Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
Fleed has connected.
Fleed: Ahorhorhor~
Mechalomaniac: Yaaaay
Mechalomaniac: Anyway uhh...I'll be back in a bit
Mechalomaniac: I'll leave this running though
Fleed: ...ah, jeez
Fleed: I can't open-campaign.
Mechalomaniac: You'd need to send me the file I think
Fleed: Fuh. Okay.
Fleed: Back shortly I guess~
Fleed is disconnected.
Fleed has connected.
Fleed: Oh, good~
Mechalomaniac: I'm assuming all your tokens are hidden
Fleed: A-are they?
Mechalomaniac: Not to me because I'm a player
Mechalomaniac: You need to set them player visable if you want them to be seen
Fleed: Well they WERE player-visible... huh.
Fleed: Any show up now?
Mechalomaniac: Yep
Fleed: Weird.
Fleed: So all of the ones that were originally player-visible just... weren't. Haha.
Fleed: Lesee...
Ryouto Jin: MOOGLE
Fleed: What stats do you see when you mouseover that token?
Ryouto Jin: None
Fleed: --what
Ryouto Jin: I see his name
Fleed: It doesn't pop up with a... HP/defenses thing like Imban's campaign?
Ryouto Jin: No, but I can see those if I right Click ---> Edit
Fleed: Hmm.
Fleed: Oh! I think I know why. Haha.
Fleed: Hey you go plunk some stats in for yourself and I'll see if I can look at 'em.
Ryouto Jin: Done
Fleed: Okay, I can see yours. You can see yours?
Ryouto Jin: Nope
Fleed: whaaaaaaat
Fleed: Ugh. Weird.
Ryouto Jin: I see bars though
Fleed: Fuah. Try now~
Ryouto Jin: Now I do
Ryouto Jin: YES
Fleed: Okay good.
Fleed: Check an' see if the campaign macros are working on your end, too.
Ryouto Jin: I don't see any macros
Fleed: --what
Fleed: ...the hell
Ryouto Jin: Ryouto Jin loses 4 HP.
Ryouto Jin: Ryouto Jin loses 12 MP.
Ryouto Jin: Nope
Ryouto Jin: I saw you use them but I can't
Fleed: ...huh
Ryouto Jin: Ryouto Jin recovers 12 MP.
Ryouto Jin: Ryouto Jin recovers 4 HP.
Ryouto Jin: Ryouto Jin recovers 0 MP.
Fleed: --son of a
Ryouto Jin: Ryouto Jin loses 2 MP.
Ryouto Jin: Ryouto Jin recovers 2 MP.
Ryouto Jin: Ryouto Jin recovers 12 MP.
Ryouto Jin: Ryouto Jin recovers 3 HP.
Fleed: How odd.
Ryouto Jin: Yeah still not seeing them
Fleed: Yeah I have no idea why it isn't showing up...
Fleed: (check panel again I guess)
Ryouto Jin: Nothing
Fleed: I mean I don't necessarily mind doing the HP/MP of people if I gotta, but... this is annoying.
Fleed: Motherfucker!
Ryouto Jin: UGH. UGH YOU.
* Fleed rolls: 10+2d6 => 10 + 5 = 15
Fleed: Hmm.
Fleed: Well, everything SEEMS to work, other than the GOD DAMN CAMPAIGN MACROS.
Fleed: Back in a moment.
Fleed is disconnected.
Fleed has connected.
Fleed: (seriously what bullshit)
Ryouto Jin: Wut
Fleed: New directories don't update into MapTool.
Fleed: You're seeing new tokens, yeah?
Ryouto Jin: Uhh...what're they named?
Fleed: HumeEtc, stuff.
Ryouto Jin: yes
Fleed: Okay.
Avitar has connected.
Avitar: Holy shit, it's E1L1
Fleed: W-what?
Avitar: Looks like a DooM map
Fleed: A...ha.
Fleed: I am having too much fun with token placement.
Bokalo: So how do I use the health bar macro you have set up?
Fleed: You can see it?
Bokalo: Is there a command or do I change it maunally?
Bokalo: I can see it
Fleed: ...Weird. Mechperson couldn't.
Bokalo: I see a health bar for emcha too
Bokalo: *mecha too
Fleed: Oh, the bars.
Fleed: Can you see anything in the Campaign macros tab?
Bokalo: No
Fleed: WELP
Fleed: Hmm.
Fleed: Need to get Imban to help me out with that, I guess.
Bokalo: Bokalo loses 7 HP.
Bokalo: Do I need to install the macro myself, or only the GM?
Fleed: Imban installed it on his own for SCales and we all got it.
Fleed: So...!
Bokalo: Bokalo recovers 7 HP.
Bokalo: ok
Yuu Inohara has connected.
Yuu Inohara: HUME ANIME
Fleed: I had too much fun with these last few tokens.
You have disconnected.
Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
Mechalomaniac: ERROR HAR HAR HAR
Yuu Inohara has connected.
Fleed has connected.
Fleed: Astrid's over at the main square still.
Yuu Inohara: that might be why then
Yuu Inohara: or not
Yuu Inohara: hmm
Salome has connected.
Avitar has connected.
Salome is disconnected.
Salome has connected.
Yuu Inohara is disconnected.
Kite Lanford has connected.
Blaine has connected.
Kite Lanford: Yo
Yuu Inohara has connected.
Blaine: Oh man
Blaine: We're going LP D&D up in this
Fleed: Mm?
Blaine: Straight up homemade maps
Fleed: Oh, haha~
Blaine: >Hume Bruce
Blaine: Ahaha
Meryl: Why do I not have HP/MP bars
Kite Lanford: Hidden
Bokalo: Sure he was.
Alicia: "Right... right..."
Alicia: "Melon Armos?"
Salome: "....Whatever."
Xabungle: (oh god now I want to just GM the entire game as Cockney Xabungle)
Bokalo: Please do.
Meryl: (( Ok for serious now, do I need to wait to become RAVAGER or can I turn that on now because I'll be a Ravager from now into the forseeable future ))
Ryouto Jin: (( Do it. ))
Xabungle: (I don't think I could keep it up for very long though)
Bokalo: (( Just go as long as you can. ))
Yuu Inohara: (( Orkbagle ))
Kite Lanford: (I think you declare Stance when the fight starts?)
Bokalo: (( Or if you prefer, I have Acrobunch. ))
Kite Lanford: (or you set Stance between fights so you get into the right one out of the gate)
Kite Lanford: (What other units do you have?)
Meryl: (( Buncha Crunch ))
Meryl: (( Also remember to impersonate your tokens you three who haven't yet ))
Xabungle: I'm probably gonna err on the side of automatic deactivation once combat ends but you can Instant Action a stance during your first turn.
Ryouto Jin: (( DO IT ))
Salome: GOD, FLEED.
Xabungle: UGH YOU
Xabungle: (because it is way the fuck up there and really)
Alicia: I believe we're in for a very long day...
Meryl: Guys I think we should recruit the Hume Too Small For Benchsitting
Meryl: He looks like he could be useful
Ryouto Jin: Nah.
Bokalo: If anything, we should recruit Xabungle.
Meryl: You can't recruit Xabungle, silly
Alicia: Sure, recruit the Micronized machine...
Yuu Inohara: What about HumeEtc-02?
Meryl: He's clearly a summon
Alicia: If he's a summon, who's he bounded to?"
Meryl: The talking jeep from Power Rangers Turbo
Ryouto Jin: Storm Blaster
Alicia: ... and where's... don't answer that
Meryl: Because we are children of the 90s
Alicia: I'm not in the mood to hit it with my wrench
Meryl: (niiinjoooor)
Alicia: (Yes, yes we are...)
Ryouto Jin: (( NINJAMAN! ))
Ryouto Jin: (( Ninjakougaken even ))
Astrid Eld: (Ninjadoken?)
Meryl: Wow your token did a weird thing
Astrid Eld: (( Huh ))
Meryl: It's square
Salome: ((Can you imput a line starting with a / that isn't read as a command?))
Astrid Eld: (( Wonder why it shows the portrait and not the token ))
Xabungle: So I'm gonna give Furu and/or Simon about ten minutes.
Alicia: (( I think you set a picture in properties? ))
Astrid Eld: ((Also what does the HURF button do?))
Meryl: AND YOU
Bokalo: (( Hey how do I set up personal macros? ))
Ryouto Jin: NOT MOVING
* Alicia wacks her Wrench... "Well, I'm in the mood to knock someone into a wall..."
Astrid Eld: (( Also there doesn't seem to be an 'on fire' bad-stat, Fleed I am dissapoint ))
Astrid Eld: (( Black Mage fire specialization ))
Meryl: Red halo
Meryl: This system doesn't use marks
Meryl: And we generally use that for marks in 4e
Meryl: You are now on fire
Astrid Eld: must be the shoes
* Kite Lanford rolls: 2d6+2 vs EVA => 3 + 2 = 5
Alicia: Hmm
Alicia: (I have no idea how to write down Macros)
Meryl: We don't really need them for this system
Alicia: Yea but just in case...
Meryl: Also all of our macros are 4e formatted
* Salome dance4
Bokalo: I was gonan write my own macros for my geomancer stuff for tis system
Bokalo: since I know how to program and stuff
Alicia: I am not worthy...
Faiz: MapTool macros use some crazy wizard language that I can't quite recall at the moment anyhow.
Bokalo: C#?
Salome: Hey, where's the Chocobo Rental NPC?
Astrid Eld: FIIIYAAA: « 40 * 2d6 = 40 * 6 = 240 » Fire vs. M.Arm
Meryl: I'm a wizard, and THAT looks fucked up
Salome: That's where chocobo's live. Git you one...
