Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
JaraiSun has connected.
Mechalomaniac: Yay
Mechalomaniac: Also ignore these tokens. They're just example thingys.
Franky has connected.
Franky is disconnected.
Mechalomaniac: \o/
Xant has connected.
Xant: Oh god how do I work this thing
Mechalomaniac: Type /roll xdy+z
Tokens dropped onto map 'Token Library'
Tokens dropped onto map 'Token Library'
Tokens dropped onto map 'Token Library'
Tokens dropped onto map 'Token Library'
* Xant rolls: 1d20+5 => 17 + 5 = 22
Tokens dropped onto map 'Token Library'
Xant: Well that works
JaraiSun: uhh
Mechalomaniac: You can't drop the tokens?
JaraiSun: i either cant place tokens otr the graasland i am seeing is not the real map
JaraiSun is disconnected.
JaraiSun has connected.
Mechalomaniac: Oh. I see what happened
Mechalomaniac: For some reason they got placed Way the hell away
JaraiSun: hey mecha
JaraiSun: poke that center all players buttan
Kite Lanford has connected.
JaraiSun: i see you moving the tokens
Go has connected.
JaraiSun: but then they dissapear
Xant: I don't see anything
Tokens dropped onto map 'Token Library'
Mechalomaniac: Oh. Sec
Go: Big black space.
Mechalomaniac: Yeah. Uno momento
Kite Lanford: Yo
JaraiSun: I just see grass forever no black space
JaraiSun: I see things now
Xant: I also have a black space
Xant: also someone summon regris
Mechalomaniac: He said he wasn't going to be able to make it
Go: Still that picture, eh. Meh.
Xant: Well he and Bl can show up later then
JaraiSun: what picture?
Tokens dropped onto map 'Token Library'
Kite Lanford: Yea
Mechalomaniac: Anyway, click in the top right corner and you should be able to pick a new map.
JaraiSun: did i use the wrong one?
Mechalomaniac: No
Mechalomaniac: I had it set as invisible
Go: Yes. I posted the link in the IRC channel.
* Kite Lanford coughs a bit
Mechalomaniac: Also you can change the picture later
Go: I know.
Xant: Oh hey
Xant: theree we go
JaraiSun: o one moment
Mechalomaniac: Or now. Either way
Kite Lanford: Ok, where do you want to place the tokens
Mechalomaniac: Off the map for now.
Kite Lanford: Ok
Mechalomaniac: Or rather, they should all be there
Mechalomaniac: Yes, unimportant people all have the same appearance
Kite Lanford: Ha ha ha
Xant: Hahaha there's even one of the neon plant thingies in the corner
Mechalomaniac: One of these days I should like...go into TOR's character creator and just make a bunch of generic people
Go: Do I need to exit/reload to change my nick?
Mechalomaniac: I believe so, but don't.
Kite Lanford: No, you can choose to "Impersonate Token"
Mechalomaniac: Because yeah, you can impersonate your token and it'll show your character's name
Go: Ah, ok.
Tokens dropped onto map 'The Thirsty Mynock'
Bargoer 3: Just like I can impersonate this guy
JaraiSun: better go?
Go: Yeah that works. Thanks Rebi.
Go: How do I rename the token?
Mechalomaniac: Right Click ---> Edit
Go: It.. says I'm not an owner of the token, I think.
Go: There we go.
Tanai Adriav: Ta-da~
JaraiSun: Kite beeing chibi is so wut
Xant: Someone make me the owner of my dude
Mechalomaniac: Done
Kite Lanford: Bah
Kite Lanford: Oh very funny
Kite Lanford: I'll find a better picture of my reference when this session is over
Xant: There we go.
JaraiSun: I am going to ask him what the hel his race is
Kite Lanford: Human
Kite Lanford: Ref
JaraiSun: and then pitty him on his deformaties
Xant: Bam
Mechalomaniac: Ok, so the basics are uhh... /roll xdy+z
Mechalomaniac: Also /ooc will make you not talk as your character while impersonating.
* Go rolls: 1d20+15 => 13 + 15 = 28
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+1 => 10 + 1 = 11
Xant: (( Test ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Doot? ))
Xant: (( Oh hey it works ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Cool. ))
Kite Lanford: (( Testing ))
Mechalomaniac: This diceroller is nicknamed Kid. Because it's Schala's mean little sister.
JaraiSun: (( this ooc? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( That's OOC ))
* JaraiSun points out that /me also functions
Tanai Adriav: (( Maybe I'll have better luck. ))
Mechalomaniac: Also hey Rebi, put "Jedi Padawan" in the label box
* Jarai Sun - jedi Padawan wonders if it works when impersonating
Mechalomaniac: It does yeah
Tanai Adriav: (( Where's the label box? ))
Mechalomaniac: Under the name box in Edit
Tanai Adriav: (( Cool. ))
Jarai Sun - jedi Padawan: Also mecha
Mechalomaniac: Hi.
James Mestitia: Testing testing
JaraiSun: my rations are all freeze dried dehydred carbohydrate packets
JaraiSun: space ramen
JaraiSun: because i am a japalien
Mechalomaniac: I figured that's what most rations are.
Mechalomaniac: Anyway, ready?
Tanai Adriav: (( As much as I can be. ))
JaraiSun: nah they tend to be flavored like fruit or meat. mine ae specificly ramne packs
Xant: (( YEAH I THINK SO I'm not sure how long I'll be conscious but LET'S ROCKKK ))
Kite Lanford: (( Let's go ))
Kite Lanford: (( Hey strange... no way to input HP and such ))
Mechalomaniac: Korriban. Many years ago it was the home of the Sith Empire. So it is little surprise that it was the first world they sought to conqueror upon their return. Now, trapped on this world, you have all been approahced by a Jeid Master who says he can help you get off Korriban in exchange for your aid.
Mechalomaniac: (( Yeah that's something I need to fix, but uhh...I'll track it manually for now ))
JaraiSun: (( that tysus guy? that NO JEDI ))
Mechalomaniac: (( He so is ))
JaraiSun: (( thats a sith, i can tell from playing TOR ))
Xant: (( and having seen a lot of Sith in my time ))
JaraiSun: (( exactly ))
Mechalomaniac: You've all been asked to gather at the Thristy Mynock, a small bar on the outskirts of the Ancient Sith ruins. Arriving, you find it to be decently crowded with people drowning their sorrows. And off in the corner you spot the man who approached you, oddly dressed in black robes.
Mechalomaniac: (( Move yourselves to somewhere near the entrence of the bar. ))
Kite Lanford: (( Oh very funny guys ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Also yes, it's cramped. ))
* JaraiSun moves to take a seat at the bar, surveying the people inside.
James Mestitia: "Hey, keep your limbs to yourself" *tries to walk though the door*
* Xant has been in smaller bars, sadly enough. He steps in, surveying the other patrons for anyone else interesting beyond the Jedi.
* Tanai Adriav takes a seat next to Jarai, trying to keep on a pleasant demeanor despite their current situation.
* James Mestitia finds a place to sit down and takes a good look around...
* Tanai Adriav speaks in a quiet voice to Jarai "I don't like it here~"
Mechalomaniac: Most of the other patrons seem to be out of work spacers being horribly sad with nothing to do. Though one in the far corner seems to be trying to get friendly with a female scholar.
Bartender: *Noticing the newcomers* What'll you have?
James Mestitia: "Umm..."
JaraiSun: "Steel your mind against fear and discomfort Tanai. A threat looms over us and fear is a natural response. But should we die there is only the force. You must use that thought to overcome your anxiety."
James Mestitia: "Something strong I guess..."
* Xant casually gestures towards the man trying to get lucky tonight. "The exact opposite of whatever that gentleman is having."
