Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
MaiKobayashi has connected.
MaiKobayashi: Hi?
Mechalomaniac: Hi
Regris has connected.
Franky has connected.
Franky: Ah here we are
Franky: standing in a pile of sith corpses
MaiKobayashi: Which map are we on?
Franky: Sith Tomb Valley
MaiKobayashi: hmm it says map not visible to players am i logged in as a gm?
Tilus has connected.
Mechalomaniac: you shouldn't be
MaiKobayashi: brb checking
Mechalomaniac: Oh
Mechalomaniac: You apparently are
Mechalomaniac: Don't do that
MaiKobayashi: Will go change hold on
MaiKobayashi is disconnected.
Tilus: (( Mind not the passing by white mage and carry on. ))
MaiKobayashi has connected.
MaiKobayashi: It was probably still set for gm from the last time i used it. sorruy about that
Mechalomaniac: That said you can move yourselves into Sith Tomb Cave if you want
Sith Trooper 3 has received initiative.
Sith Trooper 3 has received initiative.
Mechalomaniac: I KNOW
Mechalomaniac: (Yeah I can't make maps so I just steal them from wherever)
MaiKobayashi: Clearly these letters are stone carvings left behind by the ancient sith
Mechalomaniac: Yes!
MaiKobayashi: as this certainly is not galactic standard
Franky: The first represents the great sith lord Darth Aaaaagh
Mechalomaniac: Too bad they were not numbers. Then you'd be in the tomb of the ancient sith lord Darth Count.
Tanai Adriav has connected.
Mechalomaniac: Also hi!
Tanai Adriav: (( Hi ))
C22: (( 'sup ))
Kite Lanford has connected.
Tanai Adriav: (( Nice token, Sam. ))
MaiKobayashi: ~!!!
Mechalomaniac: (( Move to Sith Tomb Cave if you havn't already ))
C22: (( Thaaanks. ))
C22: (( It was just a random image I had lying around. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Gundam :| ))
C22: (( I probably have something more droid-y now but w/e ))
Xant: (( Darth Alphabet ))
MaiKobayashi: Everyone knows pureblood sith have inpronouncable names
Kite Lanford: Yes yes
Tanai Adriav: (( My absence not withstanding, what was delaying game? ))
MaiKobayashi: mine
MaiKobayashi: and furus
Mechalomaniac: (( Kite was late too ))
MaiKobayashi: and kites\
C22: (( itt: erryone's late ))
Tanai Adriav: (( I feel a lot less bad now. ))
Kite Lanford: Now now
Mechalomaniac: (( It's ok. ))
Xant: (( What? I showed up like fifteen minutes early! ))
Kite Lanford: Family stuff on my end
MaiKobayashi: I technicly was only a minute late
Tanai Adriav: (( Is Furu gonna be awake for game this week? ))
Xant: (( I showed up fifteen minutes early because I woke up at 6:30 ))
Xant: (( I'll be fine. ))
Mechalomaniac: Last time a smuggler promised our heroes passage off of Korriban if they helped her to gather a few of the objects. And so now our heroes are venturing into the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Darth Alphagas to retrieve a high tech archaeological scanner!
Tanai Adriav: (( Good good. ))
Mechalomaniac: But caution is advised as there are known to be venomous, carniverous K'lor'slugs within!
C22: Hey uh... Xant or whatever, you said those slugs like caves, right?
Mechalomaniac: And who knows what other dangers lurk inside?!
Mechalomaniac: (( Spoiler: I do. ))
Xant: "Yes, yes they do. And it's likely this place is crawling with them."
C22: Awesome. I'll take point. Sucks being biological, doesn't it?
Xant: "Keep in mind it's highly likely their jaws could still inflict terrible damage, even to your metal body."
Tanai Adriav: (( Was there an explanation as to why I was absent before? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Nope! ))
Jarai Sun: "Your constant reminder of your mechanical superiority seems odd. Are you compensating for not have one?"
C22: (( Yeah you were Over There ))
James Mestitia: "Let's lay off the jokes for awhile
C22: "Haha, no I just think it's funny."
James Mestitia: "and hope we don't smack into one another..."
James Mestitia: "Those using Melee weapons should also go up front
C22: "I ~guess~."
Jarai Sun: "My Weapon is the Force, But only after Reason."
Mechalomaniac: The cave itself is fairly dark, though there are still sparse lights from when an arcaheological team was investigating.
C22: "Question for you. Can you reason with slugs?"
Jarai Sun: "That said. I do not think these slugs are very reasonable."
C22: "Answers my question."
Jarai Sun: "Ofcourse I Can."
* Tanai Adriav sighs, a little confused, but keeps up near the front regardless, wondering how she got into this predicament.
* Jarai Sun pulls out his lightsaber. "My Master Called it, Lightsaber Diplomacy."
Mechalomaniac: There seems to be a fairly sharp drop off point around (B), and a sign warns as such.
Mechalomaniac: (( Yeah there ))
C22: (( That bit there? ))
C22: (( 'k ))
Xant: (( We've made a Tetris piece formation ))
* C22 peers over the edge
Mechalomaniac: (( roll perception if you want to look down ))
Jarai Sun: "Be Carefull you do not fall down. "
* Regris rolls: 1d20+6 => 1 + 6 = 7
Mechalomaniac: It looks dark.
* C22 doesn't see shit cap'n
Jarai Sun: "... Or get pushed by someone who is tired of your jokes."
C22: "If you really want to dispose of me, you can go ahead and try."
C22: "We don't have rights, remember? Just objects."
James Mestitia: "Hey break it up"
Mechalomaniac: Around (C), there are some clearly marked pressure plates, warning of shooting arrow traps. You would be able to avoid them unless you were suicidal or brainless.
James Mestitia: "I'd join you in the arguing of Politics but this is not the time or place..."
C22: "Thinkin' that ones Ethical, not Political."
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+6 Perception: Marking the Pressure Plates => 8 + 6 = 14
Jarai Sun: "Ohh I have no problem with you." Points at james. "He however does, and his scrupules missed the ship to korriban."
Tanai Adriav: I think it would help if we were more task-oriented instead of berrating each other. This -is- a Sith tomb, after all(?).
Mechalomaniac: Once you reach (D), the cave opens up into a larger chamber. (Roll perception everyone.)
* Regris rolls: 1d20+6 => 10 + 6 = 16
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+1 => 8 + 1 = 9
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+6 Perception @ Waypoint D => 3 + 6 = 9
C22: "Aw, but scathing commentary is half of my programming..."
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+7 => 7 + 7 = 14
* Franky rolls: 1d20+5 => 11 + 5 = 16
Mechalomaniac: C-22, Jarai, and Xant notice some scattered bones around this chamber. They look more recent and have some definate gnawing marks!
James Mestitia: "Ok what do you make of this?"
C22: "Something around here's hungry."
* Jarai Sun whispers "She is right, We should focus our efforts on moving in silence. I do not wish to end up like that."
Mechalomaniac: C-22 and Jarai would also notice that the ground seems a bit loose. As if something could burrow here.
Tanai Adriav: Left, orrrr....right?
C22: "Slugs, likely."
* Tanai Adriav looks both ways, given the options they have to go.
Xant: "Moving silent would have been a better option if we hadn't spent the whole way in having a ethics discussion."
C22: "I'm going to quickly scope out ahead of me."
Jarai Sun: "Then at least be carefull where you place your feet, the ground has been disturbed. "
Xant: "I will...guard the crossroad. Yes."
Mechalomaniac: As C-22 moves down, he can see into the small cavern. There seem to be more remains and what looks to be some kind of camp. It seems the archaeologists tried to hold up here and became something's dinner.
C22: (( Anything at F? ))
Jarai Sun: "Wait, stay here until the droid comes back."
* C22 motions, pointing down the cave, "Their camp's here."
Mechalomaniac: There's some miscellaneous equipment, but the scanner that you're looking for isn't here.
Tanai Adriav: I'm just keeping a lookout ov- ...oh. A camp?
James Mestitia: "Yea, or what's left of it"
Mechalomaniac: Meanwhile, Tanai hears a bit of rumbling in the ground in front of her!
C22: "Yeah, might want to grab what you can.
Tanai Adriav: ...!!
James Mestitia: "I'll sc...
K'lor'slug: SCREEEE!
C22: "Ooh, slugs."
* Tanai Adriav looks around quickly, puzzled!
Xant: "Ah, a slug."
K'lor'slug: A K'lor'slug emerges from the ground right in front of her
Jarai Sun: (( can i take an action before initiative? ))
K'lor'slug: (( ))
Tanai Adriav: What the dark side is that?!