Astrid Eld: (( Wait + not * derp ))
Alicia: (( Let's try that again ))
Meryl: Are you serious you do 240 damage at level one
Astrid Eld: no
Astrid Eld: typo
Astrid Eld: FIIIYAAA: « 40 + 2d6 = 40 + 8 = 48 » Fire vs. M.Arm
Alicia: 50 Gil on 4, 6 and 12
Meryl: You can kill me outright with that.
Meryl: Like twice over
Salome: Told you.
Astrid Eld: I can only use it three times though
Astrid Eld: before I start popping two ethers to get one use back
Meryl: Oh so you can only kill me to negative six times my health
Alicia: Yea, but you'd be dropping 3 foes or so in the meantime
Faiz: Yeah spellcasting is weird, it's part of why I'm doing this to see what I can NERF INTO OBLIVION.
Astrid Eld: oh that reminds me
Faiz: (also if Lechise comes into contact with a stiff enough breeze it knocks him out of casting)
Astrid Eld: need to make a MAP macro which is slightly less retarded damage
Meryl: I opened my eyes
Meryl: I see a new Faiz
Ryouto Jin: Ahahaha
Faiz: OH NO
* Avitar rolls: 8+2d6 Whap => 8 + 12 = 20
Astrid Eld: Fire (Area): « 20 + 2d6 = 20 + 7 = 27 » Fire vs. M.Arm
Faiz: I'm in your abdominal cavity, tearing out your organs. :3
Meryl: (Faiz is basically a lolcat with better grammar)
Astrid Eld: Lolorobot
Faiz: Well, god dammit. Hmm.
Ryouto Jin: Hmm what?
Alicia: ?
Ryouto Jin: You're really disappointed in Furu?
Meryl: Well this was basically all his doing
Alicia: HiddenWings and Tilus are also MIA
Salome: >Furu
Salome: >disappointment
Astrid Eld: anyway, RE: Spellcasting, it is kinda wonky
Salome: >Exactly as planned.
Astrid Eld: since once I declare my spell it doesn't actually GO OFF until my next turn unless I'm hasted or have fast casting
Alicia: Yea
Alicia: Meaning if I could, I could smack you hard to try to interrupt it
Alicia: (or force Knockback)
Astrid Eld: and then if I get knocked back or some other interrupt effect happens (like, say, DEATH), it just, doesn't go off
Alicia: With my weapon-type being Huge, well
Astrid Eld: so theoretically if you went first you could probably off me before I even get one shot off
Alicia: I'd easilly interrupt casters by knocking them back
Alicia: (if they do not go splat first)
* Salome change subjob
Alicia: Too bad the World rule is Ivalice, and not Pulse or something
Bokalo: So we good to go now?
Alicia: Far as I know, soon as we get word from those 4 Deserters
Faiz: Lemme finish eating and we can, sure.
Meryl: If this were Pulse the first thing I'd do is go find Hope and then throw him off a cliff into an ocean of acid.
Faiz: As for setups, we got...
Alicia: I ment "Not using the Stagger Rule"
Faiz: Well, where you're at is the main park square. Bunch of random bazaars; fruit carts and the like (the purple squares). Just north of that is the capitol library for all you book-learnin' types.
Meryl: I need the place for eating and breaking things
Meryl: You know the Smashafeteria
Ryouto Jin: (( Ahahah this is where I have fun for not making up any character traits ))
Alicia: You want to hit the Arena? Fine with me, just don't drag me into your battles...
Alicia: I'm not in the mood...
Faiz: Next door is one of the city's primary bars for DRINKING AND OCCASIONAL DRUNKEN FIGHTING, opening up into the secondary commercial square and opposite of the Bounty Hunter Association (that big three-roomed building). A bit further up the eastern street is the auction house.
Faiz: Anyway! Those are the big points of interest. There's a couple shops around the secondary square but overall you can just sorta sit where you need, I guess.
Bokalo: Quick, I need a whore house.
Alicia: "Hmm... I don't think they'd know anything about Synthizing a way to create Synthentic Life-forms...
* Ryouto Jin is in the Baazar doing.....merchanty stuff
Alicia: "Nope..."
* Salome camps the AH.
Faiz: As a point, the Hunter Association is basically your whole... guildleve, slay-quest idea. Occasionally a delivery service of sorts, though whether or not it's precisely legal is a matter of opinion.
* Alicia is at the library searching though books, wondering if she can find anything pertaining to the creation of Artifical Lifeforms
Salome: (( If we get caught smuggling do we get fined and kicked off the Airship? ))
Faiz: (( Who knows! Find out and see~ ))
Astrid Eld: (( Mid flight ))
Meryl: (( why is there a weird circle inverted arrow thing whenever we highlight ourselves ))
Alicia: (( Is that a reference to?)
Salome: (( I'll be making a very lot of references to FFXI. If you don't get them, don't worry about it. ))
* Bokalo attempts to research an odd weapon he saw in his youth.
Faiz: The library has just a straight-up massive array of books on a staggering number of subjects, ranging from childrens' literature to ancient magical studies penned by mages renowned the world over. The Greymond Capitol Library is well-known as one of the biggest sources of accrued knowledge in Alondra.
Alicia: (( Too bad we're practically playing on Ivalice, not Vaan'diel or w/e FF11 takes place ))
* Alicia grumbles...
Bokalo: Say there, miss!
Alicia: "How hard is it to find a book on..." *Turns around* "Hmm?
Alicia: "You are?"
Meryl: (( Welp I just zoomed in until my entire map is made up of a pixel in Salome's face ))
Bokalo: Pardon me, I am known as Bokalo. Bokalo the Geomancer. And your name?
Faiz: The bar is... noisy. A group of goblins are the primary source of the racket, practically destroying the table with their raucous pounding of fists and mugs, and more than one dented tankard and shattered mug can be seen littering the tabletops. The bartender is... pointedly trying to avoid them whenever possible, to the point of staying behind the bar at all times.
* Astrid Eld scans the shelves as she wanders the library, eyes glowing under her hat and collar, "Hnn, read this already... And these... Bothersome."
Alicia: "Alicia... Alicia Cummulus, a Dark Knight searching for a way to create Artifical Life forms..."
Astrid Eld: (( Just don't zoom too close to Astrid's, or you may take SAN damage ))
Alicia: "I feel like I'm on the right track but... it feels like no one knows how to create organs and such so I can start on my ambition..."
Bokalo: quite an undertaking. I cannot say that I have any knowledge on that subject myself. I actually wanted to ask a question of you. You look knowledgeable in the ways of the world.
Alicia: "Hmm?"
Faiz: The auction house is almost as noisy, with a number of habitual loiterers mindlessly searching through listings drowned out by the yelling of so many active participants of the day's featured auctions; it's difficult to even think, let alone try and get a word in edgewise when the auctioneer calls for another bid.
Salome: "I hate this place...."
Astrid Eld: (( ALL OF THE SPAM ))
Ryouto Jin: (( WTB! ))
Salome: ((LFG: DRG60 post-TPnerf))
Faiz: Currently the item up for sale is a rare collector's miniature airship! 1/500 scale, with real spinning propellors! Yours for the low, low price of 200000 gil lowest offer!
Faiz: 220000.
Meryl: (( Good thing that auction house isn't in ME3. The auctioneer would get to Drell Vanguard and end up offering to pay people to take it ))
Alicia: (( Umm, DRG is Dragoon but... ))
Astrid Eld: (( Level 60 dragoon something? ))
Alicia: (( I know ME3's Multiplayer is like a TCG but... I kinda doubt it ))
* Salome shakes her head with a sigh and begins to walk away from the Auction House area, just needing somewhere quieter to be for now.
Bokalo: In my youth, I had seen a man feel a wave of bandits with mere words. Not magic, mind you, but words. he read them out of some sort of book. I have always been curious about such a feat, and have been searching for an explination to such power. By chance whould you know of what i speak?
* Meryl just drinkin.
Alicia: "Sounds like an Orator but... I do not know of anyone of such a Profession..."
* Astrid Eld eyes the rowdy goblins irritably as she enters the bar and takes a seat, rummaging idly through her belongings, "Hmph, I'll never make any progress at this rate. Surrounded by such simple people."
Alicia: (( Wait, I have a feeling I spelt that one wrong ))
Faiz: The bazaars around the square are notably less noisy as it's not a particularly condensed holiday, though it seems the majority of the wares being hawked are just your typical tourist or day-to-day fare: fruit, fried fish, the occasional Coeurl-on-a-stick vendor...
Bokalo: An Orator you say? I would like to meet such a person someday.
Astrid Eld: (( How do you stick a giant mutant cat on a stick? ))
Faiz: (( Carefully. ))
Ryouto Jin: Hmm...
Alicia: "Yes... as much as I want to find someone who can teach me the art of creation of Lifeforms
Alicia: "I... actually have no idea what to make, just as long as I know HOW to make one..."
Faiz: The commercial square is a large, round platform of several raised sections, with the statue of some long-ago hero standing in the middle of it.
Faiz: What a handsome devil he is.
Ryouto Jin: (( Is it Faiz? ))
Alicia: (( Yes, yes it is ))
Meryl: (( I see he's Stoned ))
Meryl: (( 4/20 indeed ))
Ryouto Jin: (( Oh I was like...down there ))
Astrid Eld: (( why does Faiz have a cactuar face? ))
Faiz: (( Other square. ))
Ryouto Jin: (( BEcause Faiz is up right ))
Bokalo: Well, thank you, lass. You have done me more kindness than I am accustomed. Most folk tend to leer and scurry off as I approach. Might I accompany you in this strange land?