Bartender: Sure thing.
Tanai Adriav: Mm? Oh, uh.. something cheap, please~
* JaraiSun looks over to the barkeeper. "That depends, before the sith came nack my republic credits were good money. I supposse you will not take them now?"
Kite Lanford: (( Ha ha ))
* Tanai Adriav flashes the bartender a sly little smile
* Bartender hands Xant one Blue Milk.
* Xant takes the drink and studies it, not actually having this before. Any new experience is a good one, so he quickly downs it. Even if he's just drinking glorified bantha milk.
Unknown command: "me, meanwhile mixes something up, producing an odd looking red drink for James, and a glass of Corellian Brandy for Tanai.". Try /help for a list of commands.
* Bartender turns to Jarai. "The Sith and the Republic may have a lot of firepower, but even they're at the mercy of the galactic banking guild. Credits are credits."
* Bartender meanwhile mixes something up, producing an odd looking red drink for James, and a glass of Corellian Brandy for Tanai.
Tanai Adriav: Thaaank you~
James Mestitia: "Thanks" *takes the drink* "Well, bottoms up from losing that ship..."
* JaraiSun gives a short but courteous smile.
* James Mestitia takes the glass and downs the stuff...
* Tanai Adriav takes her drink and sips from it, looking around the bar at the other patrons.
Jarai Sun: "I will simply have some water then if you please."
Bartender: Sure thing.
* Bartender passes Jarai a glass of water. It seems clean.
Tanai Adriav: Aww, come on, Jarai. You can drink a little. I even got a weak one.
James Mestitia: "That hit the spot... man I need something strong after what happened back there..."
* Jarai Sun takes a sip from the water handing over some credits aas he stand up and smiles at Tanai. "Purity of body, strength of will, sound of mind. Thats is our way. Alcohol clouds them all."
Mechalomaniac: The other patrons seem to be going about their business. The man at the far end of the bar seems to be pretty far gone, while the two men at the table seem to be debating how long it will be before the Sith allow them to leave.
* Jarai Sun walks over to the jedi master in the corner.
* James Mestitia drops some credits on the counter...
Tanai Adriav: Pft. You're no fun..
Jarai Sun: May I sit, Master Jedi?
* Tanai Adriav speaks this quietly.
Mechalomaniac: (( Yeah just bunch your tokens around wherever. You don't need to keep 5 feet apart out of combat. ))
James Mestitia: "If there's one thing I hate it's when your perfect scheme to make easy Credits goes down the gutter because of Sith antics..."
James Mestitia: "Just think, my ticket off this rock and what happens? There goes the whole ship!"
* Tysus Garron nods once, and motions for her to sit. "Don't go using that word around too much. The Sith are on the lookout for Jedi."
* Tanai Adriav quickly moves over after Jarai and sits rather close to their Jedi Master liason.
* Xant makes his way over to the obviously-a-jedi-due-to-robes man once he's done with his drink.
Tysus Garron: (( Sorry, him. ))
Jarai Sun: "Ofcourse mas... sir."
* James Mestitia stands and moves around a bit.
* James Mestitia sits down, looking at the others surrounding the... black robed person... "You guys got the same message too?"
Tysus Garron: Welcome. I take it most of you are unfamiliar with one another?
* Jarai Sun ackwardly looks over at tanai to awnser that question. Deceit is not his strong point.
Xant: "Well, I certainly didn't come here for the atmosphere or the exciting nightlife."
James Mestitia: "Nope, never heard of these guys... just want to get off the planet with my skin intact preferly..."
Tanai Adriav: Jarai and I are... fellow students~ I don't know the others, sir.
Jarai Sun: "Tanai and I met at the aca... on coruscant. We were here for the same reasons with our... patrons."
Tysus Garron: Then by all means, introduce yourselves. If we're to all escape from this place, we'll have to work together.
* Tanai Adriav places her hand on her chest, indicating herself.
* Xant bows his head to the others. "Xant of House Shuu, ambassador from Planet Falleen. A pleasure to meet you all, given the circumstances." He's mainly looking towards the Zeltron when he says that.
Tanai Adriav: I am Tanai Adriav. A pleasure to meet you all~
James Mestitia: "I'm James Mestitia, a Human from Ord Mantell, dreaming to become the best Slicer in the Galaxy... and trained Smuggler."
* James Mestitia looks around, just in case any of the bargoers planned to make a sudden squeal
Mechalomaniac: Everyone else in the bar seems too drunk/involved with their own business/trying to get laid to pay much mind to the group.
Jarai Sun: "I am Jarai Sun... I..."
* Tanai Adriav reaches over to gently rub Jarai's back, to comfort him in case he starts feeling like he may say too much.
* Jarai Sun looks at james not sure what to say. Its quite obvious that he does not approve of smugglers do his didain seems to be for his vocation not his person.
* James Mestitia looks at Jarai Sun. "... and what's your story?"
James Mestitia: "Only reason why I do what I do is simply to get out of my Homeworld, nothing more."
Jarai Sun: (( I am a Jedi, like my father before me. >>! ))
Kite Lanford: (( No, wondering on the "beef with Smugglers" ))
Jarai Sun: "My story is complicated. And there are better times and places to tell it."
Kite Lanford: "I see..."
James Mestitia: "I see"
Jarai Sun: (( I AM A JEDI, A PEACEKEEPER. YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL SCOUNDREL what more is there to Say! ))
Tanai Adriav: Please, don't mind Jarai~. Sir, I believe we are all aquainted now?
Tysus Garron: I'm Tysus Garron. I was sent here to oversee the study of a recently discovered tomb belonging to an ancient Sith Lord. Shortly before the attack, my research team found something...troublesome, to say the least.
James Mestitia: "Oh?"
Xant: "Isn't it always troublesome with Sith Lords?"
Tysus Garron: Usually, though conventional wisdom would suggest that they would become less so after their passing.
James Mestitia: "When one deals with the dead and their possessions, always be prepaired for the worse, that's what my mentor said..."
Tysus Garron: I was only able to get a small amout of the data out before we had to evacuate, but it is imperative that the council sees it.
James Mestitia: "So you're the only one of your Research Team that survived?"
Tanai Adriav: What, may I ask, is the data concerning, Sir?
Tysus Garron: It mentioned something capable of bringing ruin upon entire star systems. Not the first such discovery of course, but nonetheless worrisome.
James Mestitia: To think, something like that exist...
* Tanai Adriav sighs and leans back in her seat.
Jarai Sun: "I had hoped never to know the horrors the sith intend to unleash on this galaxy. Knowing that their horrors are many and varied is troubling news indeed"
Tysus Garron: When we had to evacuate we tried to delete as much of the data as we could, but it's only a matter of time until the Sith learn of this information as well. I've a safehouse we can use to further our plans. I'm simply waiting for....
James Mestitia: "For..."
Mechalomaniac: With that bit of convenient timing, an older Cerean man wanders through the back exit.
Tanai Adriav: (( Did Furu pass out? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Hopefully not. ))
Xant: (( I'M HERE ))
* Xant looks at the size of that man's he-I mean. At the new arrival.
Mechalomaniac: The man is holding his side, and appears obviously wounded. He quickly stumbles over to you all with as much subtlty as he can muster.
* Tanai Adriav leans forward a little to look past their Jedi Master and cast her gaze upon the newcomer entering the bar from the backdoor, finding that somewhat surprising.
James Mestitia: Huh?
* James Mestitia looks at the wounded newcomer...
James Mestitia: What the heck just happened
* James Mestitia stands up slowly
Sten-lo Nerudi: We have to hurry. There's pracitcally a riot outside, and I think a group of Imperials saw me come in here.
