Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
Threden has connected.
Zorya Whiteshield has connected.
Tilus has connected.
Tilus: (( some grasslands ))
* Tilus dash
Yuu Inohara has connected.
Kuro has connected.
Yuu Inohara: and then there was a void!
Franky has connected.
Yuu Inohara: voidru
Franky: oh god what is going on
Mechalomaniac: Fleed hasn't sent a map yet
Franky: so we're just hanging out in the darkness of space
Mechalomaniac: Yes
* Zorya Whiteshield floats around
Zorya Whiteshield: hell yeah
Fleed has connected.
Yuu Inohara: SPACE FLEED
Fleed: :toot:
Mechalomaniac: HI
Zorya Whiteshield: SPAAAAACE
Kuro: Drillin' through time and space.
Fleed: SP8S
Mechalomaniac: Did you have a new map or should I roll the old one?
Mechalomaniac: err
Fleed: I didn't change anything, load up what you have.
Mechalomaniac: open the old one
Threden: Roll Furu
Fleed: I'm gonna grab some ice cream and I'll be ready.
Franky: I should level my stuff up and figure out how much I get from things and all
Threden: (( Where'd you put my token? ))
Tilus: (( You never leveled up in the last... three? weeks now? ))
Yuu Inohara: (( FUUUURUUUU ))
Yuu Inohara: (( I think your token got displaced last session ))
Franky: (( that's a lot of goblins ))
Yuu Inohara: (( they were inside a fake behemoth ))
Fleed: Whoops, that took too long.
Fleed: So, we are in fact going to run on Sunday. We don't have anything specific planned.
Franky: so do I get my Int modifier in HP and all my saves go up by one?
Christina DeMarsey: No Furu
Fleed: (by second "we" I mean family "we")
Threden: (( Auspicious Birth is only for first level. ))
Franky: (( oh okay. ))
Fleed: You get a set amount of HP per level.
Christina DeMarsey: (( HP per level is fixed at what the class says ))
Franky: (( Ooooh. ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( If your int score goes up it increases appropriately. ))
Fleed: If you raise your INT mod, then Auspicious Birth does kick in and boost your HP by that much.
Fleed: Er, not just mod. If you raise your INT at all.
Kuro: (( also your defenses all go up by since you add half level. ))
Yuu Inohara: (( Fruu should be getting +5 HP ))
Franky: (( Okay cool ))
Threden: (( So, what? My token from last time was destroyed? ))
Franky: (( but I was right about my AC and saves going up by one right? ))
Fleed: Oh. No. I just invisibo-ed it.
Christina DeMarsey: (( AC, Saves, and Attack bonus yeah ))
Yuu Inohara: (( It was safely stored in a wall ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( And you get to pick a Utility power ))
Yuu Inohara: (( Umb got his level-up stuff out of the way already right? ))
Crixsara: (( Other then needing to update the macros. ))
Cid: (( I'll pick a power later when opening PDFs won't make my computer asplode ))
Fleed: While I'm reminded.
Fleed: Umb/Furu, roll init.
* Threden rolls: 1d20+2 => 12 + 2 = 14
* Franky rolls: 1d20 => 2
Fleed: Well are we otherwise good and out of the way?
Kuro: (( oh, init gets half level as well. ))
Cid: (( Oh okay. THEN I ROLLED A 3. ))
Tilus: (( Also you get +2 to init from me. ))
Cid: (( YES LET'S DO THIS ))
Magical Accelerant (Detonate) • Free Action • N/A
The magical accelerant ignites, dealing extra damage!
Damage = 9   Physical       Physical: 1     Psychic: 4
Christina DeMarsey: (( OK ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Was Crixsara's init taking me into account? ))
Crixsara: (( No ))
Lance Brandt: (( so 16 and 5 ))
Galbine: (( ...damage 9 but only 5 total? How does *that* work? ))
Crixsara: (( By math not working quite right. ))
Lance Brandt: (( something has gone wrong in the mathosphere! ))
Cid: (( Math IS hard. ))
Crixsara: (( Curse gets no bonus damage, so I reworked the formula to make my new bonus 1d6 that. So it didn't add quite right. ))
Magical Accelerant (Detonate) • Free Action • N/A
The magical accelerant ignites, dealing extra damage!
Damage = 11   Physical       Physical: 6     Psychic: 5
Galbine: (( ready and willin', cap'n. ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( Yep ))
Cid: (( let's do dis ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Let's & Go! ))
Lance Brandt has received initiative.
Lance Brandt: (( OH HEY ))
Lance Brandt: (( so, just fire tackle the leader? ))
Notalix Harebrain: ugh what a bunches of fucks
Galbine: (( that sounds like both a bad and good plan. ))
Lance Brandt: (( its basically the only major damage dealing thing I've got so ))
Cid: (( Wow Notalix is pretty beefy for a goblin ))
Celia Dunesend: (( He's an elite it sounds like. ))
Lance Brandt: (( doot ))
Cid: (( I bet he works out. ))
Notalix Harebrain: (( I am going to ASSUME you did not provoke an OA and just kind of walked like a normal person. ))
Lance Brandt: (( :3 ))
Galbine: (( so, hm. I'm not sure if I should second wind on my turn, or delay until after Pgymy. ))
Lance Brandt: (( no I kinda want provoking ))
* Notalix Harebrain is too goddamn smart to hit the person that bursts into flames at whim.
Lance Brandt: (( ))
Celia Dunesend: (( XD ))
Galbine: (( Hey guys, Blaine may be coming! ))
* Lance Brandt raises his sword instead then, "FIRE BLADE!"
Notalix Harebrain: Fire what
Lance Brandt: Burning Blade (Hit): « 1d20+8 = 20 + 8 = 28 » vs. AC
Galbine: (( quick, what's the server port ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( ))
Crixsara: (( Default ))
Lance Brandt: (( so uh, 18 fire damage ))
Celia Dunesend: (( FIIIYAAAA BLAAAAADE ))
Fleed: PWING
Lance Brandt: (( and ACTION POINT ))
Celia Dunesend: (( INTERRUPT ))
Crixsara: *Kupo* This is pathetic.
Celia Dunesend: (( Well not quite interrupt but ))
* Lance Brandt raises once more "THUNDA BLAAADE!"
Fleed: Lance's blade strikes true, but the fire rages out of control!
Lance Brandt: Lightning Clash - Primary (Hit): « 1d20+8 = 7 + 8 = 15 » vs. AC
Celia Dunesend: (( You get +3 to attack on that. ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d9 => 2
Lance Brandt: (( can I switch taht to fort? ))
Lance Brandt: (( since scimitar? ))
Goblin Costumer 7: Goblin Costumer 7 loses 18 HP.
Cid: (( CURVED. SWORDS. ))
Lance Brandt: Lightning Clash - Primary (Damage): « 1d8+5 = 8 + 5 = 13 » Damage and make a secondary attack.