Faiz: Something horrifying on the main square's fountain shrinks and dashes into the bushes, hopefully never to be seen again.
Astrid Eld: (( ))
Alicia: "Sure... where I come from... there isn't much discrimination going on..."
Ryouto Jin: ...was that?
Bokalo: And where is it from you hail?
Alicia: "The Republic of Serimael"
Bokalo: Can't say I am familar with that area. But I don't get out much. This is my first time in the city in close to a decade now.
* Alicia nods as she looks at the door... "Let's continue this as we walk to the bar..."
Bokalo: Lead on.
Alicia: "If the Library gives me no luck...
* Astrid Eld grits her teeth slightly as she tries to ignore the noise of the bar, packing up her spell components and research materials once more with a sigh, "Noisy brutes... They'd make good kindling with how drunk they are I imagine. It'd be quieter at the very least." She muttered to herself, though loud enough that someone nearby might be able to hear.
Alicia: "Maybe the barflies would know..."
Faiz: Suddenly, the doors of the Bounty Hunter Association burst open, and a rather irate-looking gentleman emerges, shouting curses and threats at somebody inside over "this inexcusable slight" to his dignity, racketing all the way over to the bar as he storms away and into it.
Alicia: "Hey!'
Hume Knight: I-- what?! Get out of my way!
* Ryouto Jin wanders over to the bar too because hey why not.
* Meryl hears, but doesn't particularly care. She's spent enough time in bars to know you can't just punch everyone who says things.
Bokalo: Aye, lass. Is that not a mage over yonder? perhaps they would know of your bus...
Astrid Eld: Oh good... More noisy oafs...
Salome: "...?"
Bokalo: Gah, what a puffy brute that one is, aye? No manners in the city I tells ya.
Faiz: The knight strides in with a very obviously "holier-than-though" air and slams himself into the barseat, glaring at the bartender until he finally cows to finding his way to the gentleman.
Alicia: Yes... not everyone is as refined as I..."
* Alicia sits down at a table...
Bokalo: Good day, fine lady mage! Would you mind if we had a seat here with you?
* Astrid Eld raises a brow as the other newcomers take a seat at her table, "Hmph... I suppose not, I doubt you could be any more disruptive than certain other individuals..." She said glancing towards the table of goblins then to the knight.
Alicia: "Yes..."
Faiz: It doesn't take long at this distance to notice that the knight is still incredibly irate, and not above ranting any of the myriad, evidently deeply personal attacks to his integrity that were made against him by simply being here. The bartender is obviously uncomfortable and getting angry himself, though the knight looks more like he would mop the floor with so many faces that getting in a fight isn't worth it. Still, he is extremely loud and bothersome.
Faiz: (( 'Sec. ))
Alicia: "So who are you?"
* Meryl holds her tankard up.
Meryl: Ey, barkeep! Ah need 'nother round.
Bokalo: Now there, lass. Don't you think it rude to ask someone's name before introducing yourself?
* Ryouto Jin wanders up to the bar looking rather distracted while he waits for the bartender to get back.
Alicia: "Oh, my name is Alicia Cummulus, a Republic Dark Knight..."
Alicia: "... and I'm looking for someone that knows how to make... Synthethic lifeforms..."
Bokalo: I am caled Bokalo. Bokalo the Geomancer. I'm not too accustomed to these parts, but it's a pleasure to meet you, lady mage.
* Astrid Eld tilts her head slightly at the question of her name, adjusting her hat slightly, "I am Astrid Eld... Former academy mage." She said, furrowing her brow slightly, the action probably going unseen by how her face was currently obscurred, "I'm afraid I wouldn't know of such things. I guess you could say its not really my field." She said with a dismissive shrug, "I am more interested in studying the nature of magic its self, and its relation to the world as we know it, myself."
Bokalo: (( Totally don't know what the proper address for a mage is. ))
Faiz: The bartender looks over at Meryl upon being called, but is immediately snapped back to being forced into listening to the knight's impassioned raving.
Alicia: "I see... but another deadend on my quest..."
* Meryl looks over, noticing her tankard is still empty.
Alicia: ( Unless the World says otherwise, Mage is Mage )
Alicia: ( male or female )
Bokalo: Magic as it relates tot he world you say? Now then, that's nto something you can learn from dusty old tomes in a stuffy hall. You have to experience it, feel th earth beneath your toes so to speak.
* Salome strolls into the bar.
Meryl: EY! M'still sober o'er 'ere! Cutcher chatterin' Sally an let me get ma drink.
Hume Knight: S-Sally?!
Meryl: Ya heard me Daisy Mae, some people're 'ere ta drink.
* Salome blinks, raising a brow at the exclaiming knight.
* Ryouto Jin turns around, looking between the Knight and Meryl and starts counting..
Ryouto Jin: 1
Hume Knight: Shut your gob, hussy! I haven't even gotten my first drink yet!
Hume Knight: What are you, barely clutching the table so not to be under it?!
* Alicia has the urge to walk up to the Knight and smack him with her wrench...
* Astrid Eld gives a slight nod to Bokalo's assessment, "Indeed.. Though this would be part of the 'former' in my title. The academy didn't exactly agree with some of my experiments... Namely those involving the amplification of magical energies." She trailed off, not wanting to let out the exact nature of her dismissal to strangers.
Ryouto Jin: 4...
Alicia: "Amplification of... oh no..."
Alicia: "I have a feeling where it usually ends up..." *makes an explosion sound effect*
Meryl: Ah'm only four in, vision's not even fuzzy let. An ah'll be damned if ya keep talkin' up tha drink while ah'm still lucid.
Hume Knight: Well the better you wait then!
* Hume Knight sits back down and looks up at the bartender, slamming his fist at the table. "Barbarians, am I right?!"
Meryl: EY!
Alicia: "Can you excuse me for a bit..."
* Astrid Eld gives a slight frown at Alicia's assessment, "Hmph, well am I really at fault for assuming that the grounds of a facility designed for the study of magic would be able to withstand such things."
* Alicia stands up...
Bokalo: Let me tell you, Astrid. My people have had a connection to the land for centuries now. There is plenty of magic all around us, in the air, the soil, the pebbles. You just have to know how to talk to it.
Ryouto Jin: This is taking a lot longer than I thought.
* Meryl stands up from the table, slamming her palm down on it with an audibly louder thump.
Salome: ((WARs suck, but I wouldn't call them Barbarians...))
Alicia: "Yes... and Bokalo, if you excuse me..."
* Astrid Eld glares at the knight "Please do sit yourself back down and be quiet, it's loud enough with the goblins."
* Alicia takes out her Engineering Wrench...
Bokalo: !
Alicia: "Be more civil with your fellow Barfellows..."
Meryl: Ah'm not a barbarian. Ah kin read, ya ignorant sissy. Ah kin also drink, an ah kin fight. An I'm not readin or drinkin, so yer leavin' me one option.
Bokalo: Wait, lass! What ar' ye doin'?
Alicia: "Dark Knight 101: Put the fear of getting smacked into your victim..."
* Hume Knight turns his head over towards the... bewrenched wench. "Excuse me; and what do you aim to do with that ridiculous implement, little lady?"
* Alicia glares at the Knight... "If you don't start being more civil, THIS'll be though your skull."
Hume Knight: Ha! Better than you dared just the same and still failed!
Alicia: "Do you really want me to bludgon you with it?"
* Astrid Eld rubs her temples irritably at the ensuing confrontation, grabbing her staff, "Well, this is quite bothersome."
* Salome watches the commotion with mild interest.
Hume Knight: I can have you bleeding on the other wall in a moment, so why don't you sit back down and play your dolls and dressup, eh?
Bokalo: Now now, I don't think there's any need for all this huff and puff.
Alicia: "You try calming this guy down or I'll shove this though his eyesockets..."
* Meryl walks over to the table, as enough time has gone by without her drink being topped off to warrant irritability.
Bokalo: Come Alicia, have seat back at the bar. You there, Sir. Why don't you calm down and have a drink on my coin?
Faiz: The bartender, seeing that the knight is finally distracted enough with the intervention, finally decides to break away... though notices Meryl coming this way and rather wisely steps out back to the bar itself.
* Astrid Eld sighs, standing up and making her way to the night, tapping him on the shoulder.
Hume Jackass Bartender: So, ah... what can I getcha, chief.
Alicia: (( Uhh... I think his move is blocked...))
Meryl: Look Cindy, ah've 'ad about 'nuffa yer bitchin' an moanin'. Yer frilly girly drink'll come after ah have ma mead refilled. We kin take this outside if yer so fired up.
* Alicia sits down, still glaring at the Knight...
* Bokalo looks around at all of the hostile women closing in.
* Ryouto Jin wraps his fingers on the bar as if he's still keeping a count to himself, before turning to the bartender. "Eh, I'll have some rum."
Hume Knight: You all think you can take me on, can you? More than half of the lot of you's got breasts where your brains are, and the other one's some decrepit wreck! Just what do you think you'll accomplish against one of the finest swords in the Kingdom?
Bokalo: Now ladies, I think we can handle this situation like gentlemen...err, genlewomen. Let's not get hasty...
Meryl: Ah'll make 'is noggin go bunka dunka's what ah'll accomplish, ya damn ponce!
Bokalo: (( What terrain are we on now, by the way? ))
* Astrid Eld glares down at him, eyes glowing brightly, "I would appreciate that you apologize to this woman and then quiet yourself down." She said, voice strained into eerie calmness.
* Meryl flips the table to the not unoccupied side, suitably enraged.
Alicia: (( Urban, as far as I know ))
Astrid Eld: (( Roll negotiation? ))
Meryl: Les dance, princess.