* Jarai Sun looks over at Tysus. "Should I?"
Tanai Adriav: (( Can I roll use the force to determine if this new person is a force user? ))
* Tysus Garron nods. "This is my colleague. Professor Sten-lo Nerudi. He's an archaeologist working for the republic.
Mechalomaniac: (( He doesn't look like a jedi ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Doesn't hurt to check. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Go ahead and roll it then ))
* Xant rises from his seat. "That seems like a good enough reason to me to get out of here as soon as possible."
* Go rolls: 1d20+7 => 19 + 7 = 26
* Jarai Sun puts his hand on top of the mans side. Channeling the force through his hand.
* Sten-lo Nerudi is not a force user!
* James Mestitia rises as well. "Same here... how long before they come barging in?"
Tysus Garron: Agreed. I've got a speeder out..... *And again he is cutoff by something else.*
Jarai Sun: roll 1d20+8
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+8 => 3 + 8 = 11
Mechalomaniac: Outside the bar you can hear a man barking orders in a british accent.
Jarai Sun: (( sigh ))
Jarai Sun: (( nothing happens because i am a failure ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Be the man that stands at the top of Failure. ))
* Xant takes this chance to let out a magniciant Falleen curse word that no one else will understand.
Mechalomaniac: Quickly entering the bar on the professor's heels is a Sith officer, flanked by two armor-clad troopers!
Kite Lanford: "Ok, safe to say, no Grenades..."
Mechalomaniac: (( everyone roll notice. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( or Perception or Spot or whatever the hell it's called in this game ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+6 => 17 + 6 = 23
* Go rolls: 1d20+1 Perception => 1 + 1 = 2
Tanai Adriav: (( ))
Xant: roll 1d20+5
JaraiSun: roll 1d100+7
Mechalomaniac: (( We call her Kid ))
* Xant rolls: 1d20+5 => 16 + 5 = 21
Tanai Adriav: (( Yeah, you told me... ))
James Mestitia: "Alright, under no circumstances should Grenades be used..."
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+7 => 8 + 7 = 15
Mechalomaniac: (( you need the / and you don't roll 1d20 ))
Mechalomaniac: (( err..don't roll 1d100 ))
JaraiSun: (( i know played to much deathwatch lately ))
Xant: "Can we please stop using the g-word so much?"
James Mestitia: "What? Just basically means no Explosives..."
Mechalomaniac: Xang, Jarai, and James cap spot at least two more troopers flanking the outside of the bar.
Mechalomaniac: (( I mean Xant ))
Xant: "Wonderful. Maybe I should have gotten something a little stronger to drink after all..."
Jarai Sun: I believe they may have us surrounded. I still believe we should attempt a retreat through the other exit.
James Mestitia: "So what's the plan? Shoot and run though the door?"
Sith Officer: Everybody stay calm. We're here looking for possible dissidants, and spotted a suspicious looking individual entering this establishment. Everyone would put their hands against a wall and prepare to be searched.
Tanai Adriav: Oh my~
Mechalomaniac: The bartender and most of the other patrons seem to comply fairly quickly. Except the guy at the end of the bar. He looks unconscious.
* JaraiSun stands up and puts his hands against the wall
Xant: (( wait THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA ))
Mechalomaniac: (( it is! ))
JaraiSun: (( yes it is ))
* James Mestitia puts his hands against the wall...
Mechalomaniac: (( If you wish to shoot them, you can roll initiative. ))
* JaraiSun makes it so the sleevs of his robe hang over his hands and closes his hand around the lightsaber he had hidden there, in the present climate hanging it from his belt would be... unwise at best
* Sten-lo Nerudi rests himself against the table, being a wounded old man.
James Mestitia: (( Readied to kick the first Sith unit in the groin... I guess ))
* Tysus Garron complies for the moment as well.
* Xant plays along, wondering if there's some way to use this to his advantage.
JaraiSun: (( i will let them search me. if they notice my lightsaber i will have to attack : ))
Mechalomaniac: (( There are many tactical problems with fightin' in a basement. For starters, you're in a basement. ))
* James Mestitia lowers his voice to his allies... "Alright... the moment the guys are not looking, hit the first guy with whatever weapon you brought and run towards the nearest exit."
Mechalomaniac: The troopers spread out and begin patting each of the patrons down. one starting with the left. The other starting with Tysus.
Mechalomaniac: Finding nothing, he moves on to Xant!
* James Mestitia keeps the same tone... "Becides, who'd expect a kick to the nads..."
Mechalomaniac: (( Xant, do you have any weapons concealed on your person? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( and by concealed I mean you rolled Slight of Hand to hide them ))
Xant: (( CAN I ROLL IT NOW ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Sure ))
JaraiSun: (( actually if i told them i took this lightsaber from the body of a dead jedi, would i have to roll decieve if its true but i'm omitting the fact i took it from my master? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( And what is it? ))
James Mestitia: (( Deception ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Yes. ))
* Xant rolls: 1d20+8 => 2 + 8 = 10
Xant: (( Oh for fucks sake ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 => 14 + 3 = 17
Mechalomaniac: The trooper finds....
Mechalomaniac: (( What were you hiding? ))
Tanai Adriav: (( His pe***s.)) ))
Sith Trooper 2: Sir, he's armed.
Xant: (( Can I use Deception again to try and BS out of his ))
Sith Officer: What is it that you do that requires you to hold that blaster, alien?
Tanai Adriav: (( Are you going to try and convince him you aren't armed? XD You're a Jedi! ))
Sith Officer: (( If you're going to lie, go for it. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Also, is Sleight of Hand under Deception? ))
JaraiSun: (( i am just going to try a mind trick >> ))
Xant: "I'm an ambassador of the Falleen. That weapon is for my personal protection."
* James Mestitia looks to see if the Sith are aware before setting up his Ploy...
Xant: (( Wait that's actually not a lie! ))
Mechalomaniac: The Sith are aware that you're there. You're not going to surprise them.
Sith Officer: Hmm...a valid enough excuse. Still, we'll be keeping the weapon.
James Mestitia: (( Damn... there goes the Kick to the Nads... ))
JaraiSun: (( crap i am going to be the last one to be searched arent I? ))
Sith Officer: (( Yep. ))
James Mestitia: (( Yea, the way we're standing... ))
Xant: (( okay now I'm going to persaude the hell out of this guy. ))
Sith Officer: (( Go for it. ))
JaraiSun: (( can i take an action when he starts to search Tanai? ))
* Sith Trooper 2 meanwhile gets to searching Tanai
Sith Trooper 2: (( Is your lightsaber hidden or obvious? ))
Xant: "Are you sure that's necessary? I have no intention of actually using it in this situation. Sith or not, I could care less. The Falleen don't concern themselves with outside politics."
* Xant rolls: 1d20+8 => 17 + 8 = 25
Xant: (( there we go ))
Sith Trooper 2: (( If you want to take an action you basically are going to be rolling initiative against them to see who acts first. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Its handing from my waist. ))
Xant: (( go go sexy lizardman powers ))
* Tanai Adriav arches her back a little, smiling at the guard approaches to search her.
Sith Officer: Hmm...fair enough. Give him back his weapon.
JaraiSun: (( I would like to Mind trick "Neither myself nor my zeltron companion are armed, we are ambassadors of peace." ))
Sith Officer: (( Sure ))
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+8 => 14 + 8 = 22
* Sith Trooper 2 gives Xant his gun back.
* Xant smiles as he tucks his blaster back into place. Maybe if they're lucky and he's damn good enough they can get out of this without firing a shot.
JaraiSun: (( 22 stands a pretty good chance of exceeding his will defence i think ))
Sith Officer: The sith looks Tanai and Jarai over.