K'lor'slug: (( Full sized picture there ))
C22: "Ask Xant there, he's a slug expert."
Jarai Sun: (( namely pulling her away from the slug that is ))
Mechalomaniac: (( And no Rebi ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Roll initiative ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+3 => 16 + 3 = 19
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+2 => 13 + 2 = 15
Xant: "All that matters is we get it out of the way, now!"
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+3 => 17 + 3 = 20
* Regris rolls: 1d20+8 => 10 + 8 = 18
* Franky rolls: 1d20+8 => 13 + 8 = 21
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Slug Init => 11 + 3 = 14
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Slug Init? => 7 + 3 = 10
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Slug Init?? => 7 + 3 = 10
C22: "Might want to back up off of the soft ground, don't know where they'll come up at!"
Kite Lanford: Burrowed units? Great...
Jarai Sun: (( kite thats soooo meta. sooooooo meta -_- ))
James Mestitia: "Yea, if we had someone on Overwatch, we could pick them off..."
C22: "On... what?"
James Mestitia: "Overwatch, a Military Tactic where one guy stands guard with a readied weapon
Xant has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: "It must be smugglers lingo?"
James Mestitia: "Preferly a Heavy one, and if anyone crosses his line of sight, let's them have it."
Xant: (( I can shoot around Tanai, right? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Yes ))
C22: "I'd rather have a regiment of trained soldiers already doing it, rather than just one lunkhead."
Tanai Adriav: (( Straight up Fraternity shit in here. WITH LASER BLASTS. ))
* Xant pulls his blaster from his robe, leans around Tanai, and takes a shot at the slug
* Franky rolls: 1d20+3 => 13 + 3 = 16
Mechalomaniac: That's a hit
* Franky rolls: 3d8 => 17
Tanai Adriav: (( Did we level up? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Not yet. You will after this though ))
C22: (( nope. ))
Jarai Sun: (( noot yet ))
James Mestitia: (( Not close but no cigar ))
Tanai Adriav: (( 'kay ))
Mechalomaniac: (( IF YOU SURVIVE! ))
Mechalomaniac: Xant hits the slug dead on and it collapses to the ground. The group can hear more rumblings beneath the surface though
-12 hitpoints!
C22: "Oh, nice shot. Good to know you're good for more than slug trivia."
Tanai Adriav: Thanks~!
* Tanai Adriav 3
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
Xant: "I have other skills but you lack the proper equipment to fully appreciate them."
* Xant bows to Tanai
C22: "I certainly hope you're talking about things above the waist."
Mechalomaniac: (( Roll perception to figure out where the burrowed ones are. ))
Jarai Sun: roll 1d20+7
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+7 => 7 + 7 = 14
* Franky rolls: 1d20+5 => 2 + 5 = 7
Mechalomaniac: You figure theyr'e abouts there, but they have cover (+5 to ref defense_)
Xant: (( oh whoops ))
Tanai Adriav: You know where they are, Jarai?
James Mestitia: Yea, would stink if we wasted ammo firing bindly
Jarai Sun: (( I would normally suggest move object to pull one out of the ground. But I think i might get a dark side point for causing undue suffering ))
Mechalomaniac: (( No you wouldn't ))
Tanai Adriav: (( I don't think you get a DSP for trying to Move Object a person. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( You get DSP for torturing people. This is carniverous Wildlife that wants to eat you. ))
Jarai Sun: (( Well it does damage too since your basicly slamming them around ))
Jarai Sun: (( ok i'll try to mocve object one of them uinto the ceiling then. with luck it will be to dazed to attack so i wont have to kill it ))
Mechalomaniac: (( The only thing you could do that would conceivably give you DSP is trying to commit genocide on them ))
Mechalomaniac: (( go for it ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+8 Use the force luke => 17 + 8 = 25
Jarai Sun: (( oeh i think thats the 6d10 one isnt it >>? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( 6d6 ))
C22: (( lol ))
Jarai Sun: (( right ))
* K'lor'slug 1 is lifted out of the ground and slams into the cieling
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 6d6 damage! => 24
K'lor'slug 1:
-24 hitpoints!
* K'lor'slug 1 then splatters into a gooey slugmess on impact!
James Mestitia has received initiative.
* Jarai Sun reaches out to the force to the slugs and with a mighty tug of invisible force rips it out of the ground and with a sickening crunch slams it into the ceiling before it fall down on the sand.
* James Mestitia takes time to aim with his Blaster
Jarai Sun: (( can i use my move action to point out where the other one is? ))
K'lor'slug 1: (( I assumed you already did ))
Jarai Sun: (( ok! ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+4 Negate Cover Bonus => 10 + 4 = 14
Mechalomaniac: (( That hits ))
* Jarai Sun points james in the right direction "Its over there~"
* Kite Lanford rolls: 3d6+1 => 12 + 1 = 13
James Mestitia: "Got it!"
K'lor'slug 2:
-8 hitpoints!
Mechalomaniac: James manages to deadeye the second one in the ground. At least he thinks so.
James Mestitia: "Hey C22, see if you can't find a Scope for a Pistol when we're done with these guys."
C22: "Uh, sure whatever."
C22: (( That's an option? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( I was worried these things would be too hard ))
Mechalomaniac: (( I have no idea ))
James Mestitia: (( Yea, Scopes can be attached to Pistols as well as Rifles I think ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Is it too late to try and UTF to see if these things are force sensative at all? ))
* Jarai Sun kneels down over one of the slugs. "You are one with the force now, I am sorry."
Mechalomaniac: (( This particular group yes. Xant is apparently a slug expert though so you could ask him! ))
* C22 digs through the camp, searching for stuff.
* Jarai Sun looks at tanai. "Are you alright? Or did it just startle you?"
* Tanai Adriav pulls her lightsaber from her hip to keep ready in case something else tries to get the jump on her in here.
Mechalomaniac: C22 finds a bunch of random research equipment and a holo!
Tanai Adriav: I'm fine. It just surprised me a little, that's all.
C22: "Hm. Wonder what's on it."
* C22 hits play.
Xant: "We can assume there will be more deeper into the cave."
Jarai Sun: "I am sorry i did not react sooner. I must admit i was startled byits sudden appearance as well."
Tanai Adriav: No worries~ I'm fine!
James Mestitia: "Assuming there's no other surprizes..."
Jarai Sun: "There will always be more surprises."
Mechalomaniac: The holo details the last few hours of this group as told by one Doctor Leira Fenner. The group was unable to escape the cave after the sith attack and decided to hide. Unfortunately as the activity in the area died down, the K'lor'slugs and Shyracks started to migrate back into the area. (Roll Knowledge Galactic Lore to find out what Shyracks are)
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+1 Knowledge: Galatic Lore => 11 + 1 = 12
C22: "Hey what're Shyracks?"
James Mestitia: "Hmm..."
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+7 galactic lore => 19 + 7 = 26
* Regris rolls: 1d20+3 => 16 + 3 = 19
* Franky rolls: 1d20+9 galactic lore => 12 + 9 = 21
Jarai Sun: (( apparently if furu is the slug trainer i am the bat specialist ))
* James Mestitia takes the time to think if he can recall it."
Mechalomaniac: Xant and Jarai....
Mechalomaniac: These winged monstrosities were eyeless beasts that hunted in swarms. Shyracks were cave-dwelling terrors that were fiercely territorial and attacked any intruder with aggression as well as frenzy. Whilst typically cave bound, every sixty-three years, the shyracks of Korriban spilled from their cave habitants every day for the entire summer. These periods saw them fill the sky where they blotted out the sun and moon where they rained their bluish droppings onto everything below. Prior to the return of the Sith Empire, biologists from across the galaxy arrived on the planet in order to witness every sixty-third summer where they observed the purpling of the red Korriban terrain.
James Mestitia: "Hmm, I got nothing, anyone got a clue what those things are?"
Mechalomaniac: C22 gets a slightly less detailed version of that
C22: "I don't have to worry about feelings of revulsion but that still sounds disgusting."
Mechalomaniac: tl;dr: They're goddamn bats
Jarai Sun: "Flying Hunters, sightless but in this dark cave ths their advantage. Use your arm to cover your face if they attack. Protect your eyes."
C22: "Well I cleaned that area out. Not much there, mostly research stuff and personal effects."
Xant: "Excellent, as if the slugs weren't enough to worry about already."
James Mestitia: "I see..."
Jarai Sun: "Trust me, these are worse."
James Mestitia: "On this Planet?
James Mestitia: "or this Star System?"
C22: "Huh, what's over here...?"
* Tanai Adriav goes with the droid this time.