Notalix Harebrain: (( Yeah, you can go ahead and switch it to fort, don't care. ))
Lance Brandt: « 1d6 = 4 » extra
Lance Brandt: Lightning Clash - Secondary (Hit): « 1d20+8 = 12 + 8 = 20 » vs. Reflex
Notalix Harebrain: Notalix Harebrain loses 17 HP.
Lance Brandt: Lightning Clash - Secondary (Damage): « 1d6+5 = 4 + 5 = 9 » Lightning damage.
Notalix Harebrain: Notalix Harebrain loses 9 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( now I need to look somehting up since that was an item daily and we have an artificer ))
Notalix Harebrain: It was a good plans. ._.
Cid: Truly a meeting of the minds going on over there.
Celia Dunesend: "You might just have attracted undue attention with it!"
Lance Brandt: (( also what is Cid's INT? ))
Zorya Whiteshield: "He sounds silly~"
Cid: (( 18. ))
Lance Brandt: Lance Brandt recovers 5 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( temp HP ))
Lance Brandt: (( benefits of having played an artificer, you know their weird little nonsense gimmicks ))
Fleed: (( Done, otherwise? ))
Lance Brandt: (( yeah ))
Lance Brandt: (( also I am amazed that that plan worked like it did ))
* Goblin Costumer 3 shanks Christina in the shankables!
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+6 => 16 + 6 = 22
Christina DeMarsey: Christina DeMarsey loses 4 HP.
Christina DeMarsey: (( Ow ))
Goblin Costumer 3: keke
Galbine has received initiative.
Galbine: (( so I'm still not sure if I should delay to be healed by others, or just heal myself and pass the turn. ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d6 => 5
Fleed: Galbine burns!
Galbine: Galbine loses 5 HP.
Blaine has connected.
Galbine: This space should be evacuated. Swiftly.
Zorya Whiteshield: (( If you require healing let me know. ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Take out Costumer 8 if you can. Zorya will heal you. ))
Lance Brandt: (( oh also uh, the first hit of lightning blade had 4 fire damage tacked on too since burning blade, sorry about that >.> ))
Fleed: (( I added that in. ))
Galbine: (( I totally can, yeah. ))
Lance Brandt: (( alright just making sure ))
Crixsara: (( If you ran out and punched 5 or 9, you shoudl be fine. ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Ok it's Benderin' time ))
Lance Brandt: (( also hey Blaine ))
Fleed: (( Also just as a note, the blast area is difficult terrain. ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( If my memory serves, I'm down everything but At-Will, but am Raging ))
Galbine: (( oh jesus I made DOUBLE DIFFICULT terrain? ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( OH, also Fleed ))
Fleed: (( Hi~ ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I missed a response if you gave one, can I change out my Feat as I only charged once since level 2 and missed? ))
Crixsara: (( Yeah, you might want to run out and sword 9, then, and then spread your at-will to 5. ))
Fleed: (( I'm going to say yes but don't expect this to be a continual thing. ))
Celia Dunesend: (( I've burnt my utility but not my daily. ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Weapon GivesMoreDamage is more useful for me ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Gotcha ))
Galbine: (( Hm, sure, why not at 2 hp! ))
* Galbine stance: ATTACKU, of course
Crixsara: (( Well, see, if you move to 8 and miss... then you're in risk! ))
Crixsara: (( While neither of these dudes will act before a healer. ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Point. ))
* Galbine points at the ground under the goblin, making it all full of debris!
Goblin Costumer 9: whaaaat
Melee Basic • Standard • Weapon
Attack = 22 vs. AC       Rolled: 14     Bonuses: 8
Damage = 10   Physical       Rolled: 6     Bonuses: 4
Goblin Costumer 9: ow man
Goblin Costumer 9: Goblin Costumer 9 loses 10 HP.
* Fleed rolls: 1d20 => 2
* Fleed rolls: 1d20 => 8
Galbine: (( Hey Fleed can I ask a dumb thing ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( he doesn't explode does he ))
Galbine: (( If I slide one minion's corpse into another, can I kill it with it? >_> ))
Crixsara: (( d20 rolls after kills is for loot. ))
Goblin Costumer 9: (( ...Justify it well enough. ))
Lance Brandt: (( GOBLIN SURFING ))
Galbine: (( well I'm forcibly flinging a corpse, so~ ))
Galbine: (( GOBLIN MISSILE ))
Goblin Costumer 9: (( Which one are you targeting? ))
* Galbine turns to face Costumer 6!
Zorya Whiteshield: (( we're looting the corpses while there's still badguys? ))
* Galbine fires a crest-shaped ray of force that pulverizes the goblin to death, flinging it's corpse at costumer 1!
Goblin Costumer 9: (( Make an attack roll, +4 v Fort. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here. ))
* Kuro rolls: 1d20+4 => 18 + 4 = 22
Galbine: (( fuck yeah. ))
Goblin Costumer 9: (( ...Hrrhm ))
Goblin Costumer 9: (( Yeah I thought you were flinging the already-dead goblin at something, not a FRESHLY NEW ONE. Yeah, no. ))
Goblin Costumer 9: (( Sorry about that ♥ ))
Goblin Costumer 6: Goblin Costumer 6 loses 3 HP.
* Fleed rolls: 1d20 => 20
Galbine: (( awww. ))
Lance Brandt: (( SUPER LOOT? ))
Goblin Costumer 9: (( CHINGIN' ))
Cid: (( Do all these dudes really only have 1 HP ))
Lance Brandt: (( minions ))
Crixsara: (( They're minions. So yes. ))
* Goblin Costumer 8 stabs all up on Zorya!
Celia Dunesend: (( Minions all have 1 HP yes ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+6 => 14 + 6 = 20
Galbine: (The corpse still flings itself next to the other Goblin.)
Lance Brandt: (( minions are basically mooks meant to be killed en-masse ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( AC 20 so yes : ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Minions are a thing 4e added so enemies only have 1 HP and only deal 5 damage, but they're designed as easy fodder ))
Goblin Costumer 8: (( It says +2...? ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( So you can have your big area attackers feel important ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( oh wait yeah I think I used Shield of Faith last session. ))
Crixsara: (( Is your BASE AC 20? ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( Yes ))
Goblin Costumer 8: (( I... can't remember when but this is technically an extension of last fight so if it's "Until your next turn" then it still goes. ))
* Goblin Costumer 8 has stabbed little but armor. SORCERY AND WITCHCRAFT
Zorya Whiteshield has received initiative.
* Zorya Whiteshield rolls up her sleeve and delivers a right-cross at Costumer 8's jaw.
Galbine: (( oh, right, Bladesong is over now too. sad. ))
Zorya Whiteshield:
Sacred Flame • Standard - Ranged 5 • Divine, Implement, Radiant
Is yous gonna sing? Or is my next shot goin' for ya kneecaps?