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+5 Perception => 11 + 5 = 16
Sith Officer: What is that...thing on your companions belt?
* Sith Officer is gesturing to Tanai's lightsaber.
JaraiSun: (( would this still fall under the mind trick? if so its simply a flashlight >> ))
Sith Officer: (( It would ))
Sith Officer: Very well. Odd that Korriban holds home to so many ambassadors.
* Sith Trooper 2 gets to searching James!
* Tanai Adriav pouts a little, almost having wanted to be frisked, perhaps.
James Mestitia: "I'm not carrying anything to be honest..."
* Sith Trooper 2 pouts under the helmet, having wanted to frisk her!
Mechalomaniac: (( Do you have any weapons concealed or not concealed on you, James? ))
James Mestitia: (( Blaster is unfortinately unconcealed ))
* Sith Trooper 2 picks it up and looks over to the Officer.
JaraiSun: (( is it a heavy one or a normal one, cus if you bought a lisence for a normal one youll be pretty fine ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20 Persuasion. "And to be honest, I'm trying to protect myself... => 12
James Mestitia: (( Normal ))
Sith Officer: Hmm, I suppose it is a reasonable use.
JaraiSun: (( unless james fucks up we may get out of this without a fight! yeey ))
* Sith Trooper 2 gives James back the blaster and continues past Jarai to the two smugglers.
Xant: (( Watch them be the ones who cause a fire fight. JUST WATCH. ))
Mechalomaniac: Like James, they carried simple blaster pistols, and nothing more. And they too are let go without issue.
JaraiSun: (( if they do we hide behind a table and dont get involved ))
James Mestitia: (( All fun and games until someone gets hit by a stray shot ))
Sith Officer: Very well. I suggest you all remain here for the time being. There is a firefight going on outside, and it may be several hours before we put it down.
Tanai Adriav: Thank you Officer~
Sith Officer: A small regiment of guards will remain to ensure
* Xant frowns with his back turned. All that and they're still stuck here.
James Mestitia: "Hey Professor, how bad is this riot anyways?"
Mechalomaniac: The pair that entered move to the other side and take up a guard position outside.
Sten-lo Nerudi: Fairly bad. It looked like one of the pirate groups started fighting with the Imperials.
* Jarai Sun whispers. Tanai Put that thing away somewhere.
Tanai Adriav: You're no fun..
* Tanai Adriav takes her lightsaber off her belt and tries to hide it better within her robes.
Mechalomaniac: After the officer leaves, everyone goes back to what they were doing before.
Jarai Sun: "But I am alive an unhurt, and so are you."
Tanai Adriav: I know~.. Thank you..
* Tanai Adriav says, almost begrudingly.
Tanai Adriav: (( begrudgingly* ))
Tysus Garron: Good work not causing too much of a ruckus, but we need to get out of here.
* Xant relaxes against the wall. "I'm impressed. I thought for sure one of us would have slipped up there."
Jarai Sun: "The Force was on our side this time."
Tanai Adriav: That was exciting!
* James Mestitia lowers his voice "Really Xant, I had the urge to kick one of those guys and basically run and gun the rest of the way..."
Jarai Sun: "Reign in your enthusiasm for the moment Tanai. We are not out of danger yet."
Xant: "And truly you are the envy of us all for resisting that urge. And yes, onto more pressing matters: getting past the guards."
Tanai Adriav: Yeah, yeah..
* Sten-lo Nerudi seems to be tending to his wound. It's not life threatening, but sure doesn't look comfortable.
* Jarai Sun walks over to the bar. "Bartender, how much credits would it take for you to show me your emergency exit."
* Tanai Adriav sighs and sits back in her seat again, looking toward the Jedi Master for any sort of insight on what his thoughts might be for getting out of here.
Bartender: The back exit is the emergency one.
Jarai Sun: "There are at least three smugglers in your bar out of a very small group of patrons. I assume your doing bussiness with at least one of them. Dont tell me you are not prepared for... problems."
* James Mestitia turns to the Professor... "How badly wounded are you?"
Bartender: Look, I just took ownership of this place last month. The cartel contractor got delayed with some job on Nar Shadda.
Sten-lo Nerudi: I'll live. It's not as bad as the Rakatan security system we accidently tripped once.
Jarai Sun: "A pity, Then would you ask the soldiers at the front door if they would like a drink? And see how many of their number are in the vicinity while you do so. I will pay you.. say 50 credits for a relatively harmless job."
* Tysus Garron looks back at Tarai. "We could split up, each distracting one group of guards. You all seem to have a way with words.
Bartender: Why not. *Goes to do that*
James Mestitia: "Much as I want to exchange stories, I want to get out, but most of my plans end in getting physical quickly..."
Tanai Adriav: Do we have a rendezvous point? A ship to get us off the planet?
Jarai Sun: "Sire Garron, Allow me a few more minutes to indulge myself. We have the time do we not?"
Tysus Garron: The professor has a safehouse nearby. As for a ship, that is something we need to work on. The Sith have the spaceports locked down hard, and last I heard, there was a 30-ship strong blockade in Orbit shooting down any unauthorized vessels.
* Tysus Garron looks at Jarai and nods his head.
James Mestitia: "30 Ships..."
Jarai Sun: "/me puts fifty credits on the bartop holding his finger on it.
Tanai Adriav: We should head for the safehouse then.
* Bartender gets back to Jarai. Two at each exit, and they were pretty stubborn about not drinking on duty.
Jarai Sun: "You did well."
James Mestitia: "Hmm, the best plan I could think of is to break in a Spaceport, do a full Hold Up on as many guys as possible and hijack a ship..."
Tysus Garron: Even if we could manage it, we would still need to get past the blockade.
* Jarai Sun takes a minute to empty his glass of water then walks up to the front door.
* Xant waits to see how the Jedi handles this before getting involved.
James Mestitia: "Yea... hijacking a ship is one thing, running the Blockade is a diffrent story..."
Jarai Sun: (( will you indulgence me in a xanatos gambit guys? if it goes bad we may have to fight ))
James Mestitia: "I may be somewhat trained in piloting but I can't do some of those fancy manuvers those Smugglers seem to be famous for
Tanai Adriav: We need to leave out of the front exit, right?
James Mestitia: Either exit is fine
Tysus Garron: We would need to steal some Sith security codes to make it past the blockade.
Tysus Garron: Either would be suitable, but recall there IS currently a firefight going on outside.
Tanai Adriav: (( Which exit is the firefight happening outside of? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Both. It's kind of citywide. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Ah. ))
* Tanai Adriav stands up, and stretches a bit, letting her chest puff out slightly with a grin.
Tanai Adriav: Hee...
Jarai Sun: "You will let us pass without incidnt, after we do you will go in and have a few drinks. In half an hour when you finish your drink you will realize we have gone. You will not remember this conversation ever took place."
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+8 mind trick => 2 + 8 = 10
Jarai Sun: (( can i spend one of them fancy force points not to fail? ))
* Tanai Adriav goes to back up her companion, in case he should fail. Besides, that dashing Trooper #2 is over there~
Tysus Garron: (( It didn't fail, but Mind Trick only works on one person at a time ))
Jarai Sun: (( shit really? ))
Tanai Adriav: Excuse me, boys~? We know that there's a big fight going on outside, but we -really- just need to get out of here~ Its so stuffy, I want to go home.
Tysus Garron: (( Yep. ))
Jarai Sun: (( ok! ))
Jarai Sun: (( i whisper it in his ear ))
James Mestitia: Alright, pick a door, and we'll fight our way though the city if needed.
* Tanai Adriav pouts, looking at Trooper #2 for some sympathy and a Persuasion roll.
