lord Cain's droid can handle everything."
Jarai Sun: "I need, privacy..."
Sith Trooper Bruiser 2: Heh, I'd want privacy with her too.
Tanai Adriav: ~3
James Mestitia: "Oh shove off and get going."
Tanai Adriav:
* Sith Trooper Bruiser 1 elbows Trooper 2 in the side. "Shut up. You're going to get us killed."
Xant: (( Also shut down all trash compactors on the detention level. ))
Sith Trooper Bruiser 1: (( There aren't any ))
Xant: (( MY IMMERSION ))
Jarai Sun: "I'll give you a turn when i am done with her. If she survives."
Jarai Sun: (( ok so whrere is the prisoner we are rescuing? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( there's 12 cells. You know one is currently occupied by Xant and James. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( You could just open them all! ))
* Jarai Sun looks into all the cells?
Mechalomaniac: There's no windows.
Jarai Sun: (( not even one of those hatches to shove food through? ))
James Mestitia: (( Alright... ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Ahaha, like the prisoners get fed. ))
James Mestitia: "Now that those saps are gone..."
Mechalomaniac: There's a terminal at the end of the hall you can check though!
* C22 computers it up, being a computer.
Jarai Sun: (( is james actually locked in that cell? ))
James Mestitia: (( Yea, he got shoved ))
Mechalomaniac: (( No, they left before closing it ))
Jarai Sun: (( would I get darkside points for leaving him there? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Yes ))
* James Mestitia cracks his knucles... "C22, let's play ball..."
Xant: "Apalling conditions."
Mechalomaniac: Roll Use Computer if you're using the computer so you can use the computer
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+12 Use Computer: Logging in => 6 + 12 = 18
James Mestitia: "... something tells me this is going to be alot harder then I thought..."
* Jarai Sun sighs,
Mechalomaniac: You've successfully logged in.
Jarai Sun: "Beeing a bad guy is such hard work :"
James Mestitia: "Well, judging by the archtecture... it's safe to say we won't find our target though them so..." *types a few keys...* "Let's see if we can't just open all of them out at the same time!"
* C22 assists, I guess?
Jarai Sun: .
* Regris rolls: 1d20+9 => 4 + 9 = 13
Jarai Sun: (( or you could check the log for names ))
Mechalomaniac: > Prisoner Readout > Open Cells 1-12 > Activate Turrets
Mechalomaniac: ^ Your options
* James Mestitia types in the command to bring up Prisoner Readout first.
Xant: "James you wonderful little slicer you. And Cee, I promise to cease poking fun at you for at least the rest of the trip out of this prison."
Jarai Sun: (( are you sure yiou want to open Like we ? Y/N ))
James Mestitia: (( Can the Prisoners yell though their cells ))
James Mestitia: "Well Xant, this is my department, breaking into systems..."
Mechalomaniac: It brings up a list of cells and a name or rough description for each. Cell 3 is empty, Cell 8's prisoner is listed as deceased. Cell 5 has one Jexo Rizlin in it
Mechalomaniac: (Jexo Rizlin is the name of the guy you're looking for)
James Mestitia: "Alright... not much of a mass breakout but..." *types some keys then clicks to Open Cell Number 5
* Jexo looks surprised as the cell door opens. "What?"
Xant: "Greetings!"
Jexo: What're you all doing here?
* James Mestitia sees if he can't cover up his tracks.
* Jarai Sun steps into the door frame. If he was a real sith, this is where the imperial march would start playing.
Jexo: Oh god, you're going to do it aren't you? This is where you scoop out my brain and shove it into some kind of new droid just to see if you can isn't it?!
James Mestitia: "Alright, time to cover up our little stunt and..."
* Jexo sounds a little paranoid.
Xant: "Well, Cee could probably use th-oh dear, I already broke my promise."
Jexo: (( Roll Use Computer Kite. ))
C22: "Tempting but it doesn't work that way."
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+12 Use Computer: Elimating Traces of intrusion => 12 + 12 = 24
Mechalomaniac: Tracks erased.
Jarai Sun: "Actually, I'm pretty sure it does. "
* James Mestitia logs out and stands up... "There, this should buy us time
Tanai Adriav: Cee wouldn't ever do that~
Jexo: Look man. all I did was slice some files. I don't deserve this!
C22: "It's more of an upload, not a scooping."