Attack = 26 vs. Reflex       Rolled: 19     Bonuses: 7
Damage = 8   Radiant       Rolled: 4     Bonuses: 4     Special: 0     Critical: 0
Hit: One Ally you can see can choose to gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma (+2) + 1/2 your level or to make a saving throw.
Goblin Costumer 8: BARF
Goblin Costumer 8: Goblin Costumer 8 loses 8 HP.
* Fleed rolls: 1d20 => 14
Zorya Whiteshield: (( someone gain 4 HP ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Heal Kuro, Zorya ))
Galbine: (( THAT WOULD BE ME, YES ))
Galbine: Galbine recovers 4 HP.
* Zorya Whiteshield then turns and scampers after the robot. "Oh dear! Oh my goodness! Please come back Mr. Galbine! I need to fix you!"
Zorya Whiteshield:
Healing Word • Minor Action - Close Burst 5 • Divine, Healing
Would you like me to kiss it better?
Effect: One creature in the burst may spend a healing surge and regains 1d6 additional hit points. An ally who spends a healing surge in this way gains +2 to attack.
Zorya Whiteshield: (( healbine ))
Galbine: (( I forget, are you supossed to roll the 1d6? ))
* Zorya Whiteshield rolls: 1d6 => 1
Zorya Whiteshield: (( welp :I ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Yes, the healer usually does ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Yes, the healer rolls the d6... aww ))
Galbine: (( welll. Kid. ))
Lance Brandt: (( a 1d6 not a 1 kid ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( Kid giveth, and Kid taketh away. ))
Crixsara: (( Might be easier to toss it into the macro. ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( I'm done after that. ))
Galbine: Galbine recovers 8 HP.
Cid: (( kid is a dick forever ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( Yeah. ))
Lance Brandt: (( I think I used all our luck bashing the goblin leader in the face ))
Galbine: Thank you for the assistance.
* Goblin Costumer 9 choom
Zorya Whiteshield: "Please don't run off like that when you're hurt. I... I don't run very fast."
* Goblin Costumer 5 rolls up his sleeves and pulls out a burning stick of something, then throws it between Meryl and Christina!
Zorya Whiteshield: "Oh dear."
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+4 => 4 + 4 = 8
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+4 => 4 + 4 = 8
Galbine: (( DOUBLE FIRE ))
Fleed: But it does nothing...
Galbine: (( TRIPLE RUIN ))
Celia Dunesend has received initiative.
Cid: Amateurs.
Celia Dunesend: (( Hmm. Heal Meryl or Christina...? ))
Lance Brandt: (( I keep hearing that in Mattias' voice D: ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Or Galbine again? ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I LOVE APCS. SO CRUNCHY. ))
Galbine: (( Hm. I'll...probably be fine? I still have second wind if stuff goes south. ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Ehh, Christina's the tank and she's got the lowest percentage of HP. So! ))
Crixsara: (( She's also still in the fire? ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Up to you! I technically can heal myself if need be ))
Celia Dunesend: (( And yes, is also still in the fire. ))
Celia Dunesend: "Christina! Don't let that goblin's blow get to you!"
Christina DeMarsey: "I think I'm going to let it get to him."
* Tilus rolls: 1d6 Inspiring Word -> Christina. You spend a HS and heal HS value + this. => 6
Goblin Costumer 3: Is gettin' t'her all days
Meryl Kincaid: (( You guys have the small fry handled so I can go hit the things with HP? ))
Christina DeMarsey: Christina DeMarsey recovers 15 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( sure ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I'm a terrible crowd control ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Works for me ))
Goblin Costumer 3: (( MerylFaiz~ ))
Galbine: (( I'm amazing crowd control. ))
Lance Brandt: (( it'd probably help so I have something worth marking them over ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Yuu has the big one locked down and I can't reach the other ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Nah. Meryl hits harder. ))
Galbine: (( what with killing two mooks I turn. ))
* Celia Dunesend meanwhile maneuvers around! (I'm assuming this does not count as a flank)
Goblin Costumer 3: (( NOPE ))
Galbine: (( also magic missile to instantly kill minions at range. ))
* Tilus rolls: 1d20+7 Quick Formation @ Costumer 3, vs AC => 14 + 7 = 21
Zorya Whiteshield: (( magic missile is the best finisher
Goblin Costumer 3: I'M DYINGS
Lance Brandt: (( it is, just ask Imban *gets chomped for it* ))
* Tilus rolls: 1d10+4 Damage, and all allies within 5 squares of me can shift 2 squares as a free action => 8 + 4 = 12
Goblin Costumer 3: Goblin Costumer 3 loses 12 HP.
* Fleed rolls: 1d20 => 16
Celia Dunesend: "Now's your chance! Get out of that fire!"
Crixsara: (( Is that whole burst an "on-fire" zone? ))
Galbine: (( so hey, shift out of the fire? awesome. ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Your Magic Missile better be actual missiles ))
Zorya Whiteshield: "Running now!"
Lance Brandt: (( GN MISSILES ))
Galbine: (( I was thinking it could be multiple things, like a palm blast or rocket punches or something equally silly. ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Meryl should get out too, really. ))
Crixsara: (( If all that is difficult, you can only move one, no? ))
Fleed: (( Yeah, I was gonna say... ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Actually I'll go this way since Furu and Umb can kill those minions ))
Crixsara: (( Meryl can get out entirely, but Chris can only move one... ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Well when I can move I plan to ))
Fleed: (( Meryl can totes GET OUT of the blast zone though. ))
Galbine: (( move onto another square of difficult? BRILLANT ))
Fleed: (( You can do it now. ))
Celia Dunesend: (( I just let you shift a free action. ))
Fleed: (( You're within the 5 squares of shift. ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Tilus' thingy let you shift 2 ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( OH, sorry ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( This is fine here ))
Celia Dunesend: (( And done ))
Crixsara has received initiative.
Lance Brandt: (( so Meryl is going for alchemist 2? ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( I'll go for Alchemist 1 then ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I can charge him or help you with Notalix ))
Cid: (( Full Metal Goblinchist ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Your call on that, you have Is ))
Crixsara: Might as well blast my way through, *kupo*
Lance Brandt: (( alright when my turn comes up, if the enemies haven't moved too much I'll probably move here: ))
Magical Accelerant • Minor • N/A
Crixsara shoots a foe with a shell containing a magical mixture intended to make the target more susceptible to magic gunner rounds.
Effect: Target creature becomes covered in a magical accelerant. If the creature is later hit by a Magic Gunner attack, they may choose to deal an extra 1d6 damage. This damage can only be triggered once per turn.
Lance Brandt: (( I would advise not entering adjacent spaces there for a round ))
Crixsara: (( Shooting Costumer 2 ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Where was that again? ))
* Goblin Costumer 2 feels sticky. ._.
Meryl Kincaid: (( Ah. If I charge Notalix I'd be above him because of how charge works. So I'd be good. ))
Dark Shot • Standard - Melee Touch/Ranged 10 • Arcane, Implement, Necrotic, Psychic
Crixsara shoots a magical bullet infused with darkness at an enemy, which saps their mind and distracts them momentarily.