Jarai Sun: (( spend a force point to regain mind trick. then do the same to the other ))
* Tysus Garron looks on from afar.
* Go rolls: 1d20+12 Persuasion => 1 + 12 = 13
Tanai Adriav: (( God dammit. ))
* Xant leans back in his seat, watching the Jedi work. "So are all Jedi this...interesting, Tysus?"
Jarai Sun: (( will that work mecha? ))
Tysus Garron: (( Go do you want to spend a force point to add 1d6 to that y/n. Alternately Rebi can do what she said. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Yes, please~ ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Will a force point let me reroll? Or only add 1d6? ))
Tysus Garron: (( Add 1d6 ))
Jarai Sun: (( i will do what i said anyway so we have halfan hour to get out. go distracting him gives me the opportunity to recharge my mojo ))
* Go rolls: 1d6 => 2
Tanai Adriav: (( ARGH. ))
Tysus Garron: (( That's good enough ))
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+8 yeah still buying us half an hour! => 17 + 8 = 25
Mechalomaniac: The troopers seem to be okay with both of those ideas!
Jarai Sun: (( 4/5 ))
* Jarai Sun turns to the others
Jarai Sun: "Lets go"
* Tanai Adriav holds her hand up to high-five Jarai!
* Jarai Sun high fives tanai and cracks a small smile
Tysus Garron: It appears the Force guided me to some rather skilled companions.
* Xant can only assume this is some ancient Jedi gesture as he stands and walks beside the professor, offering to help him walk out.
* Tanai Adriav beams a little, quite proud of herself.
Sten-lo Nerudi: Thank you.
Tanai Adriav: Shall we be going, then~?
James Mestitia: "See ya at the safe house then Professor..."
Mechalomaniac: Go to the new map. Korriban - City Streets
Mechalomaniac: I'll move your tokens for you.
Jarai Sun: (( ohh shit guys i just realized. I THOUGHT my way out of a situation and did not go for a fight. whats going on here?! ))
Mechalomaniac: (( High-five. ))
Jarai Sun: (( SHIT DROIDEKAS ))
James Mestitia: (( Yea... ))
Tanai Adriav: (( I didn't attack either.. ))
James Mestitia: "Damn this is alot worse then I thought."
Jarai Sun: (( We are getting better, ooc high five! ))
Tanai Adriav: (( high five! ))
Mechalomaniac: As you make your way out of the bar, you can see the remananty of a firefight going on. The streets are littered with bodies belonging to the rioters, as well as the odd sith trooper. Still standing, however, is a small contingent of soldiers and a pair of assault droids.
Jarai Sun: (( ok guys ))
Mechalomaniac: Unfortunately the guards don't seem to be in much of a talking mood! (Roll Initiative)
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+3 Initive => 19 + 3 = 22
James Mestitia: (( Damn, Kid's favoring me for some reason ))
Jarai Sun: (( we may be tempted to grab one of those speeders, but the moment we do those droids will blow us to hell. and i cant mind trick those >> ))
* Go rolls: 1d20+2 Init => 16 + 2 = 18
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+3 Init => 18 + 3 = 21
James Mestitia: (( Well, two are in flames... ))
Xant: (( okay guys i seriously do not think i can make it through combat. can i just be npc'd with the professor carrying while i go pass out because holy fuck 28 hours awake ))
Xant: (( i can see beyond time ))
Mechalomaniac: (( What's next week's lotto numbers? ))
Xant: (( the ones you spell into a calculator to make it say "boobs" ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Good answer ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Anyway sure ))
Xant: (( I will definitely be around for next week though and hey i contributed to everyone not getting shot for all five minutes before we left ))
Xant: (( I JUST. NEED SLEEP. ))
Jarai Sun: (( I uhh am SO GLAD i am going consular and thus took mind trick AND vital transfer. To bad i failed my vital transfer roll though : ))
James Mestitia: (( The best idea I got is get rid of the Droids first, then try to make a dash for it to the Speeders... ))
Xant is disconnected.
Mechalomaniac: (( Anyway uhh...sec ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Init Trooper 1 => 7 + 3 = 10
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Init Trooper 2 => 6 + 3 = 9
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Init Trooper 3 => 20 + 3 = 23
James Mestitia: (( Therefor, barring Reenforcements... ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Init Trooper 4 => 4 + 3 = 7
Jarai Sun: (( I can try to get one of those droids away from the speeder. ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+2 Init Droid 1 => 14 + 2 = 16
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+2 Init Droid 2 => 8 + 2 = 10
Jarai Sun: (( i dont actually see the sith troopers where are they? ))
Tanai Adriav: (( I'm not seeing any troopers. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Oh bleh ))
Mechalomaniac: (( better? ))
Tanai Adriav: (( THEY WERE CLOAKED. ))
James Mestitia: (( This is not X-COM, we're not doing Hidden Enemies, are we? ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Yes. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( No, uhhh...I copied the ones from the last map which defauled to hidden ))
Jarai Sun: (( no not better we can see them now though ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+13 Initiative Tysus => 3 + 13 = 16
Mechalomaniac: (( give me a second to set this up ))
Jarai Sun: (( mecha so can i use move object to be all troll loll that boulder your taking cover behind imma throw it on your face? ))
Sith Trooper 3 has received initiative.
Mechalomaniac: (( You can try on your turn. ))
Jarai Sun: (( i thought we won init? ))
Mechalomaniac: (( The trooper got 23. You got 22 ))
Sith Trooper 3: Hey, more pirates!
Jarai Sun: (( ouch natural twenty ))
Tanai Adriav: (( brb wc ))
James Mestitia: Pirates? Really now? How about you come over here and say it to our faces wiseguy!
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Shooting Jarai behind cover => 18 + 3 = 21
Jarai Sun: (( sigh he hits ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( Actually.... ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( What's your Ref defense? ))
Jarai Sun: (( 17 ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( Then he misses. Cover is +5, not +2 like I thought ))
James Mestitia has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: "James was it? I think grenades are now appropriate."
* James Mestitia draws his Blaster. "Shame we didn't carry any of them."
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+3 vs Sith Trooper 1's Reflex => 17 + 3 = 20
* Jarai Sun turns to Tyson. "Master. We should derive them of their cover. will you help me to move that boulder away?"
Sith Trooper 3: (( That's a hit ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 3d6 Energy => 13
Sith Trooper 1: X_X
Jarai Sun: "Preferably onto the droidd!"
Tysus Garron: A wise idea.
Jarai Sun: (( is kite done with his turn? ))
James Mestitia: (( Yea end turn ))
Jarai Sun: roll 1d10+8 Move object!
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d10+8 Move object! => 2 + 8 = 10
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
James Mestitia: You do that, I'll try to pick off the guys standing in the open
Jarai Sun: (( >. ))
Jarai Sun: (( why all the hate! ))
Tysus Garron: (( Schala's little sister ))
Jarai Sun: (( well the rock doesnt budge then. i need a 20 at least to move that boulder :/ ))
Tysus Garron: (( Are you moving or anything? ))
Jarai Sun: (( i like the cover here actually ))
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: "Ahhh... Its no use its to big!"
Sith Trooper 1:
-13 hitpoints!   0 / 10 Hitpoints.
Tanai Adriav: (( Ok, I'm back. ))
Tysus Garron: (( Yay. It's your turn. ))
Tysus Garron: (( Actually sec. ))
Tysus Garron: (( Hey Go, move again ))
Tysus Garron: (( I think the movement grid was messed up ))
* Tanai Adriav moves and draws her lightsaber but doesn't activate it yet, keeping her thumb over the switch for now.