Mechalomaniac: Meanwhile, it seems the elevator is moving. Someone is coming down.
Jarai Sun: "I think you have the wrong Idea. This clever disguise is just to get you out of here."
James Mestitia: "Ah crap..."
James Mestitia: I knew I forgot something...
Jexo: Well if you're going to t....wait really?
Jarai Sun: "James, get the turrets working"
* James Mestitia logs back in
Jarai Sun: "Yes now lets go."
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+12 Use Computer: Logging back in => 4 + 12 = 16
Jexo: Well ok!
James Mestitia: "Everyone stand back..."
Mechalomaniac: James> Access Denied.
Jarai Sun: "And make sure to target them at the elevator and not us."
James Mestitia: What the
* James Mestitia tries again
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+12 => 5 + 12 = 17
* Regris rolls: 1d20+9 Aid => 7 + 9 = 16
Jarai Sun: "Ok, Plan B."
James Mestitia: "Wait, I got this..."
* Jarai Sun ignites his lightsaber.
Mechalomaniac: With C-22's help, he manages to log back in! At this point the doors open and reveal a pair of black droids.
Jarai Sun: "Ugh, it feels all wrong."
* James Mestitia types in a few commands to access the Turrets.
Mechalomaniac: (( They're black, really ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Don't be hatin'. ))
Mechalomaniac: The bottom most one looks around, seeming quite confused at what it finds.
James Mestitia: "Assassin Droids, damn it..."
Xant: (( That's racist. ))
James Mestitia: "Dread those things, really."
Jexo: Oh man, this is the last time I take a job from a Hutt!
Xant: (( ah yes the AV1-T4R series of assassin droids ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Ahahaha ))
Jarai Sun: (( Mecha I am going to move object the droids into eachother. force slam heads together. do you want init or do i get surprise ))
Mechalomaniac: (( I want Init. ))
James Mestitia: (( Querying Use Computer to get Turrets going ))
Tanai Adriav: roll 1d20+3
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+3 => 2 + 3 = 5
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+4 => 20 + 4 = 24
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+4 => 10 + 4 = 14
Mechalomaniac: (( I also want Init from James to do that. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Thanks Kid. ))
Jarai Sun: (( do i get a surprise round NOW? ))
Mechalomaniac says to the GMs: Rolled « setInitiative(1d20 + Initiative+initBonus+Condition) = setInitiative(3 + 11 + 0 + 0) = 14 » for initiative.
You say to the GMs: Rolled « setInitiative(1d20 + Initiative+initBonus+Condition) = setInitiative(3 + 11 + 0 + 0) = 14 » for initiative.
Mechalomaniac says to the GMs: Rolled « setInitiative(1d20 + Initiative+initBonus+Condition) = setInitiative(1 + 11 + 0 + 0) = 12 » for initiative.
You say to the GMs: Rolled « setInitiative(1d20 + Initiative+initBonus+Condition) = setInitiative(1 + 11 + 0 + 0) = 12 » for initiative.
* Regris rolls: 1d20+8 Init => 3 + 8 = 11
Mechalomaniac: (( No, you don't get a surprise round because you didn't surprise them ))
James Mestitia: "Hey C22, get me some coverfire, while I give these Assassins a surprize."
Jarai Sun: (( I do get to go first though right? ))
* Franky rolls: 1d20+8 => 5 + 8 = 13
James Mestitia: (( Hey one question: Those grates are where the Turrets are right? If someone stood over them, would that be a problem? ))
C22: "You don't need to tell me to get me to shoot things"
James Mestitia: "Now let's play some ball."
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
Mechalomaniac: (( Ok, Jarai can go ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+9 move object, use the force luke! => 3 + 9 = 12
Mechalomaniac: (( And yes, the grates are where the turrets are ))
Jarai Sun: (( sigh ))
Mechalomaniac: (( FP y/n? ))
Jarai Sun: (( I can only add 1d6 if i do right? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( yeah ))
Jarai Sun: (( hmm gimme a second ))
Mechalomaniac: (( You wouldn't break 2d6 damage with it ))
Jarai Sun: (( no, i'll pass. ))
James Mestitia has received initiative.
* James Mestitia types some keys to bring up Turret controls
Jarai Sun: (( i will use my move action to move up though ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Roll Use Computer ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+12 => 5 + 12 = 17
James Mestitia: "Come on..."