Attack = 15 vs. Fort       Rolled: 10     Bonuses: 5
Damage = 11   Necrotic/Psychic       Rolled: 7     Bonuses: 4     Critical: 0
Hit: Target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.
Potential Bonuses: Hidden Sniper (Gain CA against target if you have concealment against it)
* Goblin Costumer 2 feels dead
Goblin Costumer 2: Goblin Costumer 2 loses 11 HP.
Meryl Kincaid: (( I'll go after the Alchemist anyway though ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d20 => 2
* Goblin Costumer 4 less dead than cohorts; throws a stick of somethin' between Christina and Meryl!
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+4 => 1 + 4 = 5
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+4 => 17 + 4 = 21
Lance Brandt: (( a stick of almost failure! ))
Fleed: Christina is zapped by ELECTRIC DYNAMITE
Christina DeMarsey: Christina DeMarsey loses 3 HP.
Celia Dunesend: (( electric dynamite huh ))
Fleed: She also takes a -1 penalty to attack rolls!
Christina DeMarsey: "I don't have time for this!"
Lance Brandt: (( SHOCKING isn't it? ))
Cid: These goblin inventions are embarrassing me by proxy.
* Galbine turns to Zorya, to finally reply to her.
Christina DeMarsey: (( How long does the -1 last? ))
Goblin Costumer 1: (( End of Costumer's next turn. ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Ok! ))
* Goblin Costumer 1 shankin' on Lance, with combat advantage! EAT TACTICALS
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+8 => 13 + 8 = 21
Lance Brandt: Lance Brandt loses 5 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( man these exact rolls ))
* Goblin Costumer 2 still feels dead.
Galbine: Sorry, current combat protocols dictate that self-preservation is many tiers below elimination of enemies. Shall I re-organize protocols to better aid party cohesion?
Notalix Harebrain: errhmm
Notalix Harebrain: hrrrhfm
Notalix Harebrain: Ugh, yous losers.
* Fleed rolls: 1d6 Recover Lunar Curtain => 1
* Notalix Harebrain fizzle ._.
Lance Brandt: YOU'RE A LOSER
Meryl Kincaid: HEY
* Notalix Harebrain takes a step back.
Meryl Kincaid: UGLY
Zorya Whiteshield: "Oh, uh... yes. Yes please."
Meryl Kincaid: FUCK YOU
Lance Brandt: (( well corona won't happen as much, ah well ))
* Notalix Harebrain chants a spell for a moment and then turns Lance and Zorya into burning
* Zorya Whiteshield notices she's in Meryl's way and scrambles to get out of it.
Cid: Here it goes.
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+7 => 2 + 7 = 9
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+7 => 7 + 7 = 14
* Lance Brandt simply stands in the flames GLARING
* Fleed rolls: 3d6+4 => 6 + 4 = 10
Fleed: Zorya burns!
Zorya Whiteshield: Zorya Whiteshield loses 10 HP.
* Galbine makes an odd humming noise as it's eyes go all scanline-y!
Lance Brandt: (( Lance has 5 fire resist ))
Fleed: (( It also MISSED HIM ))
Lance Brandt: (( ah ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( THE BEST KIND OF RESIST ))
Lance Brandt: (( so its not a miss = half? ))
* Zorya Whiteshield runs around in circles, arms waving in the air. "My hood is on fire! My hood is on fire! My hood is on fire! My hood is on fire!"
Fleed: (( No. ))
Lance Brandt: (( huh ))
* Notalix Harebrain errh, hrrm
* Notalix Harebrain action point!
* Notalix Harebrain waves his gnarly staff at Lance!
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+7 => 8 + 7 = 15
Fleed: Immobilized until the end of Notalix's next turn!
Lance Brandt: (( eh ))
Notalix Harebrain: Don'ts just stands there looking pretty. Do somethings.
Goblin Alchemist 1: Y-yes boss ._.
Meryl Kincaid has received initiative.
* Meryl Kincaid rolls her shoulder and lets out a loud roar.
Lance Brandt: Geh, once I can move again I'll do something alright!
Meryl Kincaid: IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!!
Notalix Harebrain: Yous done enoughs.
Goblin Alchemist 2: ??!
Lance Brandt: I BEG TO DIFFER!
Meryl Kincaid:
Howling Strike • Standard • Primal, Weapon
Ah'm comin' fer ya!
Attack = 10 vs. AC       Rolled: 3     Bonuses: 7
Damage = 18   Physical       Rolled: 11     Bonuses: 7     Special: 4     Critical: 0
Special: May use while charging and +2 to charge distance if raging.
Bonuses: +1 to hit if charging.
Goblin Alchemist 2: No.
Lance Brandt: (( welp ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I'm fairly sure I'm out of anything else to do so done~ ))
Christina DeMarsey has received initiative.
Meryl Kincaid: (( The good news is I'm next to him now so I can walk over him. ))
* Goblin Costumer 6 daed
* Christina DeMarsey slowly moves out of the fire. Then runs the hell toward Goblin Alchemist!
* Fleed rolls: 1d6 => 6
Fleed: Christina burns anyway!
Christina DeMarsey: Christina DeMarsey loses 6 HP.
Christina DeMarsey: Face me, fiend!
Christina DeMarsey:
Ardent Strike • Standard • Divine, Weapon
You attack your enemy and make it the focus of your god's anger.
Attack = 13 vs. AC       Rolled: 4     Bonuses: 9
Damage = 7   Physical       Rolled: 3     Bonuses: 4
Hit: The enemy is marked by you and takes 3 + your Charisma modifier (+2) radiant damage the first time each round it makes an attack that doesn't include you. When charging you can use this power in place of a melee basic attack.  
Goblin Alchemist 1: Hmmf.
Christina DeMarsey: (( Sads. ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( Does it still mark...? ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( No, it has to hit. And since I charged I can't normal mark ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( Just checkin'. ))
* Goblin Alchemist 1 steps back from the less-screaming still-crazy lady.
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( No, here. ))
Lance Brandt: (( not one more up? :3 ))
* Goblin Alchemist 1 pulls out a stick of somethin' and tosses it at the ground near him!
Christina DeMarsey: (( I was about to ask if he could shift 2 ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+6 => 15 + 6 = 21
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+6 => 16 + 6 = 22
* Goblin Alchemist 1 doesn't actually deal damage since the burst was small, but it still creates a cloud of thick smoke!
Christina DeMarsey: Hiding won't save you!
Fleed: Until the zone abates, all creatures within the cloud gain concealment; additionally, all non-goblin creatures starting within the zone must take a DC 20 Endurance check at the beginning of their turn, or be blinded until the start of their next turn!
Fleed is disconnected.
Christina DeMarsey: (( Kill them. TO DEATH! ))
Lance Brandt: (( OH GOD ))
Galbine: (( oh noooo ))
Celia Dunesend: (( GASP ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( THE FLEED IS DEAD ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( LONG LIVE THE FLEED ))
Fleed has connected.