* Hume Jackass Bartender stares over at the impending apocalypse fight. "Rum. Gotcha. Right away."
Astrid Eld: (( Or not ))
Alicia: (( Well, city... ))
Ryouto Jin: Yeah I figure you've got another minute before they start throwing punches.
Alicia: ?
Bokalo: ...Well then! I suppose this is inevitable.
* Alicia walks up... "Execuse me, I'm Alicia and... what do you mean by a minute?"
Hume Jackass Bartender: Ah, I'd not worry about it. He's loud and scary but he's just bluster, most o'the time.
* Alicia turns around, her red eye looking at Bokalo... "Well, I'm giving the Knight a clear lane to run... knowing the ways of a Berserker, he'd need it..."
* Meryl is meanwhile cracking her neck side to side and popping her knuckles.
Ryouto Jin: Maybe. Do you know the others?
Bokalo: I'll leave ye folks to yer business, then.
* Hume Knight meanwhile hops up and draws his sword, banging the pommel against the table a few times. "If you think you're gonna just get away with such a challenge, then you don't have a clue what you're in for, Sally."
Meryl: Sally's a girl's name, Sally. An that's a girl's knife.
* Meryl draws her axe in return, which is easily as tall as she is.
Meryl: Ah'm a woman.
Alicia: "Well, whoever you are... I'm going to watch this..."
Hume Jackass Bartender: Others, not so much; I reckon this is pretty bad timing though... all them should be gettin' to puttin' their weapons away if they know what's good for 'em.
* Astrid Eld grumbles as her requests for quiet were ignored on both fronts, wisps of flame beginning to raise from her clenched fists, "Bothersome imbeciles..." She muttered under her breath."
Alicia: "Hey Bokalo, want to watch this carnage, or shall we jump in?"
Alicia: "So you can see how a Dark Knight fights..."
Ryouto Jin: Probably. But when's a barfight ever involved people who knew what was good for them?
Hume Knight: Oh, well look at this! You could've fooled me, 'cause clearly you've at least got the stones to make the challenge anyhow! Ha!
Meryl: Right, nuff talkin'.
* Meryl advances -> into face
* Astrid Eld clears her throat and takes a step back, muttering arcanely under her breath.
Alicia: "Excuse me you two..." *looks at the Knight and the Berserker...* follow... never mind"
* Alicia readies her weapon... in case the two start swinging at her in the chaos...
Faiz: Just then, a... horrendous chill of silence sweeps over the room, following the barely-audible swinging of the front doors.
Alicia: "P.L.D.s... two of them..."
Hume Jackass Bartender: Ah... yep. Bad timing.
Meryl: (( That's a lotta nuts--I mean HP ))
* Astrid Eld frowns at the intrusion, the flames dying down and then vanishing, "Hmph."
* Alicia puts her Wrench away...
Astrid Eld: (( CHEESE IT ))
* Hume Knight simply... blanches, at the sight. "Oh my."
Salome: (( Prob. lv50s. I see AF. ))
Alicia: "Right...
Alicia: ( AFs? I see Xs )
Meryl: (( Artifact armor ))
Redmane Paladin: What's all this ruckus? This is far louder than it has any right to be.
Meryl: (( Is joke, is FF11 joke ))
* Astrid Eld clears her throat, turning to leave conflict, "Well, I suppose this works as well to get quiet for once."
Alicia: (( No I mean I saw an X on their tokens ))
Redmane Paladin: You three.
* Ryouto Jin turns back to the bartender. "Seems you were right."
* Alicia whisles innocently...
Redmane Paladin: Why are your weapons drawn?
Meryl: 'Is little shit's talkin' up tha bartender'n not lettin a payin' customer git 'er next glass. Then acted like ah'm scared'a him, so ah came over 'ere ta shut 'im up.
* Hume Knight simply... sputters, almost incoherently, and practically flings the sword across the room in an effort to ditch the evidence.
Alicia: "Umm... that's not quite how it went..."
* Astrid Eld sits down calmly in her chair and taps her staff lightly, "The supposed knight there decided to cause a ruckus, those two decided to take him up on it." She spoke with a slight shrug.
Alicia: "If you want us to take it outside, then fine..."
Redmane Paladin: Just because you're having a disagreement does not give you a right to spill blood in our city.
Redmane Paladin: I suggest you find a suitable discourse outside violence, lest we summon the Judge to settle this for you.
Meryl: 'e challenged me, ah accepted. Where ah come from thas fair.
Alicia: "If you want us to leave the city so we can settle our... grudge, I will be happy to oblige..."
* Astrid Eld gives a slight hidden grin 'If you hadn't shown up there wouldn't be blood. All wounds would cauterize instantly after all...' she thought trying her best not to chuckle.
Alicia: "The last thing I need is some winged Judge barging in on it..."
Hume Knight: No-- no! No. We're fine. We were just... talking. Talking. Not fighting. No sir.
Alicia: "How come I saw you toss your blade?"
* Salome 's ear twitches, hearing mention of a Judge.
Hume Knight: What blade? I don't have a blade. Do you see me with a blade?
* Hume Knight raises his hands. Which, to be fair, are currently empty.
* Alicia points in the direction where he threw his blade... "THAT Blade..."
* Bokalo is facinated by the exchange and the sudden change in the knight's cantor.
Meryl: Lemme give ya two pieces'a advice, Courtney.
Alicia: "The one that would hit the Berserker or the Barfly?"
* Meryl puts her axe back on her back.
Meryl: First, ne'er git 'tween a warrior an 'er mead.
Redmane Paladin: ...Do not let us catch you doing what you were doing again. It will end poorly for your little party here.
Meryl: Second, grow some balls 'fore ya challenge one.
* Alicia looks at the berserker... "and third, do not do actions that will invite the wraths of Paladins..."
Meryl: Ey, ah just wanted ta drink. S'why I'm here at all.
* Redmane Paladin looks about the room, adjusting his surcoat before nodding. "Carry on."
* Meryl looks back to the knight, down her nose with a glare, then back to her table.
Hume Jackass Bartender: You definitely don't want to get the ire of 'em, nope.
* Alicia sits down... "You have any exotic wines..."
Bokalo: Bokalo makes hsi way to the bar, and says to noone in particular. "Aye, the women in this down are fierce..."
Meryl: Ah could use 'at mead now.
Alicia: "I feel like I need a drink..."
* Hume Jackass Bartender sets down a rather large pitcher in front of one of the regulars, who gets up and hands it over to Meryl.
Alicia: "You'd think the sight of a Dark Knight would make anyone stand down..."
Astrid Eld: (( The amusing part of that was I was just about to click my fire macro when the paladins marched in ))
Meryl: Thank'ya kindly.
* Salome moves to the bar to keep an ear on the conversation.
* Meryl sits down and resumes her drinking--directly from the pitcher now.
* Hume Knight just slides down the wall on his back, still pale-faced from the encounter, now notably more quiet and almost meek-looking.
Alicia: "I guess being a Dark Knight isn't all as cracked up as it's used to be..."
Ryouto Jin: No harm done, aside from the Knight's new nickname.
Alicia: "Several nicknames... mind..."
Hume Jackass Bartender: He'll be back and yelling up a storm tomorrow, I figure.
Bokalo: And ya put up with this? Er'yday?
Alicia: "Yes... if you want us to... 'get rid of him'... I can arrange a little..."
* Salome goes to pick up the blade thrown away by the knight, actually, then goes to sit back down at the bar.
Salome: (( loot~ ))
Astrid Eld: (( Oh that Go ))
Meryl: (( Got: 1x Bastard Sword ))
Meryl: (( Because he's a bastard, and that's his sword ))
Alicia: (( How fitting ))
Hume Jackass Bartender: You just get used to it; besides, he doesn't seem to have much in the way of timing his outbursts to coincide with the justicar patrols.
Alicia: "I see..."
Hume Jackass Bartender: Every time lately it's the same thing, some frenzy over his employer in the Association over some book...
Alicia: "Hmm?"
Ryouto Jin: Association?
* Alicia looks at the bartender... "What sort of book are we looking at here?"
* Astrid Eld raises her brow at the mention of a book, idly moving to listen in on the conversation a little better.
* Hume Jackass Bartender looks at Ryouto, almost incredulously. "You don't get out much, do you, son?"
Ryouto Jin: Humor me.
Hume Jackass Bartender: The Bounty Hunter Association, just on the other end of the square.
Hume Jackass Bartender: You know. The big, huge, sprawling organization the world over for mercenaries and monster hunters and the like?
Ryouto Jin: That's not "beneath" a knight like him?
Hume Jackass Bartender: Lot of people make their living best they can.
* Meryl puts the pitcher down.
Meryl: Monster hunters, ya say.
Bokalo: Ah, I know the lot. They always dandy about my cave, tryin' ta find gold or some other nonsense.
Ryouto Jin: He seemed more boisterous.
Hume Jackass Bartender: Sometimes, military life ain't for everyone, so you get yourself a gig in the Association.
Hume Jackass Bartender: As far as the book itself, I dunno. He's always ranting about how it's some big smear on his dignity an' such though. Must be one of them less-than-legal delivery jobs, or somethin'.
Alicia: "I see... I'll be asking them if they know anything about the mystery book..."
Hume Jackass Bartender: Might as well ask about it direct from them, I doubt you'll get any information out of our "star player" here today.
Bokalo: Now hold up there, lass. Don'tcha think you'd gotten yerself 'n enough trouble fer one day?
Alicia: "Oh by the way, do you know anyone that knows the Synthisis Art of creating Life Forms?"