Mechalomaniac: >Access Denied
* James Mestitia uses a Force Point
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d6 => 6
Mechalomaniac: >No wait, Access Granted
James Mestitia: (( Takes back the used Force Point ))
Mechalomaniac: The turrets pop back out!
* James Mestitia types a few keys to set the targets at the Assassin Droids
Mechalomaniac: (( No, it was granted because you used the force point ))
James Mestitia: (( Ah ))
James Mestitia: "Salvo set!"
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+0 Turret Initiative => 11 + 0 = 11
* Sith Assassin Droid 1 notices Jarai right close to it and strikes out with an arm-mounted vibro knife AND shoots with its blaster!
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Knife Hit => 16 + 3 = 19
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Gun hit => 2 + 3 = 5
Jarai Sun: (( wait it can attack twice in one rounf? ))
Xant: (( agh I gotta step away for a sec. when my turn comes up some one move xant into the dude's cell to keep him covered ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 2d6+2 Damage to Jarai => 9 + 2 = 11
Sith Assassin Droid 1: (( Yes, it has dual wielding ))
Jarai Sun: 25/36
Jarai Sun:
-11 hitpoints!   25 / 36 Hitpoints.
Xant has received initiative.
Mechalomaniac: (( The knife should have been one less to hit actually, but it still would have hit you. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Xant moves into the cell with dude to keep him covered. ))
James Mestitia: (( Hey humor me a bit, does C22 have Soft Cover if the Assassins fired on him? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( No, enemies/allies don't provide cover ))
James Mestitia: (( Odd, the book said something about Soft Cover vs Hard Cover ))
Mechalomaniac: (( is Xant doing anything? ))
Tanai Adriav: (( No. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( He moved into the cell. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Furu stepped away if you didn't catch his post. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Oh ok. I missed that part ))
* Sith Assassin Droid 2 takes aim at Tanai and fires its blaster
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+8 Shooting => 9 + 8 = 17
Tanai Adriav: (( Is hit ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 3d8 Damage => 16
Tanai Adriav:
-16 hitpoints!   25 / 41 Hitpoints.
C22: (( Ouch D: ))
C22 has received initiative.
* Tanai Adriav stumbles from the blaster fire, quickly looking around to realize she's in the middle of the room by herself...
Mechalomaniac: (( Yes, these things are tough ))
C22: "Son of a...!"
C22: "Get behind me!"
James Mestitia: (( Did C22 just... walked though a turret? ))
* C22 fires at droid 2
* Regris rolls: 1d20+5 => 4 + 5 = 9
Mechalomaniac: (( Oh I was wrong. Creatures DO provide cover. ))
C22: (( miss, sad. Oh well ))
Mechalomaniac: The turrets all fire at the droids
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 Turret 1 => 6 + 4 = 10
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 Turret 2 => 5 + 4 = 9
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 Turret 3 => 11 + 4 = 15
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 Turret 4 => 2 + 4 = 6
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
* James Mestitia laughs like a madman as the first salvo was launched.
Tanai Adriav: I don't have a gun, I can't do anything from here! Cee, I'm going to have to engage them directly...
C22: "If you can take them out, do so. I don't want to lug a corpse after all this!"
C22: (( (Also don't forget about second winds if you need 'em) ))
Tanai Adriav: You won't! I promise~
* Tanai Adriav charges Droid 2, drawing her lightsaber and flicking it on during her charge
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+4 => 1 + 4 = 5
Tanai Adriav: (( ...... ))
James Mestitia: (( *thud* ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Dicebots suck ))
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
Mechalomaniac: (( Moving there would provoke AoOs from both of them ))
Jarai Sun: (( ffs then! ))
Jarai Sun: (( i am still flanking droid two from here ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Yes ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+7 so stab droid 2! => 3 + 7 = 10
Jarai Sun: (( ..... ))
James Mestitia: (( Kid you're going to get all of us killed ))
Mechalomaniac: (( ))
James Mestitia has received initiative.
James Mestitia: (( I wonder if I have to sustain control of them in successive turns? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( No ))
James Mestitia: (( Alright then... ))
* James Mestitia takes out his Blaster Pistol as he leaves his Terminal, taking aim at Assassin Droid 2
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+5 vs Assassin Droid 2's Reflex => 4 + 5 = 9
James Mestitia: "Damn it..."
Jarai Sun: (( clear its this darkside crystal in my lightsaber, the force has turned away from me : ))
* Sith Assassin Droid 1 decides to just stab Jarai again!