Celia Dunesend: (( FLEED PRONES ))
Lance Brandt: (( aaaa ))
Adric Kain: Don't worry, I can tell how this story goes from here!
Celia Dunesend: (( Oh he's back ))
Adric Kain: (( Oh wait ))
* Goblin Alchemist 2 TIME SHENANIGANS
Lance Brandt: (( TIME SHENANIGANS ))
* Goblin Alchemist 2 steps away from the crazy lady and pulls out a black iron sphere, tosses it between her and Lance. Kaboom ♥
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+6 => 7 + 6 = 13
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+6 => 17 + 6 = 23
Lance Brandt: (( man fuck these goblins ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d8+2 => 7 + 2 = 9
Meryl Kincaid: Meryl Kincaid loses 4 HP.
Lance Brandt: Lance Brandt loses 4 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( yay fire resist ))
Fleed: Lance is knocked away by the explosion!
Cid has received initiative.
Lance Brandt: Ugh... Fucking goblins!
* Goblin Costumer 7 is also totes dead
Lance Brandt: (( so can someone force move me to the left one square? ))
Lance Brandt: (( or wait I'll probably go before them so ))
Fleed: (( Also yes I kinda designed the Alchemists to be more annoying than brutal~ ))
Cid: (( should I move up and shoot this hoblin ))
Celia Dunesend: (( I'll see what I can do. ))
Lance Brandt: (( sure ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Though I'm probably way too far away from everything down there so. ))
* Cid casually strolls on up and fires an ether-charged bullet at the goblin on the edge of the smoke cloud
* Franky rolls: 1d20+8 => 5 + 8 = 13
* Goblin Costumer 1 SRW dodge
Cid: (( welp ))
Lance Brandt has received initiative.
Lance Brandt: Endurance: « 1d20+9 = 8 + 9 = 17 »
Lance Brandt: (( :| ))
Lance Brandt: (( not that it matters ))
* Lance Brandt waises his sword still, fire roons appearing on alchemist 1
Lance Brandt: (( murk ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: aw, jeez
Galbine has received initiative.
* Goblin Costumer 3 durf
Lance Brandt: (( hurf ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Did you mean to say waises and roons or did that ust happen? ))
Goblin Costumer 3: (( It's a wagic weapon. ))
Lance Brandt: (( waises no ))
Lance Brandt: (( suddenly fud ))
Lance Brandt: (( roons was intentional though ))
* Goblin Costumer 8 pre-emptive hurf
Galbine: (( so while I could waltz up to 5 and probably hit it and thus kill the other far minion, it would mean I would become USELESS for the rest of the fight. so... ))
Crixsara: (( You would be able to charge next turn, no? ))
Galbine: ((, that would move me far enough, wouldn't it. ))
Lance Brandt: (( wagic whistle ))
Galbine: (( yeah let's do that instead! ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( Go after the alchemist for now. Crix and Cid can pop the costumers ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( or that ))
Galbine: (( but I can pop BOTH this turn, if I hit~ ))
Goblin Costumer 5: (( IF, HOHOHO ))
* Galbine stance: ATTACKU!
Lance Brandt: (( ALL THE 1s ))
* Galbine points and creates debris!
Melee Basic • Standard • Weapon
Attack = 25 vs. AC       Rolled: 17     Bonuses: 8
Damage = 5   Physical       Rolled: 1     Bonuses: 4
Cid: Go, win for glorious technology!
Galbine: (( a 1...ON THE DAMAGE ROLL ))
* Goblin Costumer 5 is totally goddamn hit oh god
Goblin Costumer 5: Goblin Costumer 5 loses 5 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( ALL THE 1s ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d20 => 15
* Galbine turns to face costumer 4 and...
Goblin Costumer 4: crest what now
* Galbine pullverizes it to death and toss the corpse away!
* Goblin Costumer 4 aaaaaaa
* Fleed rolls: 1d20 => 9
Galbine: Enemies eliminated. Other allies can move up now.
Zorya Whiteshield has received initiative.
Zorya Whiteshield: (( pop the last costumer or go after Notalix? ))
Lance Brandt: (( healing murl would probably be helpful too ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( that's a given ))
Adric Kain: (( Kil the mook ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( 'kay
Lance Brandt: (( actually is Christina being on fire a save-ends? ))
Goblin Costumer 4: (( No, it's a "starts turn in" effect. ))
Lance Brandt: (( ah ))
Galbine: (( the fire was from standing in the fire. ))
Adric Kain: (( Yeah I'm fine ...WHY AM I STILL ADRIC ))
Lance Brandt: (( just wondering since the mark was still there ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Yeah I'm fine now ))
* Zorya Whiteshield points at the costumer. A radiant tommy gun appears in front of her and fires a spray of holy bullets at it.
Zorya Whiteshield:
Sacred Flame • Standard - Ranged 5 • Divine, Implement, Radiant
Is yous gonna sing? Or is my next shot goin' for ya kneecaps?
Attack = 11 vs. Reflex       Rolled: 4     Bonuses: 7
Damage = 9   Radiant       Rolled: 5     Bonuses: 4     Special: 0     Critical: 0
Hit: One Ally you can see can choose to gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma (+2) + 1/2 your level or to make a saving throw.
Zorya Whiteshield: (( : ))
* Goblin Costumer 4 sings an old gobbie folk song for Zorya. ♥
Galbine: (( THE DEAD ONE DOES? ))
Galbine: (( oh god, zomblins ))
* Zorya Whiteshield points at Meryl!
Zorya Whiteshield:
Healing Word • Minor Action - Close Burst 5 • Divine, Healing
Would you like me to kiss it better?
Effect: One creature in the burst may spend a healing surge and regains 1d6 additional hit points. An ally who spends a healing surge in this way gains +2 to attack.
Fleed: (( Haha impersonate didn't take, oh well. ))
* Zorya Whiteshield rolls: 1d6 => 3
Meryl Kincaid: Meryl Kincaid recovers 12 HP.
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+12 => 8 + 12 = 20
Fleed: (( ...errhm ))
Lance Brandt: (( what happen? ))
Fleed: (( Never mind. ))
Celia Dunesend has received initiative.
Crixsara: (( Someone set up us the bomb. ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~. ))
* Goblin Costumer 5 choom
Celia Dunesend: (( Plunk the costumer near the group or charge alchie 2? ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Either would be useful ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Actually I'm not a tank. Costumer plunk go! ))
* Celia Dunesend waltzes right up and spears Costumer 1!
* Tilus rolls: 1d20+6 Melee Basic Attack (little point using anything else), vs AC => 11 + 6 = 17
* Goblin Costumer 1 skewert! OH NO
* Tilus rolls: 1d10+3 Damage => 9 + 3 = 12
Goblin Costumer 1: Goblin Costumer 1 loses 12 HP.