C22: "I believe the current term to use would be 'sup?"
Mechalomaniac: G seems to be another small alcove. There is still some archaeological equipment, but it looks too large to move easily.
* Xant is just standing in the middle of these slug corpses for some reason.
Jarai Sun: (( he is absorbing their slug karma ))
C22: "Mm, more piles of useless crap."
Tanai Adriav: (( He's going to absorb them all like Piccolo. ))
C22: (( Nothing else of note huh? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Nope ))
Jarai Sun: (( is the device were looking for amongst it? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Nope! ))
Jarai Sun: (( what about these Research Documents that NPC with the glowing yellow ! for a hat asked me to find? ))
James Mestitia: "Well, anything up there?"
Mechalomaniac: H is the largest cavern you've come across yet. Along the ground there appear to be more remains, but humanoid and what look like those Shyracks that were mentioned before. Closer inspection reveals the Shyracks were cut apart.
Jarai Sun: (( if I press Q to look at my notebook it says that i have 0/10 Archeological Survey notes and that i should search the abandonned research camps in the Sith Tomb for them ))
Jarai Sun: (( are you saying i got no drops again!? ))
* Xant uses the droid for cover just in case.
Mechalomaniac: (( lol wrong caves ))
Jarai Sun: (( goddamn bioware mmo ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Perception again ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Perception to see if the bats were killed by lightsabers? ))
Tanai Adriav: (( ..that was a different question. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( The bats were killed by lightsabers ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Ok. ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+7 perceptionz => 16 + 7 = 23
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+1 => 5 + 1 = 6
Jarai Sun: (( SITH! ))
* Franky rolls: 1d20+5 => 10 + 5 = 15
* Regris rolls: 1d20+6 => 20 + 6 = 26
Jarai Sun: (( My scanners have revealed forever. Meatbag. ))
Mechalomaniac: Jarai and C22 hear more rumbling beneath the ground
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+6 => 12 + 6 = 18
C22: "Incoming."
Jarai Sun: "Heads up, More slugs"
* Tanai Adriav ignites her lightsaber.
* C22 shoulders the rifle.
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Initiative Slug! => 11 + 3 = 14
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Initiative Slug!! => 2 + 3 = 5
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Initiative Slug!!! => 10 + 3 = 13
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Initiative Slug!!!! => 5 + 3 = 8
Jarai Sun: (( so is the sith an Elite? because the Giant slug lord is the instance boss right? ))
James Mestitia: "Let's play some ball"
* Xant has his blaster ready in his ACTION POSE
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+2 Initiative Tanai!!!! => 14 + 2 = 16
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+3 Initiative => 17 + 3 = 20
Mechalomaniac: (( Jarai and C22 get a surprise round on them ))
* Regris rolls: 1d20+8 => 3 + 8 = 11
* Franky rolls: 1d20+8 => 7 + 8 = 15
C22: (( Oh yay ))
* Regris rolls: 1d20+6 Perception for Slug Viewing => 3 + 6 = 9
C22: (( :( ))
Jarai Sun: (( did i have enough time between engages to refresh my force power suite? considering they are pretty much tob maneuvers, i just dont remember if they refresh per encounter ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+3 => 16 + 3 = 19
C22 has received initiative.
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: (( ahh yes after combat the seem to refresh ))
Mechalomaniac: (( And yes, Force Powers are /encounter ))
Jarai Sun: (( in that case, Move object > slug > ceiling! ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Ok! ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+8 => 19 + 8 = 27
C22: (( I'm going to move after Rebi goes ))
C22: (( Oh, hi slugs. I assume I can see those? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Which slug by the way ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Yes ))
Jarai Sun: (( well thats a 6d6 again i think ))
Jarai Sun: (( i'll take 5 ))
Jarai Sun: (( actually hold on ))
Jarai Sun: (( i must take 3, 5 is 7 squares away from me abnd my reach with move object is 6 ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Ok ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 6d6 => 12
Jarai Sun: (( ugh shitty damage roll ))
K'lor'slug 3:
-12 hitpoints!
K'lor'slug 3: SCREEEEEEE!
* K'lor'slug 3 splat
* C22 fires at SLug 6
* Jarai Sun rips another slug from the ground and introduces it to the ceiling!
* Regris rolls: 1d20+6 Two swifts to aim, negating cover => 7 + 6 = 13
Mechalomaniac: (( Miss, unless you spend a FP ))
Jarai Sun: (( you can use more then one swift a round? ))
C22: (( Nah ))
James Mestitia: (( Yes ))
Mechalomaniac: (( If you don't move, yes ))
C22: (( Yes if you don't move. ))
Jarai Sun: (( intresting ))
James Mestitia: (( By exchanging your Move for an extra Swift ))
Jarai Sun: (( d&d doesnt let you do that, thats nice ))
Mechalomaniac: (( And normal round time. Jarai's turn again ))
* Jarai Sun charges for slug number 5!
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+3 Lightsaber > Kor Slug? => 15 + 3 = 18
Mechalomaniac: (( That sadly misses due to ground cover ))
Jarai Sun: (( doesnt cover only apply against ranged attacks? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Oh, you're actually right ))
Mechalomaniac: (( More sepcifically an adjacent enemy never gets cover ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Roll it ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 2d8 KSSSSHHHHHHHING => 14
K'lor'slug 5:
-9 hitpoints!
Mechalomaniac: And it dies!
James Mestitia has received initiative.
* Xant is just sort of amazed at all this slugmurder
* James Mestitia takes time to aim
Jarai Sun: (( I am having some good rolls all night ))
Jarai Sun: (( i have yet to roll under 15 ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+4 Negating K'lorslug 6's Cover => 13 + 4 = 17
Mechalomaniac: (( Kid, where were you yesterday? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( And that hits ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 3d6+1 => 9 + 1 = 10
K'lor'slug 6:
-10 hitpoints!
Mechalomaniac: (( that's wrong ))
K'lor'slug 6:
Gained 5 hitpoints!
Tanai Adriav: (( It regenerated! ))
Jarai Sun: (( ahh they have armor? ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Yes. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( They have DR 5/Energy yeah ))
C22: (( DR 5 from the looks of it ))
K'lor'slug 6: Condition Changed to: -1
James Mestitia: (( Error in favor of the GM then ))
Jarai Sun: (( does that apply against lightsabers? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( yes, but you did enough damage anyway ))
Xant has received initiative.
James Mestitia: (( Wow, these Slugs don't have much in the Damage Threashold Department ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Yeah I probably made these a bit weak. I was afraid they'd murderize you all ))
Jarai Sun: (( thats because mecha hit them with the nerfion hammer ))
C22: (( They have like 10 HP ))
* Xant aims a blaster bolt at the same place where James shot.
Jarai Sun: (( these are actually like CR 9 enemies of eat your face ))
* Franky rolls: 1d20+3 => 18 + 3 = 21
James Mestitia: (( Well, good to know ))
Mechalomaniac: (( The normal ones are yeah. I made CR1 versions because it fit my needs. And they're starting enemies in TOR anyway ))
Xant: (( is that a hit? ))
James Mestitia: "Yeash..."
Mechalomaniac: (( yep ))
* Franky rolls: 3d8 => 13
K'lor'slug 6:
-8 hitpoints!
Jarai Sun: (( thats kind of saying. SO I MADE THESE GETH WEAK AS FUCK BECAUSE SHEPARD KICKS THEIR ASS SO HARD in a mass effect rp ))
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
Mechalomaniac: (( Clearly! ))
Jarai Sun: (( until you realized that even at level 1 shepard > THE REST OF THE GODDAMN HUMAN RACE ))
Kite Lanford: (( Let's not get into the sematics and move on ))
Mechalomaniac: (( You're all as badass as Shepard. ))
Jarai Sun: (( sweet ))
* Tanai Adriav attacks the final slugthing with her lightsaber!
Kite Lanford: (( Too bad Background-wise, we're not as Screwed up as Shepard ))
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+2 => 13 + 2 = 15
Mechalomaniac: (( hits ))
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 2d8+1 => 16 + 1 = 17
Jarai Sun: (( CALLED IT ))
K'lor'slug 4:
-12 hitpoints!
Jarai Sun: (( Go hit it in the weakpoint for maximum damage ))
Mechalomaniac: And so the last slug falls
C22: "Keep alert. There's probably plenty more waiting."
Mechalomaniac: Or well...stays in the ground
* Tanai Adriav huffs a bit and disengages her lightsaber, turning to look at the rest of the group.
Tanai Adriav: About time I got to do something!