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+7 Stab => 4 + 7 = 11
Xant has received initiative.
Tanai Adriav: (( Xant moves just inside the doorway to keep cover, and takes a shot at Droid 2 (if possible, if not, Droid 1) with his heavy blaster ))
Mechalomaniac: (( He can shoot at 2 ))
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+3 vs. Droid 2 => 7 + 3 = 10
Mechalomaniac: (( The dicebot is just cruel ))
Jarai Sun: (( at this rate were going two entire turns without hitting these bots ))
* Sith Assassin Droid 2 doesn't like the turrets shooting at it, and fires at Turret 2
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+8 Shooting => 13 + 8 = 21
James Mestitia: (( Well, they're not called Assassins for nothing ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 3d8 damage => 11
Laser Turret 2:
-11 hitpoints!
C22 has received initiative.
C22: (( I have a clear shot right ))
C22: (( of course I do ))
Sith Assassin Droid 2: (( Yeah ))
* Regris rolls: 1d20+7 Aiming => 19 + 7 = 26
Sith Assassin Droid 2: (( Yay ))
C22: (( 2 btw ))
* Regris rolls: 3d8+1 go go => 19 + 1 = 20
Sith Assassin Droid 2:
-20 hitpoints!
* Sith Assassin Droid 2 didn't like that >
C22: (( Have a -1 on the condition track >:( ))
Mechalomaniac: The turrets fire at the droids
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 Turret 1 => 13 + 4 = 17
Jarai Sun: (( 4 20's go! ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Turret 2 => 11 + 3 = 14
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 Turret 3 => 14 + 4 = 18
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 Turret 4 => 1 + 4 = 5
Mechalomaniac: Turret 3 actually manages to hit Droid 2
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 3d6 damage => 12
Sith Assassin Droid 2:
-12 hitpoints!
James Mestitia: "Man, I should do this more often..."
Mechalomaniac: And completly fdestroys it.
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
Tanai Adriav: (( Does flanking still give a +2 bonus? ))
Jarai Sun: (( yes ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Yes ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Would moving down let me flank with Jarai? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( No ))
Jarai Sun: (( actually yes that is flanking ))
* Tanai Adriav takes a short step and attacks the droid anyways
Mechalomaniac: (( No it's not. She'd need to be one left ))
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+3 => 19 + 3 = 22
Mechalomaniac: (( That hits ))
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 2d8+2 => 12 + 2 = 14
Sith Assassin Droid 1:
-14 hitpoints!
Jarai Sun: (( doesnt that threathen a crit or does this game not have crits? ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Lightsabers are 20/x2 ))
Mechalomaniac: (( I think everything is 20 only, unless you have Improved Critical. I'll check that later though ))
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+7 STAB FFS => 1 + 7 = 8
Jarai Sun: (( ...... ))
Jarai Sun: (( .......... ))
James Mestitia has received initiative.
Mechalomaniac: (( If it makes you feel better, it screws us over in Imban's D&D Game too ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+5 vs Assassin Droid 1's Reflex => 18 + 5 = 23
Mechalomaniac: (( That, in fact, hits ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 3d6+2 => 11 + 2 = 13
James Mestitia: (( Oddly enough, Ranged Damage scales with your level for some reason ))
C22: (( All damage does. ))
Sith Assassin Droid 1:
-13 hitpoints!
Mechalomaniac: (( Yeah it's all damage ))
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
James Mestitia: (( Oohh, knocked it down 1 Condiction level ))
Sith Assassin Droid 1: (( ignore that Rebi ))
* Sith Assassin Droid 1 takes this chance to try to kill someone before dying, becasue it'd be a bad assassin droid if it didn't!
Jarai Sun: (( in before it crits me ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+2 Stab Tanai => 14 + 2 = 16
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Shoot Jarai => 19 + 3 = 22
Tanai Adriav: (( hit ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 2d6+2 Stabbing damage => 7 + 2 = 9
James Mestitia: (( Well, took awhile but one Assassin went boom, and now... ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 3d8 Shooting damage => 16
Jarai Sun: 9/36
Tanai Adriav:
-9 hitpoints!   16 / 41 Hitpoints.
Jarai Sun:
-16 hitpoints!   9 / 36 Hitpoints.
Xant has received initiative.