Celia Dunesend: (( Done ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d20 => 4
Crixsara has received initiative.
Lance Brandt: (( so uh ))
Lance Brandt: (( I may need this spot and this spot: ))
Galbine: (( che-aarrrgggee? ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+12 => 17 + 12 = 29
Lance Brandt: (( yeah, or this spot if valid: ))
Crixsara: If you think some smoke will protect you, think again, *kupo*!
Goblin Costumer 1: (( I'M GONNA EAT ALL THE GOBLINS. ))
Magical Accelerant • Minor • N/A
Crixsara shoots a foe with a shell containing a magical mixture intended to make the target more susceptible to magic gunner rounds.
Effect: Target creature becomes covered in a magical accelerant. If the creature is later hit by a Magic Gunner attack, they may choose to deal an extra 1d6 damage. This damage can only be triggered once per turn.
Goblin Alchemist 1: Could.
Dark Shot (Spirit charge) • Standard - Melee Touch/Ranged 10 • Arcane, Implement, Necrotic, Psychic
Crixsara shoots a magical bullet infused with darkness at an enemy, which saps their mind and distracts them momentarily.
Attack = 25 vs. Fort       Rolled: 20     Bonuses: 5
Damage = 19   Necrotic/Psychic       Rolled: 15     Bonuses: 4     Special: 7     Critical: 0
Hit: Target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.
Potential Bonuses: Hidden Sniper (Gain CA against target if you have concealment against it)
* Goblin Alchemist 1 was not protected at all! SCIENCE, YOU BETRAY US
Lance Brandt: (( actually hmm ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Does that not automatically max crits? ))
Magical Accelerant (Detonate) • Free Action • N/A
The magical accelerant ignites, dealing extra damage!
Damage = 5   Physical       Physical: 1     Psychic: 4
Lance Brandt: (( also SCIENCE DAMN YOU ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: Goblin Alchemist 1 loses 24 HP.
Celia Dunesend: (( Otherwise how are you rolling 15 on a damage die on crit? ))
Crixsara: (( That did max it. Though, hm. ))
Lance Brandt: (( also what was blind again? -2 to thit? ))
Crixsara: (( It's because "Damage Roll" includes my bonus 1d8. ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( You grant CA, can't see targets (all have total concealment), -10 to Perception, you don't count for flanking. ))
Crixsara: (( Using Spirit Charger, it adds another 1d8. So 8 (maxed from crit) + 7 (bonus dice) ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: Goblin Alchemist 1 recovers 8 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( huh ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( Anyway, done? ))
Crixsara: (( Why did it recover? ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( ...What, that was the actual damage done? You just said you fucked up the math. ))
Crixsara: (( No I didn't. ))
Crixsara: (( I said that's why the roll was the way it was ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( Eh, whatever. Okay. ))
Cid: (( oh god my space bar was stuck ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: Goblin Alchemist 1 loses 8 HP.
* Goblin Costumer 4 and 1 turn purple, fade away
Crixsara: (( By the macro, I rolled 8 (maximised) for the mai ndamage roll, and then Spirit Charger's bonus 1d8 rolled 7. Then 4 for my damage bonus for 19. Plus 5 from Accellerant. ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d6 recover Lunar Curtain => 3
* Notalix Harebrain fizzle ._.
* Fleed rolls: 1d6 recover Bind => 5
Celia Dunesend: (( Ahhh. ))
Lance Brandt: (( fizzle? ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( He failed to recover his drapes ))
* Notalix Harebrain waves his totally gnarly staff! LIGHTNING BESIEGES YOU
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+7 => 12 + 7 = 19
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+7 => 9 + 7 = 16
Lance Brandt: (( I was asking about the bing thing actually ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d8+4 => 2 + 4 = 6
Meryl Kincaid: Meryl Kincaid loses 6 HP.
Celia Dunesend: Celia Dunesend loses 6 HP.
Notalix Harebrain: Be less awfuls! ugh
Goblin Alchemist 1: okay ._.
Meryl Kincaid has received initiative.
Lance Brandt: BE MORE DEAD
Cid: Loud woman! Remove that goblin's head!
* Meryl Kincaid stomps up to Alchemist 2 and shoves it aside, trampling over its foot.
Cid: It was a suggestion, that's all.
Goblin Alchemist 2: h-hey ._.
Meryl Kincaid: BUNKA DUNKA!
Meryl Kincaid:
Devastating Strike • Standard • Primal, Weapon
Here comes th' pain!
Attack = 13 vs. AC       Rolled: 6     Bonuses: 7
Damage = 17   Physical       Rolled: 10     Bonuses: 7     Special: 8     Critical: 0
Effect: Enemies gain +2 to hit you unless raging.
Goblin Alchemist 2: Those aren't even words!
Meryl Kincaid: (( Well I'm done. ))
Christina DeMarsey has received initiative.
Lance Brandt: (( remember your endurance check :/ ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Yuu do you want to keep on Harebrain? ))
Lance Brandt: (( you can mark it if you want ))
Lance Brandt: (( OH GOD ))
* Christina DeMarsey chamark!
Zorya Whiteshield: "Oh..."
* Christina DeMarsey points at Harebrain. "FACE ME!"
Notalix Harebrain: Yous not even facing me.
* Christina DeMarsey charge
Christina DeMarsey:
Ardent Strike • Standard • Divine, Weapon
You attack your enemy and make it the focus of your god's anger.
Attack = 10 vs. AC       Rolled: 1     Bonuses: 9
Damage = 6   Physical       Rolled: 2     Bonuses: 4
Hit: The enemy is marked by you and takes 3 + your Charisma modifier (+2) radiant damage the first time each round it makes an attack that doesn't include you. When charging you can use this power in place of a melee basic attack.  
Lance Brandt: (( thats... oddly appropriate ))
Notalix Harebrain: (( How... appropriate. ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( LOOK I'M BLIND OKAY?! ))
Galbine: (( whoops. ))
Lance Brandt: (( don't shank yourself ))
* Notalix Harebrain waves its hands at Christina's flailing ass.
* Christina DeMarsey waves her sword off to the side of her. "Over here foul monster!"
Cid: (( hahahahahaha ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d6 recover Smoke Bomb => 5
* Goblin Alchemist 1 success! A great day for science!
* Goblin Alchemist 1 emerges from the cloud in front of Celia. Pulls out a different stick of something.
* Goblin Alchemist 1 lights it on fire. BEHOLD AMAZING LIGHT SHOWS (also horrible burning)
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+6 v R => 15 + 6 = 21
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+6 v R => 13 + 6 = 19
Lance Brandt: (( >:3 ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d6+4 => 5 + 4 = 9
Celia Dunesend: (( =_= ))
Celia Dunesend: Celia Dunesend loses 9 HP.
Zorya Whiteshield: Zorya Whiteshield loses 9 HP.
Lance Brandt: HOLD IT!!
Goblin Alchemist 1: what
Lance Brandt: (( teleport shoops ))
Zorya Whiteshield: "Ow..."