Tanai Adriav: (( I have no ranged weapon, so I think that's probably my turn. ))
James Mestitia: (( Yea, the grid's strange ))
Jarai Sun: (( you dont have force powers? ))
Tysus Garron: (( You can double move if you want. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( I'm trying to stay behind cover. ))
Tysus Garron: (( ok! ))
Tanai Adriav: (( And I do have force powers, but they're defensive, not offensive. ))
Jarai Sun: (( ahh ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+19 Move the rock. => 20 + 19 = 39
Jarai Sun: (( i took the very standard set of mind trick and move object >> ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Good job, Yoda. ))
Jarai Sun: (( ohh god ))
* Tysus Garron raises the rock up and slams it down into the battle droid, removing their cover in the process
Jarai Sun: (( that like 10d6 damage there ))
James Mestitia: "Thanks for handing me a clear shot"
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 4d6 => 17
Jarai Sun: (( nope it IS 10d6 damage ))
Tysus Garron: (( No it's not. the Rock isn't colossal ))
Tysus Garron: (( Oh wait, you're right ))
Jarai Sun: (( it moves something up to that size. it steals deals that much damage because of the force with which its thrown ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 10d6 => 37
Sith Assault Droid 1:
-37 hitpoints!
* Sith Assault Droid 1 BZZZZZZZTTTT....
Jarai Sun: "I guess.. its not to big for you."
Tysus Garron: Years of practices, young Padawan.
Jarai Sun: "I will strive to train harder master"
* Sith Assault Droid 2 wanders out and fires at James, as he killed its commander!
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+5 Blasters => 1 + 5 = 6
James Mestitia: Ha!
* Sith Assault Droid 2 misses horribly
James Mestitia: Your guns' jammed
Sith Trooper 1 has received initiative.
Sith Assault Droid 2: Slag, they got the droid! Get them, quick!
* Sith Trooper 2 fires at the Jedi master
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 yeah right => 10 + 3 = 13
Sith Trooper 4 has received initiative.
* Sith Trooper 4 tries to shoot James where the droid failed.
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 => 13 + 3 = 16
James Mestitia: (( That's a hit ))
James Mestitia: "Yahh!
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 2d8 Damage => 5
Sith Trooper 3 has received initiative.
James Mestitia: (( 13/18 HP ))
* Sith Trooper 3 moves up to join his comrade and spots Tanai!
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 => 16 + 3 = 19
Sith Trooper 3: (( You get +5 Ref defense for Cover, Go ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( So I'm assuming that missed. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( That's a tie, then. ))
James Mestitia: (( Ties hit ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( Ties hit ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 2d8 damage => 14
* Go rolls: 1d20+7 => 4 + 7 = 11
* Tanai Adriav holds her hand up, as if somehow able to block the incoming shot that way, but ends up failing and takes the shot to her arm, dropping her to a knee in burning pain!
Tanai Adriav: (( HP: 17/31, FP: 3/5 ))
James Mestitia has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: (( quick question ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( Go for it ))
* James Mestitia takes a second shot at the Sith Trooper
Jarai Sun: (( is there a speeder bike here or is it just background do not pay it heead ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( Which sith trooper? ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+3 vs Sith Trooper 2's Reflex => 1 + 3 = 4
Sith Trooper 3: (( Sure there's a speeder bike there ))
James Mestitia: "God damn it
Tanai Adriav: (( Oh, that power doesn't require a FP, Score. ))
Tanai Adriav: (( HP: 17/31, FP: 4/5 ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( Yeah I didn't think it did ))
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
James Mestitia: "Taking Cover"
Jarai Sun: (( I am going to be a little reckless then ))
Jarai Sun: (( trying to start me that bike up ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( It starts. ))
Jarai Sun: Can i use its guns to blast the droid?
Tysus Garron: It is worth trying.
Jarai Sun: (( so just make a Ranged attack roll right? ))
James Mestitia: (( Yea ))
Tysus Garron: (( Yes. It's 4d10 damage ))
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+4 HAIL MARY PASS! => 18 + 4 = 22
Tysus Garron: (( Oh sorry. 3d10. 4d10 is with autofire ))
* JaraiSun rolls: 3d10 I has lasers! => 20
Sith Assault Droid 2:
-20 hitpoints!
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: "Hey pretty lady, would you take a ride with me?"
* Tanai Adriav holds her arm, then sprints for the speeder bike to hop on behind Jarai.
James Mestitia: "Umm, you sure about that?
James Mestitia: "Thing's kinda of a mess."
Jarai Sun: "You drive, I'm no good at this"
Jarai Sun: (( and then you can attack with it too cus i am devious ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Ok~ ))
Tysus Garron: (( It should probably be a move action to switch seats ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Pretty sure I used a double move to get this far, so I'll have to wait until next turn to move. ))
Jarai Sun: (( nope its 6 squares exactly ))
Tanai Adriav: (( To attack, I meant. ))
Jarai Sun: (( i counted ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Oh, ok. ))
* Tanai Adriav switches seats with Jarai then.
Tysus Garron: (( Is that it then? ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Yeah. Sorry. ))
* Tysus Garron moves forward a bit more and pushes his hand out at Trooper 4
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+19 Use the Force => 4 + 19 = 23
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 4d6 damage + prone => 17
Sith Trooper 4:
-17 hitpoints!   0 / 10 Hitpoints.
* Sith Assault Droid 2 takes note of the speeder and decides to fire at it instead!
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+5 Shooting the speeder bike => 7 + 5 = 12
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( And it missed the speeder bike ))
* Sith Trooper 2 shoots at James!
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 => 5 + 3 = 8
Sith Trooper 3 has received initiative.
James Mestitia: (( Missed" ))
Tokens dropped onto map 'Korriban - City Streets'
* Sith Trooper 3 shoots at the bike.
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Bike shoot => 12 + 3 = 15
Unknown command: "me, sadly misses". Try /help for a list of commands.
* Sith Trooper 3 sadly misses
James Mestitia has received initiative.
Tokens dropped onto map 'Korriban - City Streets'
Jarai Sun: much better
Jarai Sun: (( er that was ooc ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+3 vs Sith Assault Droid 2's Reflex => 1 + 3 = 4
James Mestitia: "God damn it..."
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: (( i want to delay my action until after tanai's ))
James Mestitia has received initiative.
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
Sith Trooper 3: (( Ok! ))
* Tanai Adriav opens fire on the assault droid with the speeder's blasters!
* Go rolls: 1d20+3 => 13 + 3 = 16
Sith Trooper 3: (( 3d10 damage ))
* Go rolls: 3d10 => 13
Sith Assault Droid 2:
-13 hitpoints!
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
Sith Trooper 3: (( I assume you're using your move to swap seats ))
Jarai Sun: (( can we? ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( Also moving through the fire is inadvised ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( it's...silly but I guess ))
Jarai Sun: (( uhh common sense says lets not ))
Jarai Sun: (( so INSTEAD ))
Jarai Sun: (( vital transfer on tanai because shes hurt ))
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+8 I AM A HEALER => 16 + 8 = 24
Tanai Adriav: (( Just watch those hands, Mister. 3 ))
Jarai Sun: (( and i am spending a force point so as not to take damage so 3/5 ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Aww, it doesn't like less than symbol. ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( Uhh...3 HP healed ))
Tanai Adriav: (( HP: 20/31, FP: 4/5 ))
Jarai Sun: (( yeah its not very effective. but roleplay wise i care for her so worth it ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( It gets better with level ))
Jarai Sun: "Your hurt pretty badly, Hows that, any better?"
Tanai Adriav: Y-yeah.. That feels better. Thanks, Jarai..
Jarai Sun: "Good."