* Xant leans out from the cell and shoots the damn assassin droid
Tanai Adriav: (( I'd been having you take shots from cover just within the doorway of the cell, Fu. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( On one hand, it's hurting them badly. On the other hand it's almost dead ))
* Franky rolls: 1d20+3 => 19 + 3 = 22
Mechalomaniac: (( Ok it probably is dead unless Furu rolls shit ))
* Franky rolls: 3d8 => 18
Xant: (( suck it motherfucker ))
Sith Assassin Droid 1:
-18 hitpoints!
Jarai Sun: (( uhh why does it keep rolling only 19s and 1's? ))
* Sith Assassin Droid 1 falls over dead
James Mestitia: "Hey guys..."
James Mestitia: "You want me to put the turrets up
Mechalomaniac: (( Because the dicebot hates everyone ))
James Mestitia: or should I pack these guys up and make a run for it?
Mechalomaniac: The Assassin droids are scrap, 1 moreso than 2
Tanai Adriav: We.. should get out of here....
Jexo: No kidding. Who's got it out for you that bad?
C22: "Yeah that's going to be fun. Hope those droids, or the hacking didn't tip off the base."
James Mestitia: "Alright, let's run and if we have to, break though all of them."
Xant: "Are you two going to be alright?"
James Mestitia: "Well... C22, I think I got rid of my traces the first time
James Mestitia: and I don't think I have time to elimate my tracks this time.
Mechalomaniac: (( Feel free to spend a healing surge ))
Mechalomaniac: (( I mean use second wind ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+9 use the force, vital transfer on tanai. => 4 + 9 = 13
Jarai Sun: (( .... ))
Jarai Sun: (( not once during this campaign has vital transfer ACTUALLY worked ))
C22: (( So about that Second Wind thing. ))
C22: (( Oh and hey I'm a medic ))
Tanai Adriav: (( I don't know what Second Wind is. ))
James Mestitia: (( At half health or less ))
Mechalomaniac: (( "I figured learning how to heal people would make it easier to kill people" ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Uhh...sec. ))
C22: (( It's spend a standard, regain half HP ))
C22: "So uh, want me to fix you both up before we head up there?"
Jarai Sun: (( i'll do that i guess? ))
Tanai Adriav: Please, Cee.
C22: "You both're pretty burned up."
Jarai Sun: "Ït stabbed me too. Im not feeling very good."
James Mestitia: (( Well, better of Quarter of your Health or your Con score ))
Mechalomaniac: (( You can, once per encounter spend a swift action to use your second wind. This restores 1/4th of your HP or your CON Score HP, whichever is more ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Oh sorry. Once per day, not once per encounter ))
* Regris rolls: 1d20+9 So let's go for a treat injury roll. => 9 + 9 = 18
Jarai Sun: (( i'll take 10 hp then ))
* Regris rolls: 1d20+9 So let's go for a treat injury roll. (Jarai) => 20 + 9 = 29
C22: (( I think that's a handful of d6es, sec. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( It's 16 HP ))
C22: (( Oh fixed number? for both of them? ))
James Mestitia: (( First Aid requires a Medkit no? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( It heals Character level + 1 per number above 15 ))
C22: (( Oh okay. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( I'll take my CON score for 12 HP. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( So 5 on the first, 16 on the second ))
C22: (( Ahh. ))
Jarai Sun: (( 35/36 then ))
C22: (( And Tanai burns a second wind and gains 17 then I think ))
C22: "Tch, at least you're all cheaper to fix than my kind."
Jexo: Tell me about it. You droids take up more money than women.
Jexo: Can we go?
C22: "We're worth it though, and won't cheat on you unless programmed to do so."
James Mestitia: "I dunno... ran into my share of Female-like Droids... *shudders*"
Tanai Adriav: Let's leave....
Mechalomaniac: Return to Imperial Base when ready
* C22 takes the weapons the assassin droids were using
James Mestitia: "Right, up the Elevator..."
C22: (( Don't forget to fic your HP guys ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Oh right ))
Tanai Adriav:
Gained 17 hitpoints!   33 / 41 Hitpoints.
James Mestitia: "What the hell just happened!"
Jarai Sun:
Gained 16 hitpoints!   25 / 36 Hitpoints.
Jarai Sun: (( assasin droids sebnd after jexo duh ))
Jarai Sun: (( 10 more mecha ))
Jarai Sun: (( i also second winded ))
James Mestitia: "Hey Jexo, which Hutt did you anger again?"