Celia Dunesend: (( UP ONE ))
Celia Dunesend: (( STAY OUT OF THE CLOUD ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( Actually that should've been +4 but it hit you both anyway, so. ))
Lance Brandt: (( so whats the to-hit penalty for this? ))
Cid: Goblins are stupid so I suppose that fits.
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( Total conceal is -5. ))
Lance Brandt: Sword (Hit): « 1d20+3 = 4 + 3 = 7 » vs. AC
Lance Brandt: (( welp ))
* Goblin Alchemist 1 snigger
Lance Brandt: (( teleport flails ))
Lance Brandt: (( /me* ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d6 recover Bomb Toss => 1
* Goblin Alchemist 2 has failed science. Badly. Like, to the point of that shit exploding in his face.
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+6 v R => 3 + 6 = 9
* Fleed rolls: 2d8+2 => 2 + 2 = 4
Goblin Alchemist 2: Goblin Alchemist 2 loses 4 HP.
Goblin Alchemist 2: ...
Goblin Alchemist 2: ._.
Cid has received initiative.
Galbine: (( should I go down to help kill alchemist 1 or 2? ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I would have this if I COULD HIT HIM ))
Galbine: (( well I could help with that by flopping him over!~ ))
Lance Brandt: (( you want me to flank him, or go after the boss still? ))
* Cid casts MAGIC BULLET at the goblin alchemist ahead of her
* Franky rolls: 1d20+8 => 7 + 8 = 15
Lance Brandt: (( we need to get you agravating force mang ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( You got that Heroic Effort thang? ))
Galbine: (( and maybe move nearer so you can heal if needed~ ))
Cid: (( I have it. ))
Lance Brandt: (( force is better than weapon in this kind of fight usually ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( It's granting CA so defense is effectively 18, you can hit it if you use it. ))
Cid: (( OKAY I'LL USE IT. ))
* Goblin Alchemist 1 blort
Cid: (( roll damage? ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( Yeah. ))
* Franky rolls: 1d10+4 => 4 + 4 = 8
Goblin Alchemist 1: Goblin Alchemist 1 loses 8 HP.
Lance Brandt has received initiative.
Lance Brandt: (( so blaine ))
Fleed: Christina feels a tremor beneath her feet.
Lance Brandt: (( flank with you or go after the boss? ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Be warned I will be hard to flank with ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I'll be walking over the enemy ))
Lance Brandt: (( will here work then?: ))
Christina DeMarsey: "What now?
Lance Brandt: (( doot? ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( It's your turn so! ))
Zorya Whiteshield: "That doesn't sound good..."
Celia Dunesend: (( Don't go away ))
Celia Dunesend: (( You're next to an enemy ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( beat up the one you're on ))
Lance Brandt: (( I can also burst into flames ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Got called out for dinner. Just go wherever, I'll try to accomodate if you come this way ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Just be forewarned it behooves me to step over everything I hit while raging ))
Lance Brandt: (( argh choice ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( An extra d12 is huge ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Kill the injured one first ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( Well do something. ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( kill that one now ))
* Lance Brandt fire stabbes the goblin sure
Crixsara: (( Killing that Alchemist will also recharge my buff, which I'll use to debuff the boss to make him easier to hit. ))
Lance Brandt: Sword (Hit): « 1d20+10 = 7 + 10 = 17 » vs. AC
Cid: (( Ye Olde Stabbe ))
Lance Brandt: (( :V ))
* Goblin Alchemist 1 stobbed ._. Damn you, situations!
Lance Brandt: (( wait really? ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( Eh, I'm just gonna say that if something SPECIFICALLY SAYS "Grants CA" then it and flank can stack because fuck it. ))
Lance Brandt: (( also I used the wrong to-hit macro but ))
Lance Brandt: Sword (Damage): « 1d8+9 = 2 + 9 = 11 »
Goblin Alchemist 1: Goblin Alchemist 1 loses 11 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( doesn't really matter ))
Galbine has received initiative.
Lance Brandt: (( also suddenly bursts into flames (blazing corona) ))
Goblin Alchemist 1: Thsi is... uncomfortable. And hot.
Lance Brandt: (( anything that begins their turn next to me, 4 damage, etc. ))
Galbine: (( Hmmm. ))
Crixsara: (( You should be able to charge the one Blaine's fighting ))
Galbine: (( hm-hm. ))
* Galbine stance: ATTACKU
Lance Brandt: (( I'm actually half tempted to be an ass and just walk up to it and melee-ranged it ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I think fighting is a little generous ))
Lance Brandt: (( it or the boss ))
Galbine: Creating advantageous terrain.
* Galbine points, debris, etc
Goblin Alchemist 1: (( ... where ))
Melee Basic • Standard • Weapon
Attack = 18 vs. AC       Rolled: 10     Bonuses: 8
Damage = 5   Physical       Rolled: 1     Bonuses: 4
Galbine: (( yay for ca. ))
Lance Brandt: (( oh hey that answers that ))
* Goblin Alchemist 1 crunch
Goblin Alchemist 2: Goblin Alchemist 2 loses 5 HP.
Goblin Alchemist 2: (( IMPERSONATE WHY DON'T YOU TAKE ))
Galbine: (3 damage and it falls prone)
* Goblin Alchemist 2 doip
Christina DeMarsey: (( It hates you ))
Goblin Alchemist 2: Goblin Alchemist 2 loses 3 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( OH GOD ))
Galbine: Advantageous situation for allies created.
Lance Brandt: (( so Blaine can move here probably and get oh god- ))
Galbine: ?!
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+8 => 15 + 8 = 23
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+8 => 20 + 8 = 28
* Fleed rolls: 2d8 => 9
Christina DeMarsey: Christina DeMarsey loses 8 HP.
Notalix Harebrain: Notalix Harebrain loses 16 HP.
Meryl Kincaid: (( I'm walking directly over the alchemist and beating it to a fine paste ))
Lance Brandt: (( also blaine: ))
Fleed: The ground beneath Christina and Notalix collapses, and both of them fall into a pit!
Lance Brandt: (( I think that'll give flenks ))
Cid: I didn't do it.
Fleed: (( Actually that's Acrobatics, isn't it. ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( I DON'T KNOW ))
Fleed: (( PICK ONE ))
Lance Brandt: (( OH GOD THE ARMOR ))
* Mechalomaniac rolls: 1d20+1 ATHLETICS => 11 + 1 = 12
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+3 => 5 + 3 = 8
* Fleed rolls: 1d10 => 3
Christina DeMarsey: Christina DeMarsey loses 0 HP.
Notalix Harebrain: Notalix Harebrain loses 0 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( pfff ))
Notalix Harebrain: aws, what
Lance Brandt: (( aaaa ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( daily time ))
Goblin Trenchman 1: Big boss says is time, it's doin' movin' again. Gotta go.