Jarai Sun: (( At least we dont have to bury em! ))
* Xant struts on up on that the area is clear of slugs
* Xant is just gonna stay by the Jedi
* C22 checks out over -> there
Mechalomaniac: There's a slight incline into a wider cavern.
James Mestitia: "Well then..."
Mechalomaniac: C22 finds a corpse and a datapad!
James Mestitia: "Anything over there?
Tanai Adriav: (( Da-na-na-NAAAA~ ))
* James Mestitia listens to his voice echo
C22: "A stiff and some info."
* C22 pops the datapad for data.
James Mestitia: "Yeash, I sound that high-pitched..."
* Jarai Sun scratches his nose. "Tanai. Killing these beasts is nothing to be proud of, it is regretfull nessecity yes. But You should know better then to want violence. "
C22: "Psh, jedi."
Tanai Adriav: I don't violence...! I just want to be useful..
* Tanai Adriav mutters the last bit.
Tanai Adriav: (( don't want* ))
James Mestitia: "Yea, yea..."
Mechalomaniac: The datapad contains some of the information gleamed about this Sith Lord's history
Mechalomaniac: It might be helpful to an archaeologist!
* James Mestitia looks around the area...
Tanai Adriav: (( "Too bad none of you are." ))
Mechalomaniac: Down here, there's another sharp incline, but you would be able to carefully climb down
* C22 throws it behind him, towards Tanai, "meh, more junk."
* Tanai Adriav catches the datapad!
Jarai Sun: "And you are usefull. Your skill at lightsaber combat is greater then mine. Just temper your enthusiasm."
Jarai Sun: "Xant, do not fall behind, it would be easy to lose one another in this cave."
James Mestitia: "The first step to the Darkside is paved with Blood or something..."
James Mestitia: "I dunno..."
Mechalomaniac: At the bottom it appears to be filled with water.
Tanai Adriav: Fear, actually.
James Mestitia: Well then..."
C22: "Ah, that looks fun."
James Mestitia: "Hmm..."
C22: "Unless you folks are here for a dip, which I'm not."
Kite Lanford: (( Waypoint L is blocked off is it? ))
Mechalomaniac: On the upside, K'lor'slugs aren't known to be aquatic!
Xant: "I am fine as is."
Jarai Sun: "All things must die, Its not against our code to kill. For in death all living tings become part of the force. It is killing for the wrong reasons that corrupts our own soul. That is what we strive to avoid."
Kite Lanford: (( The same for Waypoint J? ))
Tanai Adriav: It looks like there may be a passage up here?
* C22 looks to Jarai, shaking head, "Oof, blown off."
Mechalomaniac: As the group wanders toward J, there's a collapse
Mechalomaniac: But there is a small hole. However, beneath there feet is more rumbling!
James Mestitia: "Oh boy..."
Jarai Sun: "I do not mind the swim."
* Tanai Adriav ignites her lightsaber.
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 vs. James Reflex => 16 + 4 = 20
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 vs. Jarai Reflex => 14 + 4 = 18
James Mestitia: "Hey what the!"
Xant: "The documentary never mentioned how slugs have the wotst timing."
Jarai Sun: (( that hits me ))
James Mestitia: (( it's a hit as well ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d6 James => 2
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d6 Jarai => 2
Mechalomaniac: You take that much damage and are knocked prone as more of the slugs burst from the ground right under your feet!
Jarai Sun: (( how do i reduce my HP? ))
James Mestitia: "Ah crap
Jarai Sun:
-2 hitpoints!   28 / 30 Hitpoints.
James Mestitia:
-2 hitpoints!   14 / 18 Hitpoints.
* Regris rolls: 1d20+8 Initiative. => 2 + 8 = 10
Mechalomaniac: (( Campaign, HP change ))
James Mestitia: (( Whoops ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+3 => 1 + 3 = 4
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+3 init => 19 + 3 = 22
Jarai Sun: (( my campaign window is blank btw ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Oh, huh. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( I'll figure it out later then ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Slug! => 13 + 3 = 16
James Mestitia: (( Alright, I was at full health so whoops ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Slug!! => 15 + 3 = 18
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Slug!!! => 17 + 3 = 20
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Slug!!!! => 5 + 3 = 8
Tanai Adriav: (( You can reduce % by right-clicking and going to Bar ))
James Mestitia: "Oh great."
* Xant does not like how he is currently FLANKED BY POISONOUS SLUGS
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+1 ??? => 1 + 1 = 2
Mechalomaniac: (( Oh jeez ))
Jarai Sun: "Xant, Duck"
Kite Lanford: (( I suppose Kid was waiting for an oppotunity to spring this! ))
Jarai Sun: (( does my 22 earn me another surprise attack ? ))
* Franky rolls: 1d20+8 => 5 + 8 = 13
Xant: (( SORRY maptool locked up for a sec ))
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+2 Someone forgot to roll Init => 4 + 2 = 6
Tanai Adriav: (( meh. ))
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
Mechalomaniac: (( No surprise but you do get to go first ))
* Jarai Sun attempts to slam slug 7 into slug 8 using move object and hitting two slugs with one stone.. well fuck the saying does not work but you get the picture
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+8 => 17 + 8 = 25
Mechalomaniac: (( 6d6 again. ))
C22: (( Do these moves autohit or are force rolls also accuracy rolls ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 6d6 IKUZE BUGZOOKA! => 23
Mechalomaniac: (( They're accuracy rolles ))
Jarai Sun: (( you need to hit dc 15 to even activate the power. ))
Jarai Sun: (( the treshold tends to be higher at low level ))
Mechalomaniac: (( She has to make at least 15 and then it has to beat Will (for the thing she's moving) and Reflex (of the thing she's hitting it with) ))
C22: (( With one roll? Handy. ))
Jarai Sun: (( I just keep rolling over 25 ))
K'lor'slug 7:
-23 hitpoints!
K'lor'slug 8:
-23 hitpoints!
Mechalomaniac: The two slugs go splat
James Mestitia: "Well two down..."
Jarai Sun: (( I dont know why but the dice bot has decided that tonight i am HYPER COMPETANT ))
Xant: "Thank you."
Mechalomaniac: (( Yeah. Tavish was like...nuts in single target combat with Force Grip in my other game since it's the same thing but also stunfucks. ))
Jarai Sun: "You can repay the favor by killing the one next to me."
* K'lor'slug 9 looks for tasty nomnoms
Tanai Adriav: (( I apparently got shit force powers. ))
* K'lor'slug 9 decides to Nomnoms the magic user
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 vs. Jarai's Reflex Nomnom => 11 + 4 = 15
Kite Lanford: (( *looks at the sheet* Let me see that ))
Jarai Sun: (( and yeah i know i seem awesome right now? but i have not rolled under a 17 to activate move object tonight, just keep that in mind. ))
Jarai Sun: (( my ref is 17 ))
K'lor'slug 9: (( It also scales less since uhh...She gets +5 starting off but from here it's just +1 per level ))
Jarai Sun: (( yeah ))
* K'lor'slug 9 no nomnoms
Xant has received initiative.
* Xant ACTION ROLLS (ie: moves back) from Slug #9 and fires a blaster shot!
Jarai Sun: (( ohh right he does not have a melee weapon. to bad, we were flanking ))
* Franky rolls: 1d20+3 => 9 + 3 = 12
K'lor'slug 9: (( let me check something ))
Xant: (( That's a miss isn't it? ))
Tanai Adriav: (( I don't think they have cover now since they all came up out of the ground first. ))
Jarai Sun: (( i think mecha is checking if you can get a flanking bonus with a gun since me and regris are still flanking it ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Maybe. ))
K'lor'slug 9: (( Yes. But no I was checking to see if that provoked an AoO ))
Kite Lanford: (( Well at least I know what my CL 3 Feat is ))
K'lor'slug 9: (( Which it does! ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 nomnom's Xant => 14 + 4 = 18
Xant: (( OH GODDAMN ))
Xant: (( okay this is my first time being attacked what do I do again ))
Jarai Sun: (( yeah you should have just point blanked the sucker ))
K'lor'slug 9: (( Amusingly enough in this game shooting a gun in Melee doesn't provoke an AoO ))
K'lor'slug 9: (( You take damage ))
Jarai Sun: (( because that ))
C22: (( I think if you had just five foot stepped back you'd been ok ))
Xant: (( Well fuck. ))
Xant: (( How much do I take ))
Kite Lanford: (( Huh, don't you also take a Penality for trying that stunt? ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d6+2 => 3 + 2 = 5
Tanai Adriav: (( All the damage. ))
-5 hitpoints!   14 / 19 Hitpoints.