Jarai Sun:
Gained 10 hitpoints!   35 / 36 Hitpoints.
* Jarai Sun stumbles towards the droid.
Mechalomaniac: As you return, you find every guard in the place slaughtered and the two patrolling droids waiting for you. One of them seems to have a holotransmitter inside, and projects the image of a woman. You'd notice she bears a striking resemblence to Victus Cain, likely a relative.
Jarai Sun: (( ohh dear ))
C22: "Hahaha, ahh, payback's a bitch."
Sith Assault Droid 1: Holoimage: Hmmm, none of you are my pathetic brother. Tell me, where is he?
Jarai Sun: "I'm afraid hes dead."
C22: "Suprisingly, it wasn't even us that killed him."
Mechalomaniac: The woman seems pleased at this.
Sith Assault Droid 1: Holoimage> Well, it would seem I wasted the effort for nothing. Kill them!
C22: "If you must know, he was killed as he was taken by suprise by a panicked archeologist."
Xant: "Can't we talk about this first?"
Mechalomaniac: The holoimages flicker out and the two droids prepare to attack
Xant: "I suppose not."
James Mestitia: "Apparently she doesn't care for the Details"
Mechalomaniac: (( And at this point I'm calling a 15 minute break to eat. ))
C22: "It beats killing the entire base."
Mechalomaniac: (( Because I was dumb and scheduled the game when people usually eat ))
C22: "Oh man, I'm going to be able to sell off all this stuff. I smell upgrades~"
James Mestitia: "Always the ends justifies the means with these Sith."
Mechalomaniac: (( People like my family who bug me when I don't eat with them >.> Anyway be back soon ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Ok back! ))
James Mestitia: "Alright, try to split these two up if you can."
* Regris rolls: 1d20+8 Initiative => 10 + 8 = 18
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+4 => 2 + 4 = 6
* Franky rolls: 1d20+8 => 5 + 8 = 13
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Droid 1 Initiative => 12 + 3 = 15
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Droid 2 Initiative => 10 + 3 = 13
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+4 => 3 + 4 = 7
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+3 => 16 + 3 = 19
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
Mechalomaniac: (( Oh also ))
Tanai Adriav: Condition Improved to: 0
Jarai Sun: Condition Improved to: 0
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+3 Attack droid => 6 + 3 = 9
Mechalomaniac: (( I assume you guys did that ))
Tanai Adriav: (( That should be 1 higher then, but won't matter. ))
C22 has received initiative.
* Regris rolls: 1d20+7 Aim at 1 => 7 + 7 = 14
C22: (( Miss? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Yep ))
C22: (( Ok ))
Mechalomaniac: (( By 1 so you could FP ))
C22: (( Doing that ))
* Regris rolls: 3d8+1 damage then => 13 + 1 = 14
Sith Assault Droid 1:
-14 hitpoints!
* Sith Assault Droid 1 didn't like that and fires back at C22
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+5 Shooting => 12 + 5 = 17
C22: (( Ow :( ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 3d6 damage => 11
-11 hitpoints!   25 / 36 Hitpoints.
Xant has received initiative.
* Xant takes a potshot at the droid closest to him
* Franky rolls: 1d20+3 => 3 + 3 = 6
Xant: (( welp ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: IMPROVE YOUR AIM!
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+5 Shooting at Xant => 12 + 5 = 17
Xant: "Go suck a power conduit."
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 3d6 damage => 14
-14 hitpoints!   11 / 25 Hitpoints.
James Mestitia: "Go suck a... damn it, this is cramped!"
Xant: "Argh!"
James Mestitia has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: "Do not let it provoke you. Anger will only serve to cloud your judgement."
James Mestitia: "Try to split them up if you can!"
Mechalomaniac: (( You can Second Wind ))
* James Mestitia takes aim at the first Assault Droid, negating any appliable Cover.
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+5 vs Assault Droid 1's Reflex (Negating Cover bonus) => 5 + 5 = 10
Jarai Sun: "Elevate your mind above the pain. clarity will sustain you,"
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
* Jarai Sun takes a deep breath to steady himself, to let the force flow through him and surround him. Before reaching out to the world in kind and grasping at the strands of agression to placate them with force of will alone.
James Mestitia: "Ok what the heck is Jarai up to..."
* Jarai Sun force slams one droid into the other. Provided i actually get a decent roll.