Hume Jackass Bartender: Synthesis of what...? That some newfangled discovery or something?
* Astrid Eld tilts her head slightly, weighing in her mind if she should check into this book, no guarantee it'd be something useful to her but if it causes this much ruckus...
Bokalo: Boisterious knights, roudy women, disgruntled palandins, judges, and don't get me started on the catfellow ov't her who's been bantering about with sticky fingers.
* Hume Jackass Bartender mumbles as he cleans a glass. "Told my wife synergy was just a fad..."
Alicia: "I see... I thought someone would know how to create Lifeforms..."
Alicia: "Not just weapons, armor and accessories..."
Astrid Eld: (( LOOT! ))
Hume Jackass Bartender: (( "Loot" ))
Alicia: "But living Life forms..."
Alicia: "... guess I'll go to the assossiation..."
Hume Jackass Bartender: Ha. Whatever. Keep dreamin' the dream, or whatever it is you do. None o'my business.
* Alicia stands up... "and forget about the exotic stuff..."
* Astrid Eld stands up carefully as Alicia makes that conclussion walking for the door 'worth a shot...'
Bokalo: (( It's times like this I wish I was playing a womanizing lech. ))
Alicia: "Hmm?
Alicia: "Astrid, you planning to do the same?
* Astrid Eld frowns as her name was called, "The same what now?" She asked feigning innocence.
Bokalo: *sigh* Best be followin' those two b'for they git into more folley.
Hume Jackass Bartender: All told, though... if Bart's getting so desperate to move this item to ask someone like that so repeatedly, might be worth checking up on. Make you a bit of money at least.
* Alicia finds a rock and throws it at the statue of Faiz... "The building across the street..."
* Hume Jackass Bartender points to Meryl. "Money you can spend paying off your damn tab!"
Astrid Eld: (( You have angered the gazebo faiz
Astrid Eld: )) *
Alicia: "Who am I kidding..." *throws another rock...* "how do you create an artifical Life Form when you have no knowledge on how it even works!"
Astrid Eld: (( oh hey that actually strikethroughs ))
Ryouto Jin: Hmmm...well I'm not making money any other way.
* Meryl finishes her pitcher, tosses a few gil down to pay for what she's had and gets up.
Alicia: "Wish I could just summon someone and forsake this dream..."
* Astrid Eld gives a slight shrug, wandering off while Alicia is distracted, "bothersome"
Meryl: Ah was gonna go o'er there about th' monster huntin' anyway.
Meryl: Ah got a beef wit one.
Bokalo: Now hold on'ta sec, lass. Ye can't quit before ye begun!
* Salome gets up and decides to follow the others a moment after, trying to not look /too/ much like she was following them. Totally just leaving with that knight's sword, too.
Hume Jackass Bartender: Ahh, whatever.
Alicia: (( Really, Odin's Devotion is basically "Forsake your Life Goal to gain power, at the cost of not gaining your happy ending ))
Alicia: "Yes but... the Bartender knows nothing, the mage knows nothing
Alicia: The Library gives zitch..."
Alicia: "Where else..."
* Meryl opens up the doors of the Association
Meryl: Ah need ta kill a monster!
Alicia: ( and yes, until she calms down, she'll use Faiz for target practice...)
Bokalo: So, you move on at the next lead! These hunter people have probably seen the world, ask about there.
Alicia: "Yea..."
* Astrid Eld glance about the facility, looking for a sign of who to talk to only to find herself followed by the rest of the bar patrons, giving a slight hrumph.
Faiz: The interior of the main office of the Bounty Hunter Association is... well, less than populated. The place is covered in various animal skins and trophies, however; a testament to just how much "business" the place gets.
Alicia: "I will..." *throws one more rock at Faiz, aiming for the... crotch for good measure...*
* Alicia sullenly walks though the doors..."
Meryl: (( Be warned Faiz is an earth wizard, he could easily make the rocks fly back and hit you in the face ))
Alicia: (( I know, but hey, she's pretty damn mad ))
Astrid Eld: (( and then wrestle you into a wall ))
Bokalo: What's all this, then? Looks as if the entire bar's gone and moved in here.
Faiz: After hearing Meryl's yell, a rather disheveled man emerges from the far door, looking like some sort of bear-wrestler who just came off a serious bender.
Alicia: "Hmm I have no idea..." *sighs*
Barthandas: Can I help you...?
* Astrid Eld frowns slightly "Brilliant assessment there. Quite the mastery of the obvious."
Alicia: Yes...
Ryouto Jin: We walked.
Meryl: Ah need ta kill a monster. Ah can't find it. Ya'll kin help me?
Alicia: "Do you know anything about the book?"
Barthandas: Kill a monster...? Well what're-- oh...
Barthandas: Oh, dear...
Alicia: I'm... well some Knight was up in anger about it..."
* Bokalo frowns. "I knew there was a reason i didn't come into the city often."
* Salome holds up said knight's blade.
* Barthandas stares at the counter for a few moments at Alicia's question, leaning forward slightly. "I knew I shouldn't have tried to go to him about it... nobody else to, though..."
Alicia: "Hmm?"
Barthandas: Well, since you know about it, no use keeping it a secret, I suppose.
Alicia: "... and too bad you don't know anyone that would know how to create a Life Form..."
Barthandas: About a week or so ago, the Association's branch in Crescent Lake shipped us this... book.
Barthandas: Just filled to the brim with all these indecipherable words, like either it was some crazy's journal, or probably something more. Nobody knew who found it, just that it showed up in the office one day and eventually made it here.
Ryouto Jin: That sounds innocent enough. Why keep it secret?
Barthandas: Well the big thing is, it's something the Judges seem to be looking for. Word out on the street is a couple of 'em are fresh back from the eastlands after they got wind of its existence.
Barthandas: Judges bein' what they are... nobody wants this thing.
Alicia: "Hmm..."
Salome: "I'll take the book."
Barthandas: If the Judges are involved, it's probably something of grave importance. Like, to the point of hushing everyone involved, importance.
Barthandas: "Hushing."
* Astrid Eld taps her chin slightly, "The judges hmm... Must be some powerful magics about it..." She mused, "Or perhaps something less desirable..."
Barthandas: --you will?
Salome: "Surrrre."
Alicia: "Sure..."
Salome: (( That's accent, not sarcasm. ))
Barthandas: ...I gotta tell ya... you might not know what you're dealing with. Hell, we're not.
Astrid Eld: (( Salome's gonna go sell it on the auction house ))
Alicia: "Just... umm, figure out the book for who knows how much money?"
* Astrid Eld shrugs slightly "Well, if she doesn't I'll take it off your hands..."
Barthandas: I only told the agents of my highest trust and ability about it, and even they won't take it.
Alicia: "I see..."
Ryouto Jin: Then how did the loudmouthed knight in the bar over there find out about it?
Alicia: "Yea..."
Barthandas: Well... he was one of 'em.
Alicia: "Was?"
Alicia: "What's his story?"
Barthandas: Loudmouth though he is, can't deny that he's one hell of a blade.
Meryl: Ah wouldn't trust 'im ta fight a could.
* Astrid Eld gives a barely contained chuckle, "I'd hate to meet your least trusted agents then."
Meryl: (( cold ))
Ryouto Jin: Well the fact we're here kind of proves you can't trust him with a secret!
* Barthandas shakes his head. "But, if you say so... let me go get it from the back."
Salome: "I hope he knows how to fight unarrrrmed."
* Alicia sighs... then looks at Bokalo... "You know..."
* Salome catgrin.
Faiz: Barthandas disappears into the back room, leaving the... small congregation to themselves for the moment.
* Salome >:3
Alicia: "Maybe it'd be harder then it looks but..."
Astrid Eld: Something tells me he probably doesn't even know how to fight armed, given how he lost his weapon in the first place.
Alicia: "My dream'll be a long road to be sure..."
Ryouto Jin: More likely he feared the paladins.
Alicia: "I dunno, I'd be surprized if we meet him in Monk stuff..."
Alicia: (( Wait, hold on while I check martial Artist... ))
Franky has connected.
Meryl: Ah've seen little boys with a bigger pair'n e's got. Lousy excuse fer a warrior makin' it even harder fer me ta be taken seriously.
Alicia: (( Ok, I was going to make a Cross-Class joke but I won't ))
* Barthandas comes back, almost tiptoeing around the place, holding some heavy-looking... grimoire that looks a fair few centuries old at least. "So this is it."
Alicia: "Let me have a first go at it..."
* Alicia carefully opens the book...
Meryl: (( Furu we almost had a bar fight, we're in a monster hunter place and I called a man a lot of girly names now you're up to speed ))
* Barthandas pulls the book away from Alicia, staring at her a bit. "Hey, now."
Meryl: (( Also there's a book ))
Franky: (( SHIT I mean okay ))
Barthandas: Lady over there said she'd take care of it, that's who I'm trusting it to.
Alicia: "Ok..."
Alicia: "If she wants a swing at it..."
Salome: "Thank you."
Astrid Eld: (( Also I'm a wizard and that looks fucked up ))
Bokalo: Now wait justa second here. Ifn ya don't mind me askin', who are you people? And how do ye all seem ta know each other already?
Meryl: Ah'm real happy fer ya'll's book, an ah'ma let ya'll read it, but ah got a monster issue ah need addressed.
* Barthandas hands it over to Salome. "Though all said... now that you know about this, you're all in this together, I say."
* Salome takes the book, putting it into inventoryspace.
Franky: (( I don't have an icon should I use a placeholder or should I just watch ))
Barthandas: Word was the Judges were right mad about that book not being where they were told it was.