* Xant got bit by the SLUG! IRONYYYYY
Jarai Sun: (( just a -1 i think but he would be flanking for a +2 and not care? ))
Xant: (( can I roll damage for shooting it in the face now ))
* K'lor'slug 9 nomnom
Jarai Sun: (( in before mecha ruins your day and you missed ))
K'lor'slug 9: (( You technically missed it, but you can spend a force point ))
Xant: (( I WILL ))
K'lor'slug 9: (( Roll d6 ))
* Franky rolls: 1d6 => 2
K'lor'slug 9: (( Ok, roll damage ))
* Franky rolls: 3d8 => 11
K'lor'slug 9:
-6 hitpoints!
Jarai Sun: (( yeah guys feel free to spend force points tonight, mecha said we will level up and they dissappear at level up ))
C22 has received initiative.
Kite Lanford: (( ALright ))
* C22 point blanks the slug
* Regris rolls: 1d20+6 blam => 1 + 6 = 7
Mechalomaniac: (( ))
C22: (( *facepalm* ))
Jarai Sun: (( C22 had the shooty bit pointed the wrong way ))
* C22 shift.
C22: "Tch, not good when things are in my grill like that."
* K'lor'slug 10 nomnoms James
James Mestitia: "Come at me!"
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 Nom => 12 + 4 = 16
James Mestitia: (( that hits ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d6+2 Nomnom! => 5 + 2 = 7
James Mestitia: Ow
Jarai Sun: "When we get off this rock, i'll get some cellotape and attach a lightsaber to your gun for you."
James Mestitia:
-7 hitpoints!   9 / 18 Hitpoints.
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
Tanai Adriav: (( Flanking is still a +2 attack bonus? ))
James Mestitia: "I don't think Melee Weapon Attachments work that way..."
C22: "... Tempting idea."
K'lor'slug 10: (( yep ))
Jarai Sun: (( and you can technicly charge from there for another +2 ))
K'lor'slug 10: (( And no you need to move a minimum of 2 squares to charge ))
K'lor'slug 10: (( That said she could move back a square and then charge ))
Jarai Sun: (( ohh its two squares in this? ))
K'lor'slug 10: (( yeah ))
* Tanai Adriav leaps the short distance with lightsaber raised to come down and slash through the slugthing!
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+4 => 18 + 4 = 22
Jarai Sun: (( you can ffs as a swift and then full to charge cant you? ))
K'lor'slug 10: (( Charge is a standard ))
Jarai Sun: (( should totally do that then go ))
James Mestitia: "If I got my hands on a Light Saber I could try my hands at modifying it in that manner though C22"
K'lor'slug 10: (( That hits ))
Tanai Adriav: (( I hit on my roll already. I don't need to do better. ))
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 2d8+1 => 13 + 1 = 14
K'lor'slug 9:
-9 hitpoints!
James Mestitia has received initiative.
Kite Lanford: (( NOw that I think about it, what would be the DC to modify a Melee Weapon to become a Melee Weapon Attachment? ))
K'lor'slug 10: (( I dunno. I'll look it up later ))
* James Mestitia takes a shift back...
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+4 => 8 + 4 = 12
Jarai Sun: (( blam it into the ground! ))
Mechalomaniac: James sadly misses (unless he FPs)
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d6 => 1
Mechalomaniac: James sadly still misses
Jarai Sun: (( after this fight can you guys spare three minutes of in game rest time?? ))
James Mestitia: "Great..."
Mechalomaniac: From behind C22 and Tanai they hear the beats of wings. Lots of wings!
Jarai Sun: (( ohh great ))
Tanai Adriav: ....!!!
* C22 turns, "Incoming!"
James Mestitia: "What the!"
Mechalomaniac: As a swarm of Shyracks come pouring out behind them!
Jarai Sun: "Shyracks! Duck!"
Xant: "Damnit!"
Mechalomaniac: (( They can't attack this turn. Also FYI, Swarms take +2 dice of damage from Area attacks. And someone found a grenade last session. ))
Kite Lanford: (( Someone Youtube Link one of the Monster Hunter songs ))
C22: "Hey, did you say these things can't see, or they don't like light?"
C22: (( I do. ))
C22: (( I have the grenades *and* the blasters. ))
Jarai Sun: "They are blind."
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+8 Lay on hands, i mean... vital transfer! => 4 + 8 = 12
Kite Lanford: (( Huh?? Did Mai just ran though Threatened Squares? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( I'm assuming she moved around. IF you want to set a specific path, hit space between squares ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Also sadly that Vital Transfer fails ))
James Mestitia: "I think I can muster up personal Willpower to get though this..."
Jarai Sun: (( my vital transfers KEEP failing. ))
Jarai Sun: (( I keep killing things fine but healing, nope. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( You clearly should choose the Jedi Shadow Advanced class, rather than Sage ))
Xant has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: (( no, i refuse to be the murder bot this game ))
Mechalomaniac: Xant is starting to feel not so good!
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+4 poison? => 10 + 4 = 14
James Mestitia: "Shame we forgot the Medikits..."
Xant: Condition Changed to: -1
Mechalomaniac: (( Xant gets a -1 to attack and skill rolls ))
* Xant is poisoned oh good
Mechalomaniac: (( That's as bad as it gets though so you won't like...die ))
Jarai Sun: "Xant, Come here"
Xant: "Coming..."
Jarai Sun: "I'll take care of both of you."
Xant: (( And then suddenly yaoi ))
C22: "Shoot that slug while you're there."
Jarai Sun: (( pfft no one in this group is even sure what gender jarai is anyway. Fucking androgynous bishies ))
Xant: "I seem to be under the effect of the slug's poison. I can't...guarantee I'll hit it."
Mechalomaniac: (( and I need to go afk for a little bit in like 5 minutes so uhhh...after C22's turn snack break ))
C22: "Maybe you'll get lucky!"
* Franky rolls: 1d20+2 => 16 + 2 = 18
C22: "See? Called it."
K'lor'slug 10: !
* Franky rolls: 3d8 => 13
K'lor'slug 10:
-15 hitpoints!
Xant: (( guys heavy blaster pistols are PRETTY STRONG ))
* K'lor'slug 10 dies X_X
Xant: "Hmph."
C22 has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: "C22 take care of the Shyracks, Tanai Cover us while i take care of these two."
C22: "Yeah yeah. Hey Tanai uh... Get down."
Tanai Adriav: Okaaayyy~
Tanai Adriav: Hm?
* Tanai Adriav ducks?!
C22: (( I don't have the grenade damage on me. ))
Xant: (( I bet she hears that a lot. ))
Jarai Sun: (( HM?? GRENADE ))
* C22 waves a grenade happily.
* C22 then throws it .
* Regris rolls: 1d20+4 => 2 + 4 = 6
Jarai Sun: "Uhm... I think you might want to rethink that...."
Mechalomaniac: (( 4d6 in a 2 square burst ))
C22: (( Oh 2 square? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( yeah ))
C22: (( Then it goes there ))
C22: (( Also FP ))
Jarai Sun: "Uhm we should rpobably take cover in case the roof falls on our heads now."
Mechalomaniac: (( Ok! ))
* Regris rolls: 1d6 => 1
C22: (( Wow Kid. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Roll 6d6 ))
Xant: (( WOW. ))
* Regris rolls: 6d6 => 16
Shyrack Swarm:
-8 hitpoints!
Mechalomaniac: (( It does half damage on a miss still ))
C22: "I have one more, just warning you."
Shyrack Swarm: SCREE!
Jarai Sun: (( just be glad its not deathwatch ))
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
Tanai Adriav: I'll keep my wits about me!
Shyrack Swarm: (( and afk for like 15-20 minutes. ))
Kite Lanford: (( or Warhammer RP in general ))
Jarai Sun: (( because then you would have a scatter die with 50 procent chance he blew himself and tanai up ))
Shyrack Swarm: So amongst yourselves!
* Tanai Adriav takes a few swipes at th- nothing, 'cuz DM is afk.
Jarai Sun: (( PAUSE SIMULATION. and then the screen pans out and were on a federation starships holo deck . STAR CEPTION ))
Tanai Adriav: (( afk myself ))
C22: (( nom nom food ))
Kite Lanford: (( So yea, I was joking but really curious
Kite Lanford: (( On the DC on Mechanics needed to mod a Melee Weapon to become a Melee Weapon Attachment ))
C22: (( Go look it up ))
Kite Lanford: Huh...