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+9 => 3 + 9 = 12
Jarai Sun: (( ofcourse not. sigh ))
James Mestitia: (( KID!!!!!!!!!!!!! ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d6 i am just gonna blow a force point. cus jesus. => 6
Mechalomaniac: (( That htis ))
Xant: (( FUCK YEAH ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Well 12 hit, but didn't beat the 15 needed to activate it ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 2d6 eat some force robots. => 7
Sith Assault Droid 1:
-7 hitpoints!
Sith Assault Droid 2:
-7 hitpoints!
James Mestitia: "Hey, try to move it out of Cover"
Mechalomaniac: (( Also which did you slam into which? ))
Jarai Sun: (( uhh i was imagining just grabbing two people by the head and slamming heads together ))
Jarai Sun: (( so you pick which one actually got thrown ))
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+4 => 6 + 4 = 10
Tanai Adriav: (( I'm done. ))
C22 has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: (( I did not think it possible for there to be a more vengefull dicebot then schala. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( This is clearly Schala from the future after Skynet took over. ))
* C22 aims, fires at 1 again
* Regris rolls: 1d20+7 => 1 + 7 = 8
C22: (( baw. ))
Xant: (( WTF MATE ))
Jarai Sun: (( no. this is the time devourerer : ))
* Sith Assault Droid 1 fires back
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 shooting at C22 => 3 + 4 = 7
Sith Assault Droid 1: Baw
Xant has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: (( its some unholy fusion of schala and imban ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Say you're second winding ))
Jarai Sun: (( you spend a swift action ))
Xant: (( I'm second winding ))
Xant: (( then can I shoot this asshole still ))
Xant: Second Wind: Gained 12 hitpoints! 23 of 25 + 0 hitpoints remain...
Jarai Sun: (( god dammit furu stop farting up the place ))
Mechalomaniac: (( And you can shoot him yes ))
* Xant shoots this asshole
* Franky rolls: 1d20+3 => 17 + 3 = 20
Mechalomaniac: (( Was that asshole 1 or 2? ))
Xant: (( 2 ))
Mechalomaniac: (( It hits either way. Ol ))
* Franky rolls: 3d8 => 17
Sith Assault Droid 2:
-17 hitpoints!
* Sith Assault Droid 2 fires back
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 Jerk => 18 + 4 = 22
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 3d6 damage to the jerk who just shot me. :| => 5
-5 hitpoints!   18 / 25 Hitpoints.
* Sith Assault Droid 2 crabwalks away too
James Mestitia: "YOu know, somehow I have the urge to give these two a little Lighting out of my fingers but I'm not Force Sensitive like you two..."
James Mestitia has received initiative.
James Mestitia: "Instead, eat Laser!"
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+5 vs Sith Assault Droid's Reflex => 13 + 5 = 18
Xant: (( oh my god these droids were built by CRAB PEOPLE ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( AND ZOIDBERG ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( Which did you shoot at ))
James Mestitia: (( NUmber 1 ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( Roll damage ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 3d6+2 => 8 + 2 = 10
Sith Assault Droid 1:
-10 hitpoints!
Jarai Sun: "Force lightning is anger and hatred given form, it is a terrible and destructive power to wield. Not just to your enemies, but to yourself. The dark side eats away at everything you are every single time you use it, until your nothing more but an empty soul less husk. Is that really something to wish for?"
Mechalomaniac: Would you like to fall to the dark side?
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
James Mestitia: "A living being can dream, now lets get rid of these guys and get out of here."
Mechalomaniac: (( I'd say that would provoke, but these things have no melee ))
Jarai Sun: (( in that case! flanking! ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+9 charge + flank! => 5 + 9 = 14
Mechalomaniac: (( Hey you hit it ))
Jarai Sun: (( is damage +level or half level? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Half ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 2d8+1 => 13 + 1 = 14
Sith Assault Droid 1:
-14 hitpoints!
* Sith Assault Droid 1 is sliced into bits.
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+4 => 8 + 4 = 12
Tanai Adriav: (( done ))
C22 has received initiative.
C22: (( uhh, clear shot y/n ))
* Jarai Sun offers go a spot on the dicebot lynch mob. and a pitch fork
Sith Assault Droid 1: (( Yes ))
* Regris rolls: 1d20+7 Okay then => 8 + 7 = 15
Mechalomaniac: (( Hits ))
* Regris rolls: 3d8+1 => 8 + 1 = 9
C22: (( hurr. ))
Sith Assault Droid 2:
-9 hitpoints!