Ryouto Jin: (( GET AN ICON LOSER ))
Meryl: (( Inventoryspace is literally just a bag with "inventoryspace" written on it ))
Salome: "Wherrrrre might that be?"
Barthandas: (( Just use something, I dunno; grab a sprite off the FF wiki. ))
Meryl: (( You're a dark knight right? ))
Franky: (( Right. ))
Bokalo: Now hold on justa second, there! I don't trust most of these blokes farthen than i can toss em, and yer lumpin us all together now?
Meryl: (( Hume? ))
Franky: (( I can't load FFWiki because I need chrome shut so maptool doesn't start choking dicks ))
Franky: (( Elvaan ))
Salome: (( I think he's a knifeears. ))
Ryouto Jin: Probably because the Judges will "hush" us if they find out we know about the book.
Ryouto Jin: Thank you very much, Bartender.
Barthandas: (( Ahhhg, 'sec then. ))
Barthandas: B-bartender...?
* Astrid Eld gives a slight frown, "Troublesome." She gave a slight shrug, "Though more bodies up front means less worry for me I guess."
Ryouto Jin: The bartender over there is the one who mentiond the book to us.
Barthandas: Oh... haha.
Alicia: "Yea..."
Ryouto Jin: We're all screwed now, aren't we?
Alicia: "Hmm... maybe..."
Astrid Eld: (( Then we leave and get a whole scene where we're standing on a hillside overlooking the city while the credits roll... Then the city explodes ))
* Barthandas nods a bit gravely. "Yeah, though; every one of you in it. The Judges don't like having secrets kept on 'em, and you'll probably get put to the axe if you just walk right up and say "Hey, I've got that book you've been stomping around for all this time!""
Bokalo: Now you look here, I came ta town lookin to do a little research. I'll have no part of you cityfolk's foolishness.
* Alicia looks at Barth... "So do you know anyone that might know how to make Artifical Life Forms?"
Barthandas: Artificial what now?
Alicia: "Nothing..."
Alicia: "Just trying to create a Life Form..."
Alicia: "A living, breathing, creature..."
Ryouto Jin: Just find a man.
Barthandas: Can't you just marry someone?
Astrid Eld: Don't mind her... She's been speaking strangeness since I met her, granted that being not too long ago..."
Alicia: "No..."
Meryl: (( Making token ))
Alicia: "It's... more on the line of Synthesis..."
Alicia: "Synthesising Life forms out of materials... and such..."
Meryl: (( In the meantime Fu find us ))
Franky: (( I did. ))
Meryl: (( I'll drop it there ))
* Salome just sort of stares blankly at Barabas.
Barthandas: (( THERE YOU GONED ))
Salome: >:|
Ryouto Jin: So here's a stupid plan. Could we arrange for the Judges to find the book on their own?
Barthandas: I dunno, man. Way I think of it, if the Judges are scouting the place, it's something rare and valuable.
Franky: (( I can't impersonate it ))
Barthandas: (( Try now. ))
Ryouto Jin: (( Try now ))
Astrid Eld: (( Franky Astos ))
* Alicia looks at the newcomer... "Ok where do you suppose we go to bury the book?"
Meryl: (( Use whichever one you want ))
Barthandas: I've never seen a damn thing like what's been read in here. Maybe you should try translating it.
Barthandas: Or... just keep it. Burn it. Whatever.
Alicia: "Just be rid of it?"
* Astos is definitely this guy and not that other guy.
Bokalo: (( ownership should be set now ))
Barthandas: Just get it out of my office before the Judges find out I ever touched it.
* Astrid Eld grits her teeth, "Such a wasteful discussion." She muttered, "Books aren't to be treated in such a manner."
Alicia: "Well Barth... we'll be rid of the book and any traces of us even existing..."
Salome: (( Debating how hilarious it would be if I just threw it on the ground right now and set it on fire in front of everyone. ))
Meryl: Now about ma monster problem.
Astrid Eld: (( Look, as the resident fire source I take offense to that : ))
Barthandas: Yes! Sorry. Monsters.
Astos: Yes, I am here about the monsters as well.
Astrid Eld: (( No franky, you are the monsters ))
Barthandas: (( You gangly fuck. ))
Alicia: "Well, let's see what do we have to bash heads with..."
Meryl: Ah need ta kill a monster. It killed ma Pa. Ah dunno where it was, what it looked like, how big it is, nothin. Ah just know he went out an didn't come back. So ah need ta go find it an put an axe in its head.
Barthandas: ...That-- that's not much to go on...
Alicia: "Anything for us to do..."
Meryl: Well ya'll're tha expert monster hunters, ain'tcha?
Astos: Have you ever considered he simply fell off a cliff? Or drowned?
Astrid Eld: So, basically you're just going to go out and kill every monster you find is what you're saying?
Barthandas: You know how many people die from monster attacks out there? Hell, it's why this place was made.
Astrid Eld: (( And then Astos died a painful axe death ))
Salome: ((Killin' giraffes.))
Barthandas: Just barging in and saying "Monster killed my family, where is it" doesn't help us much at all.
Alicia: "Yea..."
* Alicia sighs...
Alicia: "So since you and the hunter over here must be the only ones at this time...
Meryl: Right, an ah need help findin the one that attacked ma Pa! 'E's tha strongest man alive, an if'n 'e didn't come home 'e musta been killed by somethin' stronger. So now ah gotta go kill IT an be even stronger.
Meryl: Simple math'matic.
* Barthandas just... stares. And sighs, a little.
Barthandas: Look... I don't know what to tell you. Other than, I guess, kill all the monsters. Everywhere.
* Astrid Eld gives a slight sigh before tossing out her two sense "Well, where was your father going when he dissapeared?"
Barthandas: Chances are one of 'em will be the one who killed your pa.
Alicia: Listen, Miss Berserker... *looks at Meryl* Does that mean you're willing to drive countless species in existance to extiction?
Astos: Let me narrow this down. What is the strongest monster in the area?
Ryouto Jin: Unless someone else killed it already.
Meryl: If'n ah hafta.
Salome: (( I see Jim playin' a chick playin' Jeffery Donovan playin' Michael Weston playin' a redneck. It's hilarious. ))
Barthandas: ...Strongest monster around... huh.
Barthandas: Well there have been reports of a behemoth sighting, down south...
Meryl: (( I'm a dude playin a dude playin' another dude disguised as a chick! ))
Alicia: "Yes... I'm in the mood to let out steam... after finding out this town gave me nothing pertaining to the creation of Artifical Lifeforms..."
Alicia: "A behemoth... Anything else besize it's size?"
Astrid Eld: (( hidden in a puzzle wrapped in an enigma played by eddie murphy playing a white jewish guy played by Michael Myers. ))
Barthandas: How's sending rocks from the sky directly onto your head at inhuman speeds sound to you?
Astos: ...Perhaps less powerful than that.
Alicia: "Any other facts?"
* Astrid Eld adjusts her hat slightly, "I have only one question about this Behemoth. How well do you believe it burns?"
Barthandas: I'm not a museum, lady. They're huge, they've got horns, they will devour your entire being.
Alicia: "I see..."
* Alicia stands up...
Barthandas: I just tell people to go places and don't come back until they're back.
Ryouto Jin: So you don't have anything that needs doing?
Astos: Truly, you have the most envious job.
Alicia: "I'll be waiting outside..."
* Alicia sighs...
Barthandas: It's a livin'.
Alicia: "Where did he go..."
Alicia: ( No seriously, where did Avi went )
Bokalo: (( library ))
* Alicia sighs...
Meryl: Well let's start wit 'at. Where is it?
Meryl: (( Also Fu you should enter your stats into your token ))
Alicia: Crap...
Meryl: (( I had to see what it did ))
Alicia: "No luck finding anything about creating Life forms...
Barthandas: Reports say south. Seems to roam as far eastways as the roads to Garilond. Nobody's thought to just fight the thing, but really, I don't blame 'em.
Alicia: "What was I doing..."
Alicia: "Why do I even bother creating that dream..."
Alicia: "Maybe I should get another go at the Library...
Astrid Eld: (( Don't be squall, Kite, don't be squall ))
Meryl: If'n ya wanna create a lifeform that badly, go find a drunk man. Should take about 10 minutes.
Astos: With a decently sized hunting party, it shouldn't be impossible. Merely incredibly dangerous and life-threatening.
Barthandas: Yeah, just about.
Ryouto Jin: And then nine months
Barthandas: Like all good things, though, library'll probably let you a little better in on the knowledge part. Whole buncha stuff in there, something's bound to be done up about it.
Barthandas: (( Back in a moment. ))
* Astrid Eld frowns at the innuendo, "Hmph, are the crude remarks necessary?"
Alicia: ( Basically, Alicia wants to use the Synthesis arts that comes into making Weapons, Armor and stuff, to create a life form though that)
Ryouto Jin: Considering she can't go a full minute without complaining, yes.
Astrid Eld: (( Also I like how you guys are still talking to her despite her being a building away now ))
* Alicia looks though the shelves... "Let's see... biological habits..."
Meryl: (( Well Meryl's kinda backwoods as hell and was basically raised like a dude so there ya go. ))
Alicia: "He didn't give me much on appearance..."
* Salome leaves the building and heads to the robot statue.
Bokalo: Aye, lass! Ya returned! What about that grimoire ya had yer eye on?
Meryl: Well guess ah better start by goin' south. Ah'll be back if'n that ain't it.
Alicia: "Apparnetly he didn't trust me with it..."
* Astrid Eld gives a slight shrug, watching the Mithra leave, "Well, I suppose I'll leave you lot to your business..." She said following after.
Alicia: "They're going Monster Hunting to let out steam..."