Kite Lanford: Bayonet Ring is a 0-slotter after all
Tanai Adriav: (( And back. ))
Kite Lanford: (( Hmm this is not going to work, add a Vibroblade Attachment for the Rifle... ))
C22: (( I didn't disconnect did I ))
Tanai Adriav: (( No. ))
Xant: (( I'm kind of having a storm phobia panic attack at the moment ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( I'm back too ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( Sorry that took so long ))
Xant: (( it's cool but my power is flickering so if I vanish I got storm'd ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( Fuckin Weather. ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( Hasn't it anally raped our state enough?!?! ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( Anyway I'm ready as soon as you all are. ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( That's true. ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( You should move here. Then you wouldn't either. ))
Xant: (( We're moving to Seattle before the year is out ))
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+2 Attacking bats. => 7 + 2 = 9
C22: (( And he.. wut ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( Really? ))
* Tanai Adriav misses
C22: (( Seattle's expensive tho D: ))
Kite Lanford: Too bad there's a bit of a Drone Jam
Shyrack Swarm: (( You'll become a coffee snob. ))
* Shyrack Swarm brings in Imban to eat the dead too
C22 has received initiative.
C22 has received initiative.
James Mestitia has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: (( rawr? ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( Hai! ))
Xant: (( We have people to stay with ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( I don't know if Kite is back ))
* James Mestitia takes aim with the Blaster at the Swarm
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+4 => 3 + 4 = 7
Shyrack Swarm: (( Ok, but if you live in Seattle I'm going to go visit you ))
James Mestitia: Son of a
* James Mestitia gathers his willpower to ignore some injuries (Surge)
Shyrack Swarm: (( Oh uhh...Second Wind? ))
C22: (( Should be ))
Kite Lanford: (( Yea ))
James Mestitia:
Gained 4 hitpoints!   13 / 18 Hitpoints.
Shyrack Swarm: (( actually I got that wrong ))
James Mestitia: "Just need a small Medikit and I'll be fine."
James Mestitia:
-5 hitpoints!   8 / 18 Hitpoints.
James Mestitia:
Gained 10 hitpoints!   18 / 18 Hitpoints.
Shyrack Swarm: (( There ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( I didn't notice it was 1/4th HP or your CON Score whichever is higher ))
* Shyrack Swarm reaches out and claws at Tanai and C22 with the various little claws and fangs of the swarm!
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+6 Melee Area attack => 4 + 6 = 10
* Shyrack Swarm misses both of them
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
* C22 waves his rifle them, "Pesky things."
Jarai Sun: (( I am goibg to spend a force point to regain move object i believe you said there was runble from a collapse behinf the bats? I will uhh rocks fall all the shyrack dies :3? ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( You can try! ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+8 ROCKS? => 20 + 8 = 28
Shyrack Swarm: (( pfft ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( 6d6 again ))
Jarai Sun: (( Do i regain a force point or a force power for rolling a nat 20 on UTF? ))
Jarai Sun: (( power right? ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( Power, yeah ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( All of them. ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( Though not until the end of your turn ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 6d6 I WANNA ROCKS! => 16
Shyrack Swarm:
-16 hitpoints!
Shyrack Swarm: SCREEE!
Xant has received initiative.
James Mestitia: "Hey Xant, try focusing your inner self or something, ignore the Toxins in your body..."
Shyrack Swarm: (( You can shake off the poison with three swift actions, which would be your entire turn. ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( Or you can shoot with the -1. Either way ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( Oh wait. I lied. You can't do that with poison ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( You have to get it treated ))
Xant: "Do what now"
C22: (( herp! ))
Kite Lanford: (( Huh, whoops ))
* Xant shrugs and just shoots into the swarm anyway
James Mestitia: Just try to shoot down these bats..."
* Franky rolls: 1d20+2 => 7 + 2 = 9
Xant: (( WOW TURRIBLE ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( ))
C22 has received initiative.
C22: "Eat shrapnel!"
* C22 grenade throw
* Regris rolls: 1d20+4 => 20 + 4 = 24
Shyrack Swarm: (( WELP! ))
C22: (( ... Do grenades crit ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( let me check. ))
James Mestitia: (( Yea... ))
James Mestitia: (( I think AoE attacks are the same like a standard one ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( yes ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( yes they do ))
C22: (( So how does that work ))
C22: (( What's a crit do ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( double damage ))
* Regris rolls: 6d6 Oh well, okay => 22
Shyrack Swarm:
-44 hitpoints!
C22: "There, that's taken care of."
* Shyrack Swarm splatters into bat goo all over C22 and Tanai and the surrounding all
Shyrack Swarm: (( wall ))
Tanai Adriav: ......
Jarai Sun: roll 1d20+8 Vital transfer on Xant dammit. work now.
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+8 Vital transfer on Xant dammit. work now. => 5 + 8 = 13
Jarai Sun: (( .... ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( The Force hates Xant and wants him to die. ))
Jarai Sun: (( I think its telling me you dont need a cleric you pusy ))
Xant: (( D: ))
Shyrack Swarm: (( Or maybe Kid is the Dark Side. ))
James Mestitia: "Great, too bad the Research guys didn't leave any Medikits..."
Mechalomaniac: And with the bats and slugs gone, the heroes are free to explore the collapsed area unmolested
* James Mestitia looks around the collasped area further.
C22: "Oh. Huh, yeah sorry about that. I guess you... fleshy types worry about things like the gunk of dead animals, huh?"
Tanai Adriav: I reeeaallly want a baaaaaaattthhh.....
C22: "There's a pool over there."
Mechalomaniac: There is, in fact, a pool over there.
* Xant cough hack posion
C22: (( Medicine skills treat poison right ))
C22: (( Do I need a medkit ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Is it a clean pool? ))
C22: (( Does anyone have a medkit :( ))
James Mestitia: (( Unfortinately Xant would have to endure this one ))
James Mestitia: (( Unless we can salvage one but... ))
Mechalomaniac: (( There is presumably a medkit in your speeder ))
* Jarai Sun takes of his robe and god damn is he pretty. fucking space elves
James Mestitia: "Ah crap... I knew we forgot something on the way in..."
Mechalomaniac: And the water is somewhat clean. It's still flowing at least.
* Jarai Sun dives into the water and has a look around. water has to be flowing in from somewhere.
* Jarai Sun looks underwater for a passageway into the secret loot room
* Tanai Adriav wades into the water and tries to get all the bat gunk off her robes.
Mechalomaniac: Jarai Perception
Mechalomaniac: (( And removing the poison will be a DC 15, Trained only Treat Injury that requires a MEdpac ))
Mechalomaniac: James, meanwhile, can see the small hole into the collapsed off area.
* Xant will just lay here trying not to die.
Mechalomaniac: Xant feels sick, but is clearly not going to die
James Mestitia: "Hmm..."
* Xant is a drama queen though
James Mestitia: "Hey C22, the one that blew up the swarm... was that number 2?"
Mechalomaniac: James thinks he could clear enough rubble to get in there!
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+7 perception => 13 + 7 = 20
C22: (( had to afk, sorry ))
James Mestitia: "Alright, someone help me clear some of the rubb... hmm"
Mechalomaniac: Jarai meanwhile, thinks he found a path he can swim through
Mechalomaniac: (( It's cool. ))
* Jarai Sun surfaces.
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+6 Checks the Rock Formation => 4 + 6 = 10
C22: "Yeah, that was the last one."
* Tanai Adriav trying to clean off robes.
Jarai Sun: "There is a way through here"
James Mestitia: "Well, that was my Plan A
James Mestitia: Plan B? Dig by force..."
C22: "Sorry Xant. No medpack, else I might actually have helped ya."
Jarai Sun: "If this is a sith burial tomb the main mausoleum is probably hidden behind here"
Mechalomaniac: Tanai's robes are as clean as just drunking herself in water will make her.
Xant: "It's fine. I'll...I'll just...lay here. It's getting so dark-
C22: "That bad? Dibs on his stuff."
C22: "Seriously though hold still, lemme look."
C22: "So hey slug expert. How lethal is their poison?"
* Tanai Adriav pulls herself out of the water and tries to ring out what she can while still wearing her robes.
Jarai Sun: "Well we are in a thomb, if he dies we wont have to bury him either."
Xant: "Oh it's not."
Mechalomaniac: K'lor'slug poison is mostly intended to paralyze while they consumed their prety
Mechalomaniac: (( prey ))
C22: "Oh, then stop whining."
James Mestitia: "I'll wait until the other guys are done dredging for whatever before we start digging though the rubble."
* Regris rolls: 1d20+7 Treat Injury, feel better => 5 + 7 = 12
Xant: "I just never get a chance to show my acting skills."
Tanai Adriav: We're digging now?
* C22 applies a band-aid to a gaping wound. It falls off.
Jarai Sun: "Ahum, So there is a path through here. if your done playing dead can we go ?"