Xant has received initiative.
* Xant takes a potshot at his ARCHNEMESIS
* Franky rolls: 1d20+3 => 14 + 3 = 17
Mechalomaniac: (( That hits ))
* Franky rolls: 3d8 => 9
Sith Assault Droid 2:
-9 hitpoints!
Jarai Sun: (( furu shot the dicebot ))
Xant: (( but I did not shoot the deputy. ))
Mechalomaniac: And the last droids falls
* Xant spins his blaster around and slips it back into his robe.
Xant: "How's my aim now?"
* C22 goes around, picking up what he can.
Jexo: Wow. So why'd you guys bust me out anyway?
James Mestitia: "A smuggler needed you."
* James Mestitia puts his Blaster away."
Jarai Sun: "You are the price were paying for a ride off this planet."
Jexo: Do I get to go too?
James Mestitia: "Apparently."
Jarai Sun: "Well, I assume so. She needed you alive."
Jexo: Well what're we waiting for? Let's get moving.
Jarai Sun: (( "I am just not sure if you will be frozen in carbonite or not " ))
* C22 all the loot.
James Mestitia: "I don't know what she's up to but anything to get off this rock."
Mechalomaniac: (( There's some looking up in here ))
James Mestitia: "Let's give our friend a call as well, soon as our Droid friend's done salvaging what he needs..."
James Mestitia: "I think it's a he but you know Droids, a few modifications and he becomes a she, and back again."
C22: "Please don't talk about programming I don't have."
Jarai Sun: "Droids dont have a gender,"
C22: "Gender indicates biological, which I clearly am not."
Jexo: They have masculine and feminine programming
James Mestitia: "Alright, let's grab and get out of here."
C22: "More like make-me-a-sandwich programming, tch."
Jarai Sun: "See, It agrees with me."
Mechalomaniac: You manage to easily get away from the base, as the Assassin droids seem to have killed everyting in the perimeter!
C22: "Hey, tech-boy. James, right?"
Jarai Sun: (( to the mynock then? ))
James Mestitia: "Yea..."
C22: "Go wipe their databases just in case."
Mechalomaniac: (( Yep ))
James Mestitia: "Alright, see ya later.
James Mestitia: (( Taking 20 for full Database wiping before moving to next map then ))
Mechalomaniac: (( take 10 instead ))
Xant: (( okay maptool you can stop being frozen any time ))
James Mestitia: (( Alright ))
Haley Bryner: You actually managed to bust him out.
James Mestitia: "... Yea, and got a visit from that dead guy's sister."
* Jarai Sun is still dressed as a god damn sith lord. Sotrry did not have time to shower yet.
Jarai Sun: (( in before the entire bar runs screaming ))
Mechalomaniac: They're all not looking
Jarai Sun: (( to bussy brring drunk obviously ))
Haley Bryner: Alright, give me an hour and we'll meet up at the spaceport.
Jarai Sun: "Alright, then he goes with us until then, if you do not mind."
James Mestitia 1: "Alright, that should give Jarai time to get changed and well..."
Haley Bryner: And if you're worried about me double-crossing you, keep Jexo.
Jarai Sun: "That was my intention."
Jexo: Hey, I ain't some kind of possession.
Regris is disconnected.
Xant: (( is the session just about over because my computer is slowly shitting itself ))
Regris has connected.
Jexo: (( Yes ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+9 "You would love to go with us." => 11 + 9 = 20
Xant: (( okay then SEACREST OUT ))
Jexo: I mean I'd love to go with you.
* Jexo might be looking at Tanai as he says that.
Franky is disconnected.
Haley Bryner: ....right. Spaceport. Docking Bay 24. One hour.
Jarai Sun: "We will be there."
Tanai Adriav: We should inform Master Tysus.
* Jarai Sun gets up and leaves to get out of these shitty sithy clothes
* James Mestitia 1 stands and also sets out for the safehouse
Jarai Sun: ""/ooc shall we end here then?
Mechalomaniac: And so the heroes return to the safehouse to grab anything they need before leaving Korriban behind for good!
Mechalomaniac: (( Yep ))
Jarai Sun: (( since two proplr left already and all ))
Jarai Sun: (( thanks for another fun session mecha. ))