Astrid Eld: (( Actually does Salome still have the book? ))
Salome: (( Yes. ))
Meryl: (( Right click, Edit ))
Ryouto Jin: (( Right click ---> Edit ))
Astrid Eld: (( Ah good *activates wizard stalker mode* ))
Meryl: (( Go to properties, add in everything appropriate ))
Astos: (( it's not letting me change anything ))
Meryl: (( I can change it just fine ))
Alicia: "I'm sure if we kill some monsters, we can let out steam and well... maybe clear up my head after these dead ends..."
Barthandas: (( Mess with it now. ))
Meryl: (( See I just did that ))
Meryl: (( And it reverted ))
Astos: (( Nothing's happening ))
Astrid Eld: (( Also I still find it kinda amusing how people just kinda ignore Astrid when she actually has something constructive to say for once ))
Astrid Eld: (( "Hey, just please shut up before I set you on fire." "NOPE GONNA BAR FIGHT, oh wait suddenly the fuzz.", "Well, you could start by looking at the closest area to where your father dissa-" "NOPE GONNA CAUSE SEVERAL MASS EXTINCTIONS." ))
Barthandas: (( Oh, I have an idea. ))
Barthandas: (( --wait, that won't work ))
Ryouto Jin: (( Sorry, I'm filtering out all the blue text because Kite won't stop spouting retarded nonsense ))
Astrid Eld: (( that wasn't sarcasm actually ))
Alicia: (( Well Yuu, if you think about it for a moment, I was trying to intimidate to avoid a Barfight..."
Meryl: (( Well she also has no idea where her dad disappeared from. ))
Meryl: (( He went on a nondescript hunting trip and didn't come back ))
Ryouto Jin: (( Her dad isn't actually dead. He might be a captain. ))
Astrid Eld: (( Also now you can confuse me for Go ))
Ryouto Jin: (( Or might be a villain that turns out to be a girl ))
Astrid Eld: (( or both ))
Alicia: "Well Bokalo, let's go out of this city... if we can't find anything in here, might as well join the others...
Meryl: (( I will not be surprised if Fleed makes him an evil helmeted villain just so he can say "IT'S ME, FUJIMORA KINCAID, AND I WAS YOUR ARCHNEMESIS THE ENTIRE TIME! RAHRAHRAHRAH" ))
Bokalo: (( Mmm. I'm just...not finding a good reason IC to follow this group of people right now. I think I may have to make a new character. ))
Barthandas: (( Fuck it; Furu I'm gonna just plug your stats into the token and I'll take your HP/MP adjustment reins until next week, that cool? ))
Astrid Eld: (( Voiced by Jesse Cox ))
Astos: (( works for me ))
Alicia: (( Well, I'm throwing in IC reasons to get involved, like letting out failures ))
Bokalo: Now why would you want to follow a boucha sociopaths ya just met ina bar?
Alicia: "Well, if you think about it... I almost caused the barfight to happen, just trying to get the Knight to stand down..."
Meryl: (( I think I'm playing her a little too well, since she kinda needs a reason to stick with the group. She's very straightforward. ))
Alicia: "Instead well..."
Ryouto Jin: (( She needs people to keep her alive ))
Astos: Interesting statue.
Faiz: So, all you loiterers in the northern square; now what?
Bokalo: (( You're doing a GREAT job Rping, Blaine. it's just...dang. I dono, this setup right now si weird. ))
Meryl: Looks weird.
Astrid Eld: (( Astrid's reason is someone else has the book and she wants to see whats in it but is too arrogant to actually ask ))
Alicia: "Well, I'm going to get myself ready for this Monster hunt, if you want to join, just follow up...
Bokalo: Enjoy yerself!
Faiz: (( Yeah, "Go the library and read up on ridiculous-ass monsters" is about all I can really think of at the moment to stay with the more knowledge-in'. ))
Alicia: "Hey..."
Meryl: (( A good story hook would be if the book destination and the monster were in the same area ))
Meryl: (( the party's sorta splitting on follow this book vs kill this behemoth ))
Astrid Eld: (( clearly ))
Astrid Eld: (( The monster's lair is near one of the crystals ))
Faiz: (( Who knows...! The behemoth sightings were in a place on the way to Crescent Lake...! ))
Salome: (( Fleed kinda saw through my original plan. =\ I dunno what to do now. ))
Faiz: (( Which is... where the book is from...~ ))
Astrid Eld: (( and the behemoth is a load bearing boss so we end up falling into the crystal room and plot happens ))
Alicia: "If you want to take a shot at the statue over there... feel free... plenty of stones..."
Ryouto Jin: (( What was your original plan? ))
Salome: (( Just go give the book to the Judges. ))
Alicia: (( and get all of us beheaded or worse? ))
Astrid Eld: (( snrk ))
Meryl: Throw rocks at a statue? Where's tha fun in that? It can't fight back.
Astrid Eld: (( Nah don't worry ))
Faiz: (( Judges will just go "Thanks for the ancient tome we've been digging around for, sucker" and then probably lop your head off. ))
Astrid Eld: (( judge swords only do JP damage ))
Alicia: "For some reason it makes me feel better..."
Salome: (( Yes, but again, what they would do wasn't said until AFTER I already agreed to take the damn book. ))
Meryl: Nah if ah need ta feel better I go find a nice drunk guy an sock 'im.
Astos: You have a very one track mind.
Meryl: Drunk people always fight dirtier. Keeps me on ma toes.
Ryouto Jin: (( He implied that they would want to keep it quiet ))
Faiz: One of the stones ricochets almost violently off the statue and smacks Alicia in the shin.
Alicia: "Ow..."
Alicia: "I suppose I deserve that one..."
Meryl: Ma Pa always said, ya don't know a person til ya fight 'em.
Salome: (( sigh... nevermind. ))
* Astrid Eld leans up against the stair way up to the fountain, rummaging through her notes, giving a slight grin as she heard the stone ricochette, making note of the odd statue behavior.
Bokalo: (( Well, you have this book now, and Judges want it and plan to kill whoever has it. SOunds like plot to me! ))
Bokalo: (( You should find a way to dump it. ))
Faiz: Salome!!
Astrid Eld: (( But its a key item so you can't drop it ))
Alicia: (( Basically, deliver it to it's destination, wherever it is... ))
Astrid Eld: (( HALT MUDCRAB SCUM ))
Meryl: (( Uuuuugh key items unable to be dropped. ))
Salome: (( I'll assume you mean Lore? ))
* Salome rolls: 1d20 => 1
Faiz: (( You got a +0 in 'em all anyway, just do your 2d6. ))
Meryl: (( I have an amulet in Skyrim now worth 1000 gold I cannot get rid of ))
Salome: (( It start. ))
Astrid Eld: WELP >>
Bokalo: (( Classic Go roll. ))
Salome: (( starts* ))
Astos: (( IT BEGINNNNS ))
Alicia: (( That'd be a Snake Eyes ))
Meryl: (( I think you only roll d6s like Exalted ))
Salome: (( Oh right, this is a 2d6 system. ))
Ryouto Jin: (( Yeah ))
* Salome rolls: 2d6 => 10
Alicia: (( Yea, so don't roll Snake Eyes ))
Bokalo: (( Apparently he rolls well in d6 systems. ))
Astrid Eld: (( well yeah, you can't roll 1 on a 2d6 ))
Meryl: (( Man you should have seen him playing Exalted back in January. He was getting all the success. ))
Alicia: (( True but... ))
Faiz: Through your travels abroad, you have vague recollection that Garilond, as a port town, connects more or less directly as a road to Crescent Lake, where the grimoire was first found. It would be possible to accompany the party seeking to find the behemoth if you wish to know more about the book, or use them as a traveling party for your own ends.
Astrid Eld: (( Oh god its a grimoire ))
Faiz: (( Book, grimoire, tome; interchangeable, really. ))
Astrid Eld: (( We're going to have to deal with annoying school children aren't we? ))
Faiz: (( I'm not putting emphasis on one over the other. ))
Meryl: (( I will murder the first kid we meet named Mewt. ))
Astrid Eld: (( What about twem? ))
Alicia: (( I dunno, if they do pop up from the book... it'll be a rude awakening ))
Salome: (( Can't I just dump the book through a window or something of the Judge's office or whatever in this town and be rid of the book? It's suddenly just become the entire bane of my character's existance. ))
Astrid Eld: (( JUST AS PLANNED ))
Faiz: (( Where are the Judges, ooooooooo~ ))
Bokalo: (( See, Go. What i'm not getting is, who is your character anyway? You've said like all of 2 lines all game. ))
Alicia: (( Yea ))
Faiz: (( I'm not necessarily gonna stop you from it, it's just a vehicle. You can pass it off to somebody else, or what have you. ))
Faiz: (( You just got entrusted to it 'cause you said you wanted it, that's all! ))
Alicia: (( Right right ))
Meryl: (( All aboard the bookmobile ))
Salome: (( No one's asked her who she is or why she's been following along. OOC, the why is very plainly right on her sheet. ))
Alicia: (( Yea ))
Alicia: Excuse me...
Bokalo: (( Well I did kind of try to call you out int he bar but I think that got skipped over. ))
Alicia: "Umm, I'm Alicia and... sorry if I was troublesome..."
Salome: (( I might have missed it. Sorry. There was some time I had to suddenly AFK to wife issues, but given I had been quiet up 'til then, I didn't think it mattered to say I had returned. ))
Bokalo: (( AH yeah wives d do that do you at times. ))
Bokalo: (( *to you, that is ))
Bokalo: (( Uhhh, ok I have an idea. ))
* Astrid Eld frowns slightly, ducking low as Alicia approached, not wanting to get caught following after Salome, 'Hnn, how am I going to get my hands on that book?' She thought.