C22: "Can't say I didn't tri!"
* Xant sits up and climbs back to his feet
C22: "Sure, sec though."
C22: "Wonder what's up here..."
Jarai Sun: (( ruble blocking it off bro ))
Mechalomaniac: C22 finds a dark cavern. There's little of value unless you're a Shyrack.
Mechalomaniac: (( No, the rubble is blocking where Kite is ))
C22: "Jack all. Right there."
Tanai Adriav: (( YOU FIND: A LOT OF BAT POOP ))
Jarai Sun: (( ok ))
C22: "Hey, c'mon, let's get going."
Jarai Sun: (( bat guabno is very valuable... to the right buyer ))
Tanai Adriav: Which way are we going?
Jarai Sun: "Over here."
James Mestitia: "Alright..."
Tanai Adriav: Fiiiiiiiiiiinee.. Even though I just got OUT of the water...
James Mestitia: I'll join you in the Dredging
C22: "Oh man I hope I can hold my brea-- Haha, just kidding."
Xant: "Egh, my robes."
James Mestitia: "Hey, at least the clothes I'm wearing are stolen off someone else."
* James Mestitia takes a deep breath... and dives down
Jarai Sun: "For your sake, i hope you dont sink. Or rust."
* Jarai Sun swims through the passagewauy thing wheeee
Mechalomaniac: The path Jarai found is under the water! Start Swimming!
* James Mestitia surfaces hard. "Yahh!"
C22: >implying I'm made out of ferrous materials.
Mechalomaniac: As you surface in the cavern, you see a single, still living man, surrounded by various littered crap, as if he's built a makeshift fort in this little cavern
Archaeologist: AHHHH THE GRIM SPECTRES OF DEATH COME FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Mestitia: Yo
Archaeologist: S....STAY BACK!
C22: "What, no we're just the Sith's backup guard."
C22: "Ha ha, no I kid."
Archaeologist: OH GOD NOT ANOTHER ONE!
James Mestitia: "Someone ELSE try to calm him down..."
Xant: "Allow me."
C22: "Oh this one's fun. Can I keep him?"
Xant: "We are not here to hurt you."
Mechalomaniac: As he's panicing about, you can see the remains of what looks like a sith apprentice hastily, and poorly, buried under some rocks off to the side
Xant: "...Does this qualify as irony?"
Jarai Sun: roll 1d20+8 Calm down, sit down, shut up and explain before you hurt someone.
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+8 Calm down, sit down, shut up and explain before you hurt someone. => 19 + 8 = 27
Archaeologist: I...look. When the Sith came I was stuck alone in here. I found this alcove and just...stayed here. I heard screams from out there before, so I figured if I went out I would be dead.
Jarai Sun: "You made the right choice."
Archaeologist: Then, not too long ago, that Sith wandered in here. He was dying from his wounds. He mentioned something about trying to drain life from me so I fought back and well....
C22: Yep, sucks to be him. Wonder if he has any neat toys.
* C22 investigates this immediately.
James Mestitia: "Next you know you floored a Sith
James Mestitia: and did a flimsy job hiding the fact."
Jarai Sun: "Again I do not fault you for defending yourself. But I do require you to hand over his lightsaber."
C22: "Aw, what, I wanted to play around with one."
Xant: (( and then it gets taped to C22's gun ))
Mechalomaniac: C22 finds a sith ID card, a datapad chronicling his findings, and the destroyed remains of a lightsaber.
Kite Lanford: (( Actually, there is a Legal way to attach the Lightsaber to a gun ))
Kite Lanford: (( But I need a Bayonet Ring, and the Lightsaber has to be Small or smaller ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Maybe but it won't be that one! ))
C22: "Tch, it's busted."
Tanai Adriav: Is that... is that an ID card? The Sith carry ID cards?
Jarai Sun: "How... Unfortunate."
C22: "Maybe they're part of one big Darth Asshole Fanclub."
Mechalomaniac: It looks like the type of id card that opens doors.
James Mestitia: "So who's the unlucky victim..."
* Jarai Sun does not find this unfortunate at all. No homicidal droids with lightsabers is a net win
Mechalomaniac: The lightsaber might be able to be salvaged for parts or something though!
C22: (( Hey now it's been in self defense every time. ))
* C22 stores them. Inside himself. 3
Archaeologist: Are...are you here to get me out?
Tanai Adriav: (( "C22: Someday... I'm going to have 4 of them.. and 4 arms to wield them with..." ))
James Mestitia: "Yea..."
C22: (( I certainly am going for multiple arms :D ))
James Mestitia: "... or at least as far away from this cave once we dig our way though the rubble.""
Archaeologist: Rubble?
Jarai Sun: "We came here to recover a piece of technology that you were using here."
Archaeologist: O...oh.
* Jarai Sun shows him the picture. "Do you know where it is?"
James Mestitia: "Yea, one end of the Cave went... well... collasped."
Jarai Sun: "If You help us find it we will get you out of this cave."
Archaeologist: Oh the PZX-1138? It was in the Darth's tomb room. It...should still be there.
James Mestitia: "Should?"
Archaeologist: I've been stuck in here for a while.
James Mestitia: "I see..."
Tanai Adriav: It's a sith tomb. I wouldn't be surprised if it managed to Force-Teleport its way out of here on its own.
Archaeologist: OH GOD THEY CAN DO THAT?!?!?!\
Xant: "Not helping."
Jarai Sun: "No, they cant. Not if they are dead anyway."
Mechalomaniac: As far as any of you know, no they can't.
Jarai Sun: "Where is the throne room?"
Archaeologist: Err...let's get out of here and I'll show you.
* Tanai Adriav leans to one side, adjusting her weight, but holds her hand up to her mouth in front of clenched lips, trying hard to hold back laughter at the man's exclamation.
James Mestitia: "Well, hold your breath
Archaeologist: You're sure its safe?
* James Mestitia leads him to the pool.
Jarai Sun: "For now it should be."
* James Mestitia takes a deep breath and dives
James Mestitia: Bah!
C22: "If not, I can make it in a right jiff."
MaiKobayashi is disconnected.
Archaeologist: It was over here.
* Archaeologist moves up to the small hole and peeks in.
MaiKobayashi has connected.
Archaeologist: It should still be in there. We need to clear this rubble
Xant: "Physical labor. You're up, droid."
MaiKobayashi: (( i got an unexpected error there ))
C22: "Ha ha, fuck you too fleshy."
* C22 starts digging with his claw hands.
James Mestitia: "Just shut up and dig."
Archaeologist: (( That's okay ))
* MaiKobayashi rolls: 1d20+8 Move the rocks? => 12 + 8 = 20
* James Mestitia starts grabbing some rocks and haphazardly tosses them.
* MaiKobayashi does his jedi thing and lifts rocks?!
MaiKobayashi: (( I mean jarai does! ))
Mechalomaniac: As you clear away the rubble, you make an entrence large enough to crawl into and find a bunch of various archaeological equipment including...
Archaeologist: That's what you're after?
* MaiKobayashi loots it
James Mestitia: "Yea..."
James Mestitia: By the way..."
* Tanai Adriav awaits the likely appearance of more slugworms or batthings.
* C22 loots everything else important, I guess.
* Tanai Adriav holds her lightsaber ready.
* James Mestitia rummages though his bag... "You ever seen a lanky man with two Optical Implants?"
Mechalomaniac: It seems clear for now.
* Archaeologist shakes his head.
Archaeologist: Never. He looks like a pirate or something.
Archaeologist: Can we go now?
James Mestitia: "Guess it's time to get out of here..."
Jarai Sun: "Yes, We can go."
Mechalomaniac: The way back is surprisingly clear. Apparently creatures avoid the bloodied dead bodies of their kin.
C22: "Aw, and I was just starting to get acclimated to the amazing culture of the cave slug."
Tanai Adriav: (( Wish people did that. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Yeah people aren't as smart ))
James Mestitia: "Well, here we are..."
Mechalomaniac: The way back to town is similarly clear. Do you wish to contact the smuggler to let her know you got the scanner?
James Mestitia: "Sweet sweet Freedom
Jarai Sun: (( yes! to the thiirsty mynock! ))
C22: (( Nah fuck her. Let's run off with i-- I mean yes. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Move to the Thirsty Mynock then ))
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
Kite Lanford: "I'll give Medical Treatment to Xant, then."
C22: "You got a Medkit handy?"
Kite Lanford: "I think it should be in the Speeder..."
Mechalomaniac: There's a medkit in the speeder
C22: "Then go to town."
* James Mestitia fumbles though the Medkit."