* Tysus Garron stuns Trooper 2
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+19 Force Stun => 17 + 19 = 36
Jarai Sun: (( he also ROLLS like a master ))
Sith Trooper 2: Condition Changed to: -10
Jarai Sun: (( almost like a BAUS ))
* Sith Assault Droid 2 fires at the speeder bike! He'll hit eventually
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+5 => 8 + 5 = 13
Sith Assault Droid 2: But not today T_T
James Mestitia: Dude, whoever built those Droids need to get their Targeting COmputers checked out
Jarai Sun: "Your pretty good at flying this thing"
* Sith Trooper 2 is stunned, shoots aimlessly
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20-7 => 18 - 7 = 11
Jarai Sun: (( nah its gos reflex thats saving us ))
Tanai Adriav: Thanks!
James Mestitia: "Hey what the heck?
Sith Trooper 3 has received initiative.
* Sith Trooper 3 shoots at James
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 => 13 + 3 = 16
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 2d8 Damage I think that hit => 8
James Mestitia: (( It hits, seems I lost cover ))
James Mestitia: (( 5 HP left ))
James Mestitia has received initiative.
James Mestitia: Alright you smartass, you're going down!
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+3 vs Sith Trooper 3's Reflex => 18 + 3 = 21
Sith Trooper 3: (( That hits ))
James Mestitia: roll 3d6 Energy
* Kite Lanford rolls: 3d6 Energy => 9
Sith Trooper 3:
-9 hitpoints!   1 / 10 Hitpoints.
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
Tanai Adriav: Go down already!
* Tanai Adriav blasts the droid again
* Go rolls: 1d20+3 => 4 + 3 = 7
Tanai Adriav: (( bah ))
* Sith Assault Droid 2 SRW Dodge animation
Jarai Sun: (( can i aid another and help her shoot better :V? ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( No ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( Also it wouldn't matter in this case ))
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: "I'll be back in a moment, dont get in trouble!"
* Jarai Sun ignites the light saber and charges for the sith trooper!
Jarai Sun: (( do you consider this a legitimate action mecha? ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( Yes ))
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+3 SWWWWWUUUUHHH => 8 + 3 = 11
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( Sec ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( actually was that counting the +2 from charging already? ))
Jarai Sun: (( yeah i am just using the +1 back, but with a +2 from a charge i fixed my damage ))
Jarai Sun: (( *bab ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( Ok, that misses ))
Jarai Sun: (( force point then! ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( You realize Force Points aren't a per session thing, right? ))
Jarai Sun: (( they are not? ))
Tanai Adriav: (( 5 per level. ))
James Mestitia: (( Nope, Force Points are per Character Level ))
Jarai Sun: (( er well uhm fuck will be more carefull then ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Getting more each time you level up. ))
Jarai Sun: (( in that case i will miss i guess ))
* Jarai Sun may have a bitching purple lightsaber but it just looks cool sadly and does not sever limbs
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+19 Disarm Trooper 3 => 1 + 19 = 20
James Mestitia: (( Even Masters have bad days it seems ))
Tysus Garron: (( Yeah, he manages to hold the weapon ))
* Sith Assault Droid 2 is caught in a loop. Fires at bike.
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+5 => 2 + 5 = 7
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20-7 Shooting at the lightsaber wielder => 12 - 7 = 5
James Mestitia: Ok maybe his logic circuts are fried
Jarai Sun: (( I like that depsite not having rolled terribly well. I still have made myself seem competent and resourcefull. I am very pleased so far ))
* Sith Trooper 3 ALSO fires at the lightsaber wielder in front of him
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 => 3 + 3 = 6
James Mestitia has received initiative.
* Jarai Sun dodges out of the way with a swish of his robes!
Sith Trooper 3: (( I havn't figure out why it doesn't inform me when the NPCs get their turn. But it's James' turn. ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+3 vs Sith Trooper 3's Reflex => 17 + 3 = 20
Jarai Sun: (( did you set them as NPC? ))
Sith Trooper 3: (( That's probably it ))
Sith Trooper 3: ACK MY EVERYTHING!
Sith Trooper 3: (( Roll damage ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 3d6 Energy => 10
Sith Trooper 3:
-10 hitpoints!   0 / 10 Hitpoints.
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: (( its set so that if they are set to npc their init does not show up so you can set it for one of them and dont get 5 messages when you have 5 guys with the same init ))
* Tanai Adriav shoots at that blasted droid again!
* Go rolls: 1d20+3 => 8 + 3 = 11
Tanai Adriav: (( =_=;; ))
* Sith Assault Droid 2 yay
Jarai Sun: (( 11 might hit its not the greatest dodger ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( It's ref is 13 ))
Jarai Sun: (( just be glad these are destroyers WITHOUT force fields ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( You should be able to see the stats if you hover over it ))
Sith Assault Droid 2: (( Yeah the actual Droidekas are like level 12 or so. These are weak ones ))
Jarai Sun: (( ohh i did not look didnt want to meta ))
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
Jarai Sun: (( hmm ))
James Mestitia: (( Well, either way, two enemies left, let's clean house, grab an undamaged Speeder and if needed repair and run ))
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+3 => 9 + 3 = 12
Jarai Sun: (( ..... ))
* Sith Assault Droid 2 does the I'm a dodgy droid dance.
Jarai Sun: (( every time it taunts me ))
* Tysus Garron moves to disarm the remaining trooper manually!
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+13 => 7 + 13 = 20
* Tysus Garron gains +1 Blaster Rifle
* Sith Trooper 2 gains +1 Unarmed.
James Mestitia: "Wow..."
Tanai Adriav: (( Man, they get magical weapons already... ))
James Mestitia: "Toss it, break it I don't care
Unknown command: "me...shoots at Jarai". Try /help for a list of commands.
James Mestitia: (( Bzzt ))
* Sith Assault Droid 2 shoots at Jarai
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+5 CAN I HIT NOW?! => 3 + 5 = 8
Sith Assault Droid 2: T_T
* Sith Assault Droid 2 gains a new name
* Jarai Sun steps in and ducks his head underthe droids gun barrels so it cannot shoot at him!
Unknown command: "me....tries to punch the Jedi". Try /help for a list of commands.
* Sith Trooper 2 ....tries to punch the Jedi Master
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20-8 => 16 - 8 = 8
James Mestitia has received initiative.
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+3 vs Sith Trooper 2's Reflex => 1 + 3 = 4
James Mestitia: Umm... hi
Sith Trooper 2: (( If that wasn't a 1 you'd have hit ))
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
* Tanai Adriav tries shooting again...
* Go rolls: 1d20+3 => 4 + 3 = 7
Jarai Sun: "Dont worry about me, just shoot it!"
Tanai Adriav: (( =_= ))
Sith Trooper 2: (( It's like Schala is here with us. In spirit. Like in Paranormal Acticity ))
Jarai Sun: (( its ok cleary you hesitated cus you were afraids to hit me ))
Sith Trooper 2: (( Activity ))
Jarai Sun has received initiative.
Tanai Adriav: I-.. I'm sorry, Jarai!
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+1 look ma no charge watch me fail even betterer now! => 9 + 1 = 10
Jarai Sun: (( thats the third 9 i rolled in a row ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+13 Punch the sith => 20 + 13 = 33
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d6+1 => 4 + 1 = 5
James Mestitia: (( Hmm, on a Crit, don't you double the damage ))
Sith Trooper 2:
-10 hitpoints!
Tysus Garron: (( You do ))
James Mestitia: (( I see, can't do formulas like that ))
Tysus Garron: (( I don't know if it can or not, but I can multiple by 2 ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+3 Faildroid? => 2 + 3 = 5
James Mestitia: (( Well, let's not experiment and clean house." ))
* Sith Assault Imban faildroid T_T
James Mestitia has received initiative.