Astos: come here often?
Alicia: "Listen I..."
Astrid Eld: (( Suddenly Astos hitting on Meryl ))
Alicia: "ABout my actions about scrying into the... Oh no..."
* Alicia looks at Bokalo...
Alicia: "Sorry, I thought it'd be a clue to my personal quest but..."
* Astrid Eld winces at Bokalo's sudden outburst, letting out a slight sigh, "Cat woman?"
Salome: Mew?
* Salome looks up and turns her head, hearing the exclamation.
Meryl: Nope.
Astos: ...Me neither.
Bokalo: I've seen you slinkin' about since the bar, listenin' in on people's conversations, takin' that which don't belong ta ye, and now ya have yer hands on this tome! just who are ya, anyway? Speak up!
* Astos awkward silence.
Meryl: It occurs ta me ah have no idea where south is til it gets dark.
Salome: :3
Salome: I'm Salome!
Alicia: "Oh..."
* Astrid Eld pains an > onto Salome
Astos: I can track the behemoth, so it shouldn't be difficult.
Faiz: (( HI I'M RANDY ))
Alicia: "I'm Alicia..."
Alicia: "And I... was surprized he trusted you with the book..."
Alicia: "I thought if I read it, I'd get some answers..."
Ryouto Jin: It's not trust. He wanted to be rid of it.
* Astrid Eld frowns slightly, slinking away from the group for now, keeping an ear out just in case.
Bokalo: Now don't ya be playin' cutesy wit me, lass! I''ve no likin' ter the cut o' yer gib right now.
Bokalo: Just what are yer intentions?
Alicia: "Now that I think about it... just what are you up to?"
Salome: I just offerrrred to take it. Simple as that. *blink* Mrowr? Cut of what?
Astos: Looks like there's something going on over there.
Meryl: Yep. Ah'm not doin anythin' better right now, might as well see what's goin on.
Bokalo: So, you just decided to up and git yerself involved with paladins and judges and hunters and the like as a courtesy? Forgive me fer not buyin' into yer kind heart.
Astos: Indeed.
Alicia: "and you are? *looks at the newcomer...*
Salome: I have my rrrreasons for being there, just as the rest of you. I, for one, have no prrrroblems with the Paladins or Judges....
Ryouto Jin: I doubt that'll stop them from killing you if they find that you have the book.
Salome: >:3
Astrid Eld: (( BOOM ))
Astrid Eld: Thats the most sense I've heard spoken I'll day, I'll be perfectly honest.
Bokalo: I don't know what'cha plan ta do with that book, but I don't intend ta allow ya ta lead these folks into needless harm. I believe the only option isn ta git that book to it's home ASAP.
Faiz: It also occurrs that none of you have actually taken a look in the book.
Alicia: Listen, ever since most of us except for the new guy with the horns met up at the..."
Bokalo: (( I thoguth Go did. ))
* Salome sighs, heavily and audibly, her ears folding down and tail swaying sadly behind her.
Faiz: (( Shit, did he? I must've missed that. ))
Salome: Nyaa... I supppose so...
Alicia: (( Well, I took first shot at looking at the book ))
Astrid Eld: Now, if none of you have any objection, I would like to see this book... From all the commotion I am quite curious about its contents.
Alicia: (( Before he puts it in Salome's Key Items ))
Ryouto Jin: Or you could ditch it somewhere else in the wild.
* Astrid Eld she adjusts her hat slightly, "It may well assist in my research after all."
* Astrid Eld grits her teeth once more at the mention of tossing out such a valuable tome.
Alicia: "Listen, let's just try to read the book and maybe it'll help at least one of us before we all set out to get this book to it's destination..."
Alicia: (( Ha ))
Astrid Eld: (( Also a bestiary that contains all species of monsters- yeah ))
Bokalo: (( YES. ))
Astrid Eld: (( Clearly the monster was wearing a top hat and monocle ))
Astrid Eld: (( And is quite cynical and possibly british ))
Meryl: (( And to top it all off, it contains the words for Fus Ro Dah ))
Astrid Eld: (( Which one? ))
Alicia: (( Ha ha ha yea, the White Chronical ))
Astrid Eld: (( Can we break technology with it by ramping up science? ))
Bokalo: (( Anyway, read it! ))
Astrid Eld: (( I'm trying! ))
Salome: (( Sorry. Roommate just came in and then I was asked to join a channel to be a dicebot. Lemme scroll up to see what I missed. x.x ))
Alicia: (( Basically, we're arguing over the book ))
Salome: Nyaaa.. If the Paladins arrrre so adament about finding this book, perrrhaps we should wait until we left town before examining it for all the worrrld to see, nya?
Bokalo: Aye. Let's head south, then/
* Astrid Eld grits her teeth imaptiently before nodding, "Fine, but I get to ready it before we do anything else with it."
Bokalo: Noone will want to follow us if there's a behemoth that direction.
Astos: As long as we take care of the Behemoth as well.
Faiz: (( It's not a bad idea; granted, there aren't many bystanders about here, but "outside" may well be a good choice. ))
Meryl: Ah will. Ah'm already goin' there anyway.
Ryouto Jin: I doubt the Paladins would let something like that stop them.
Faiz: (( An' that should've been regular DMtalk but hey~ ))
Alicia: "Let's just go..."
Astrid Eld: (( THE STATUE SPEAKS ))
Astrid Eld: (( INTO THE VOID *deadly premonition lollipop/doughnut loading screen* ))
Alicia: "Well Bokalo... look at what we're getting into..."
Astrid Eld: (( GRASS TOKEN ))
Bokalo: (( there should be a chainsaw out here somewhere... ))
Faiz: (( Yeah I'm not gonna just open a new map entirely for you, so... hmm ))
Faiz: (( GOOD ENOUGH ))
Salome: (( I actually need to go. =_= I need to open in the morning. ))
Astrid Eld: (( Aw ))
Faiz: (( Hmm~ ))
Astrid Eld: (( Murder the behemoth next week? ))
Astos: Ah yes, the famous green plains.
Faiz: (( Would we rather pause or keep going? ))
Meryl: (( It IS like almost 12:30 ))
Alicia: (( Hmm... ))
Faiz: (( You're not murdering the behemoth this session. ))
Bokalo: (( let's stop for the night ))
Astos: Known for their greenness.
Meryl: (( I'm cool with stopping, yeah ))
Astrid Eld: (( Yarp ))
Alicia: (( Same ))
Meryl: (( Wait, before we go ))
Astos: (( I can go either way ))
Meryl: (( Meryl runs back into town and kicks the knight in the balls ))
Bokalo: (( Silence, Mr. Nappy McNapNap ))
Meryl: (( I was gonna move the token but it's way too far for that joke ))
Astos: (( man this formation is fucked. ))
Astrid Eld: (( AGAIN ))
Faiz: NEXT WEEK: Burning Adventure! What Secrets Within?!
Astos: (( Why are the mages up front ))
Astrid Eld: (( Its FF4O all over again ))
Meryl: (( Let's actually get in the grass ))
Alicia: (( Actually, DRKs are Fighters and Casters
Faiz: (( Just tossing Go in there so he's with the group. ))
Astos: (( GRAND CROSS ))
Astos: (( NOW WE'RE A PERSON ))
Astrid Eld: (( AND I'LL FORM THE HEAD ))
Meryl: (( NOW VOLTRON ))
Astrid Eld: (( AGAIN ))
Faiz: (( You have a hammer. ))
Meryl: (( I'm the arm that holds the sword, I am best ))
Ryouto Jin: (( No I don't. I'm the WhM ))
Astrid Eld: (( WHMS HAMMER ))
Alicia: (( and I'm the joint that keeps the legs together... ))
Ryouto Jin: (( I HAVE A STICK\ ))
Meryl: (( Apparently Voltron's crotch commands dark powers ))
Alicia: (( Ha ha ))
Bokalo: (( ROFL ))
Ryouto Jin: (( Kite is Daniel from Voltron Force ))
Salome: (( We form the symbol for FIYAAAAHHH ))
Astrid Eld: (( also before we go ))
Faiz: (( Anyway yeah; full stop for this week? ))
Astrid Eld: (( welp ))
Faiz: (( I may well actually do something tomorrow, even, if you're all about. ))
Astos: (( Yeah. ))
Astrid Eld: (( So thats what the hurf button does ))
Alicia: (( Yea, let's make some jokes ))
Meryl: (( Let's all HURF ))
Bokalo: (( Probably not. I don't i'll be back until my game on sunday ))
Bokalo: (( but you can go without me ))
Astrid Eld: (( I'll... Probably be home tomorrow but I may be slightly distracted since C++ ))
Astos: (( Fleed if we ever run into a robot and it doesn't go ERROR HAR HAR HAR this game is a failure ))
Astrid Eld: (( saturday is kinda my cram day ))
Ryouto Jin: (( I have to play 4e in this tomorrow ))
Alicia: (( Yea... ))
Meryl: (( Tomorrow is my 4e day, yeah. I'll be burned out on it by the time it's over ))
Faiz: (( Yeah, I know; after 4e, doofus. ))
Faiz: (( Well, whatever. We'll see. ))
Astos: (( VOLTRON DANCE ))
Alicia: (( Ring me when SCales are done then ))
Alicia: (( I'm surprized no one made a joke about her eyes ))
Faiz: (( CAMPAIGN SAVED - save your token and get the fuck out! ))
Meryl: (( I tend to finish out SCales sessions wiped ))
Astrid Eld: (( Aw it went under ))
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