* Archaeologist follows the heroes. Because in his mind it increases his chances of survival.
Tanai Adriav: The bartender looks different...
James Mestitia: "Hmm, this is turning out to be a bad idea..."
Mechalomaniac: (( It's the same bartender. I just got him a real picture ))
Jarai Sun: (( nah he just got a new model for beeing a quest npc ))
Haley Bryner: I see you made it back in one piece.
Tanai Adriav: Maybe he just cut his hair...
* Jarai Sun puts it on the table.
* James Mestitia puts the Medkit away and enters the Bar.
Jarai Sun: "We have procured the device you were after. Plus one"
Haley Bryner: (( James, are you trained in Treat Injury? ))
James Mestitia: (( Nope ))
Haley Bryner: (( Oh ok ))
C22: (( ... *lol* ))
C22: (( I have +7 hurr hurr ))
James Mestitia: (( Just intentially Roleplaying ))
C22: (( But James is on it. Enjoy your Malpractice :D ))
Xant: (( : ))
Kite Lanford: (( Eh, I put the thing away ))
Haley Bryner: Good. And I've got everything else except our prisoner. Fortunately I do know a bit more about him.
Kite Lanford: (( Unless I get an Implant that grants 2 Int, there's no way it'll work out ))
Tanai Adriav: Where's C4?
Tanai Adriav: I mean C22.
* C22 outside. Looking like a droid.
James Mestitia: Leave him...
Tanai Adriav: Oh right. They don't serve his kind here...
* C22 is actually keeping guard.
Yang the Bartender: Droids don't drink.
Tanai Adriav: They might! Have you ever offered one a drink?
Mechalomaniac: (( By the way that same drunk unconscious guy is on the far end of the bar still. ))
* Yang the Bartender calls over to C22. "You want a drink?
C22: "Do I look like I have a bladder?"
Yang the Bartender: Nope, but the lady asked.
C22: "Alright then."
* Jarai Sun finds this suspicious so he will take him and place him outside of the bar with a glass off water to sober up.
Tanai Adriav: Droids are so funny. ^_^
James Mestitia: "Anyhow..." *rolls his eyes*
James Mestitia: Anything new about the Mystery Man
Xant: "..."
Jarai Sun: "Keep an eye on this guy c22"
Haley Bryner: ...funny group. Anyway, the guy we're after is named Jexo Rizlin. He's currently being held in the Sith's low security lockup.
C22: "Uh. ... YES BOSS *BEEP*"
Tanai Adriav: Xant, maybe you should go ask the droid to fix you up?
Jarai Sun: "Try not to cover him in coolant fluid or something."
Jarai Sun: (( where did my token go! ))
* C22 shouts from outside, "I'm not a defective model, sod off!"
* Xant heads outside.
Xant: "Droid. Fix me."
Haley Bryner: (( I have no idea ))
Xant: "...please."
Jarai Sun: (( respawned! ))
C22: "Do you want one cybernetic arm or three?"
C22: (( Can you take 10 on treat injury ))
James Mestitia: Jexo Rizlin...
Xant: "I would prefer just not being poisoned any longer."
James Mestitia: "Yo..."
Haley Bryner: (( Yes you can ))
* C22 does that then.
Mechalomaniac: Xant is no longer poisoned!
Xant: Condition Changed to: 0
C22: "Next time how about an artificial eye?"
Xant: "I like my current pair. They match."
James Mestitia: "Hmm..."
C22: "I never said anything about removing your current ones."
James Mestitia: YOu know where he's being kept?
James Mestitia: "Would stink if we wind up wasting fuel flying around the Planet blind..."
Haley Bryner: Once we get Jexo out of lockup, we'll get our clearance to get off planet. I figure our window will be pretty short before they figure out there's been a breakout though.
Haley Bryner: A Sith holding compound in the city. It's on a base, so we'll need some way to get security access though.
James Mestitia: "Hmm..."
C22: "Liiike some sort of ID~"
James Mestitia: "Hey C22, did you get the robes off the dead guy?"
Haley Bryner: Yeah. But it's not like you'd find a dead Sith officer laying around just anywhere.
* Tanai Adriav coughs
Jarai Sun: "Fortunatly, we did."
* Haley Bryner perks an eyebrow at that.
Haley Bryner: Really?
Jarai Sun: (( hey mecha was the crystall in that broken lightsaber intact? ))
Haley Bryner: (( Yes ))
Haley Bryner: (( With some fiddling you could make your saber red if you wanted. ))
Jarai Sun: (( could i swamp it out for mine if i were to say, pretend to be a sith? ))
Haley Bryner: (( You might want help seeing as you've never built a lightsaber before ))
Jarai Sun: (( jedi master? ))
C22: (( "Lemme check Wikipedia." ))
Haley Bryner: (( He has probably built a lightsaber before! ))
Tanai Adriav: (( *thumbs through "Lightsabers for Dummys"* "Ah yes, like that..." ))
Haley Bryner: For now, go get some rest. We'll work out the specifics tomorrow.
James Mestitia: "Alright..."
C22: (( Haha ))
Archaeologist: Can I come too?
James Mestitia: What?
Xant: "You want to?"
James Mestitia: "Are you nuts?"
C22: (( "Only if you take a name and get a sheet." ))
Archaeologist: Well I don't have anywhere to stay.
C22: "Does this guy even have a name?"
Archaeologist: YEs it's....
Tanai Adriav: (( "Archaeologist." ))
C22: (( Archie O. Logist. ))
Mechalomaniac: Archie.
C22: (( pfft. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Dammit Sam. ))
Jarai Sun: "No. You cant."
C22: (( I win forever \o/ ))
Archie: Awww. Well I guess I'll just stay here and get drunk with all these other people
C22: "I dunno, didn't he freak out and kill some wounded Sith guy?"
Jarai Sun: "Its to dangerous for you to come with us."
Xant: "He could be our mascot."
C22: "That's saying something."
Archie: Where are you going?
Archie: I thought you had a place to stay.
James Mestitia: "We do, just the LAST thing we need is excessive heat"
* Jarai Sun rubs his forehead. "Fine, You can come. We can leave you here having heard all youve heard either."
Jarai Sun: *cant
Archie: Yay!
James Mestitia: "Hey C22, about that ID Card, did it have a name, or do I have to make up some riddicious sounding-name
Haley Bryner: I'll contact you tomorrow to work out the plan. Just be ready to go once we get the guy out.
James Mestitia: "I think I have an idea..."
* C22 looks at the ID card!
Jarai Sun: "C22, I expect you to find him, and to let him go to the bathroom 3 times a day. If he does his bussiness on the carpet, you clean it up."
Mechalomaniac: The ID card belonged to one Victus Cain.
Kite Lanford: (( Cue James wearing a dead Sith's Robes hacking though doors ))
Jarai Sun: *mind
Tanai Adriav: He's gotta eat too, Jarai.
Tanai Adriav: Archie, not.. C22...
C22: "Wait, what?"
Kite Lanford: "I'll start up the Landspeeder
Jarai Sun: "Ohh right, feed him too."
James Mestitia: "I'll start up the Landspeeder
Tanai Adriav: You get to keep him! Just like you wanted!
* Tanai Adriav quietly hurrays!
* C22 looks at Archie, "... You know how to shoot?"
Archie: Not really.
* C22 hands him a Blaster Pistol, "Better learn quick then."
Archie: Look I just want a place to sleep!
Jarai Sun: "Look give him a sword, Hes obviously an Infiltrator with the way he flips out and kills things."
C22: These fools don't exactly stay at any three star hotels."
Jarai Sun: (( read ninja ))
Mechalomaniac: And so the heroes return to the safehouse. Maybe with their expendable NPC in tow, I dunno!
* Tanai Adriav wanders to the bar to flirt with the bartender for a free drink.
Mechalomaniac: After Tanai does that
Tanai Adriav: (( \o/ ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Roll diplo ))
Mechalomaniac: (( That's okay. We're pretty much done ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Can I roll persuasion instead? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Yes that ))
Jarai Sun: (( i am pretty sure we are done fu ))
* Tanai Adriav rolls: 1d20+12 => 13 + 12 = 25
Mechalomaniac: Tanai gets free drinks!
* C22 in the meantime repairs himself, goddamn
* Tanai Adriav wanders out with her free drink to the safehouse~
Kite Lanford is disconnected.
Kite Lanford is disconnected.
Mechalomaniac: Next time, the heroes have to break someone out of a Sith jail! That should be easy.
Mechalomaniac: (( Session end! Save tokens and all that. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( I'll shut this down in 5 minutes. ))
Tilus is disconnected.
Regris is disconnected.