* James Mestitia takes a Second Wind to recover
Sith Assault Imban: (( So ONE of you will eventually hit the droid ))
James Mestitia: (Second Wind: 25% HP or Con score, better of the two)
James Mestitia: (( 15/18 thus ))
Sith Assault Imban: (( Ok ))
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20+3 vs Sith Assault Imban's Reflex => 9 + 3 = 12
James Mestitia: (( Really now? ))
James Mestitia: (( End Turn ))
Tanai Adriav has received initiative.
* Go rolls: 1d20+3 => 20 + 3 = 23
Sith Assault Imban: D:
* Go rolls: 3d10 => 20
Sith Assault Imban: X_X
Tanai Adriav: HA HA!
Sith Assault Imban:
-20 hitpoints!
Jarai Sun: "Nice shot!"
Tanai Adriav: Thank you~!
* Tanai Adriav poses on the Speederbike.
James Mestitia: Now get out of the Landspeeder before you burn up
Tysus Garron: Good work everyone. Let's get out of here.
Jarai Sun: (( uhh its not on fire bro ))
* James Mestitia moves and interacts with one of the intact Landspeeder
Jarai Sun: (( its the speeder bike on the ground ))
James Mestitia: (( Huh whoops ))
James Mestitia: We'll split up and meet back at the safehouse... hang on.
* Xant Rolls over and brings the professor to the speeder too!
Jarai Sun: (( we will take the bike while were at it. it probably has more firepower then a regular speeder ))
Mechalomaniac: A normal speeder has no firepower, so yes
Jarai Sun: "Did you miss me?"
* Tysus Garron looks over at the two on the bike. "Follow us, it's only about 5 kilometers to the safehouse.
Jarai Sun: "Yes master"
Tanai Adriav: Ok~
Jarai Sun: (( are we moving to a new map? ))
James Mestitia: See ya in 5 kilometers
Jarai Sun: (( call it 5 clicks will you ))
Tysus Garron: (( No, because I don't have one yet >.> ))
* James Mestitia gets the Speeder moving
Mechalomaniac: Shortly you arrive at the safehouse The safehouse seems to be safe, though there's only 2 rooms for about 6 people so it's a little cramped. there are supplies to tend to any wounds you might have, and food so you won't go hungry.
James Mestitia: "I'm guessing they didn't intend for larger groups..." *grabs a Stimpack from the Supply Rack and uses it on himself*
James Mestitia: (( or the other appropriate medical stuff ))
Mechalomaniac: You're also able to talk freely, so you can plan just how to get off this rock.
Jarai Sun: "Should i take a look at your wounds Tanai?"
Tanai Adriav: Sure. That'd be nice...
James Mestitia: Where's the closest Starport we can work with
Jarai Sun: "Sit down then and show me where they hit you."
James Mestitia: If the ultimate plan to get off the rock involves stealing a ship, and fooling this Blockade into letting us pass, first we have to understand where to work wtih
Tysus Garron: There's one within the city. But securing a starship is only half the task. We need a way to get past the blockade.
* Tanai Adriav sits down and rolls up her sleeve, showing off a blaster wound on her left arm.
Jarai Sun: "The burn seems to have sealed up all right. It doesnt look like it hit any arteries. Can you move your arm alright?"
Tanai Adriav: Yeah, I can still move it..
James Mestitia: Yea, I could try to Slice my way to the Security Codes, but if a firefight breaks out, I need someone to grab their attention
James Mestitia: That is, I grab the codes, everyone else comes giving the Sith as much trouble as possible, then supposely, meet up at the hangar, pick a ship and I'll try to pilot it to the best of my ability
Jarai Sun: "I'll put a bandage on it for now, You'll have to wait until we get back to coruscant to have them regenerate the skin for you."
Tysus Garron: It's risky, but the only other option that I can think of is making a deal with the cartel groups. Word is a few of them have been able to bribe their way past the blockade.
James Mestitia: Yea...
Jarai Sun: "No amount of bribe will be enough to get jedi past the sith. they would give us up just to get in the empires good graces in a heartbeat"
James Mestitia: Yea...
James Mestitia: There's stories of Sith smelling Force Users from far away
James Mestitia: Moment the Cartels try something funny, we'd be in deep trouble
Tysus Garron: The cartel wouldn't need to know who we are. My understanding of such types is they rarely ask.
James Mestitia: Ok, so let's assume we take Option Two, any Cartel you have in mind to work with?
Tysus Garron: I was hoping you could help there.
Jarai Sun: "Tanai should be able to fool them perhaps. I however... I am not adept at lying. And i am afraid that i i will give us away ."
Tanai Adriav: I thought I wasn't supposed to use "those" tricks to get my way since I became a Jedi..?
Tysus Garron: You fooled the sith officer in the bar. But either option is a valid one, and both carries its own risk.
James Mestitia: Unfortinately my mentor... she didn't tell me who to look for before that ship went well... ka-boom.
Jarai Sun: "You are supposed to learn to controll when to apply them. Is it any diffrent from using the force the way i did to trick those guards?"
James Mestitia: So unless we catch a rumor somewhere else, we'd be working blind...
Sten-lo Nerudi: If there are any groups on Korriban connected to the Hutts, they would be the ones to ask.
James Mestitia: Well, let's go with the Jedi's option and if worse comes to worse, we'll try to salvage something out of it
Tanai Adriav: Fine, fine.. I don't know where to find any of these cartel people, though. A cantina, perhaps?
Mechalomaniac: (( I'll mention either option is equally valid, but I need to know which you want to go with so I can plan appropriately. ))
Jarai Sun: "If we are going to do this, I will need some other clothes. I stand out in these."
Tanai Adriav: Oh! I want some new clothes too!
Tanai Adriav: (( I assume we're going the Cartel Route. ))
* Jarai Sun turns to the cerean. "Do you have anything i could use in this safe house?"
Jarai Sun: (( sounds like it to me ))
Sten-lo Nerudi: A few things, but I'm not sure they'd fit properly.
Jarai Sun: "Well.. we will have to make do."
Tysus Garron: We'll do some footwork in the morning then. There was enough problems with pirates and smugglers before the Sith attacked that I'm certain someone still remains to profit off the chaos.
Tysus Garron: For now, everyone rest up.
Tysus Garron: (( Also everyone who's here, Roll Gather Information. I'll have Furu do it later too ))
* JaraiSun rolls: 1d20+2 => 19 + 2 = 21
James Mestitia: roll 1d20
* Kite Lanford rolls: 1d20 => 1
James Mestitia: (( Really now ))
Jarai Sun: (( the force giveth and the force taketh away ))
* Go rolls: 1d20+2 => 9 + 2 = 11
Mechalomaniac: Kite things the Sith know how to get off the planet
James Mestitia: (( Ha ha ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Ok. I'll keep those in mind for later. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( For now, Session endo~ I'm gonna shut this down in about 5 minutes. ))
Jarai Sun: (( i have this horrible sinking feeling that what mecha means by not sure if they will fit. I am dressing up as a woman next session : ))
Mechalomaniac: (( No, it's more that he's bigger than you ))
Jarai Sun: (( really? ))
Tanai Adriav: (( In the pants. ))
Mechalomaniac: (( In the gut ))
Jarai Sun: (( aha ))
Mechalomaniac: (( He's an archaeologist, not a jedi ))
Kite Lanford: (( Yea ))
Mechalomaniac: (( Also you heal up. I'll figure out XP and loot in a bit. Hungry now ))
Tanai Adriav: Yay~
Jarai Sun: (( lets take the after game chat to the irc channel ))
Tanai Adriav: (( Yay~ ))
Kite Lanford is disconnected.