Notalix Harebrain: ...haha
Notalix Harebrain: Haves fun beings deads, losers. ♥
Lance Brandt: great, they're running away again aren't they?
Zorya Whiteshield has received initiative.
Christina DeMarsey: What?
Cid: Like I said, I hate goblins.
* Zorya Whiteshield rushes forward and throws her hands out to the side, sending out a pulse of bright white light.
Zorya Whiteshield:
Moment of Glory • Standard - Close Burst 5 • Divine, Implement, Radiant
Attack = 12 vs. Will       Rolled: 5     Bonuses: 7
Hit: The target is pushed 3 squares and knocked prone.
Effect: All allies within the burst gain Resist 5 to all damage until the end of your next turn.
Sustain Minor: The effect persists.
Zorya Whiteshield has received initiative.
Zorya Whiteshield: (( ffffffff ))
Lance Brandt: (( the effect still works ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( but I wanted to prone everyone ))
Crixsara: (( You still need to roll for every enemy. ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( oh ))
* Goblin Alchemist 2 already prone. SCIENCE WINS!
* Zorya Whiteshield rolls: 1d20+7 Alchemist 1 => 1 + 7 = 8
Lance Brandt: (( 1 on 1 ))
* Zorya Whiteshield rolls: 1d20+7 Trenchman 2 => 4 + 7 = 11
* Goblin Alchemist 1 is unprone. A glorious day for science!
* Zorya Whiteshield rolls: 1d20+7 trenchman 2 => 8 + 7 = 15
* Goblin Trenchman 2 bwhat
* Zorya Whiteshield rolls: 1d20+7 NOTALIX FUCKING GOD ROLL DOUBLE DIGITS FOR ONCE => 17 + 7 = 24
* Goblin Trenchman 2 doip
Lance Brandt: (( welp ))
Crixsara: (( I think you mean 1 for one of those there? ))
Lance Brandt: (( push him out of the pit ))
Lance Brandt: (( DO IT ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( first one was supposed to be one
Zorya Whiteshield:
Healer's Mercy • Free Action - Close Burst 3 • Divine, Healing, Channel Divinity
There there. Let me make it all better.
Effect: Each bloodied ally in the burst can spend a healing surge. You are weakened until the end of your next turn.
Effect: All allies within the burst who spend a healing surge gain +2 to attack.
* Notalix Harebrain gets pushed through a tunnel on the far side of the pit. Thanks for the escape route, loser!
Lance Brandt: (( I have no idea if that actually works due to 4e's Z-Axis shenanigans but ))
Zorya Whiteshield: Zorya Whiteshield recovers 8 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( except he has to spend a move action standing up ))
Galbine: Galbine recovers 7 HP.
Zorya Whiteshield: (( Go Go Resist 5. ))
Celia Dunesend has received initiative.
Crixsara: (( Chris should heal as well, since she's bloodied. ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d20+13 => 3 + 13 = 16
Celia Dunesend: "Lance! You've got that goblin on the ropes, finish it!"
* Celia Dunesend uses Commander's Strike! Lance, make a melee basic attack with +1 to hit and +4 damage.
Lance Brandt: (( OKAY?! ))
Lance Brandt: Sword (Hit): « 1d20+11 = 12 + 11 = 23 » vs. AC
Lance Brandt: Sword (Damage): « 1d8+5 = 8 + 5 = 13 »
* Goblin Alchemist 1 splut
Goblin Alchemist 1: Goblin Alchemist 1 loses 13 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( that was slightly unecessary but...! ))
* Fleed rolls: 1d20 => 18
Spirit Charger • Free • N/A
Crixsara's use of magical accelerants allows her to harvest tiny fragments of the creature's spirit or essence, allowing you to increase the effect of some attacks.
Effect: Recover a Spirit Charge use. Only one Spirit Charge can be held at a time.
Celia Dunesend: (( Done ))
Crixsara has received initiative.
Crixsara: (( So, shoot the boss? ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( yes ))
Fleed: (( You have like NO line of sight to him. ))
Fleed: (( Unless you got in the hole. ))
Lance Brandt: (( oh he's in the tunnel? D: ))
Fleed: (( Yeah. ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( But he's not in the hole anymore? ))
Lance Brandt: (( fuck you and your Z-Axis shenanigans 4e! ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Yeah it looked like he was above ground. I wouldn't have moved there if he wasn't. ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( I thought Notalix was out of the hole? ))
Fleed: (( Those four are "below ground level." ))
Celia Dunesend: (( He's not, apparently ))
Galbine: (( I think you pushed him further into it. ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( wat ))
Fleed: (( Yeah, the tunnelers dug down that way. ))
Lance Brandt: (( flailus ))
Celia Dunesend: (( I move there instead. ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( then bah not pushing him ))
Crixsara: (( So, who can I see from here? ))
Fleed: (( ...eggh ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( if I'd known that I wouldn't have pushed him. ))
Lance Brandt: (( yeah I was kinda hoping it would have shoved him out ))
Fleed: (( I WILL ALLOW THIS if only because no enemy had taken turn yet. ))
Crixsara: (( That would have been PRETTY NONSENSE ))
Cid: (( I am so confused right now. ))
Lance Brandt: (( WOULD IT? ))
Celia Dunesend: (( As am I. ))
Fleed: (( You can see all four of them. ))
Crixsara: (( They rolled to prevent falling damage. Clearly it's not just pushing him over a step. ))
Lance Brandt: (( well it was a 3 square push~ ))
Crixsara: (( Push requires movement away from the caster~ Straight up is not away from the caster. ))
Lance Brandt: (( anyway, things to be done! ))
Cid: (( I vote we fill the hole with a bucket of magma ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Clearly you push him into the wall of the hole ))
Lance Brandt: (( but mecha is in there? ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( LEt me out first ))
Lance Brandt: (( anyway Lance will probably hop in when his turn comes ))
Crixsara: (( Mecha should take teh heal from Zorya's turn. ))
Lance Brandt: (( I need to fire off my corona attack anyway ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Oh I totally missed that ))
Crixsara: I don't think you're going anywhere, *kupo*
Crixsara: (( Attacking the boss. ))
Christina DeMarsey: Christina DeMarsey recovers 9 HP.
Magical Accelerant • Minor • N/A
Crixsara shoots a foe with a shell containing a magical mixture intended to make the target more susceptible to magic gunner rounds.
Effect: Target creature becomes covered in a magical accelerant. If the creature is later hit by a Magic Gunner attack, they may choose to deal an extra 2d6 damage (one of the d6 is Psychic). This damage can only be triggered once per turn.
Zorya Whiteshield: (( all of you who healed get a +2 to attack until end of next turn ))
Holy Shot (Spirit Charge) • Standard - Melee Touch/Ranged 5 • Arcane, Implement, Radiant
You shoot a magical bullet infused with holy energies at an enemy, which allows your allies to home in on the divine energy.
Attack = 10 vs. Fort       Rolled: 5     Bonuses: 5
Damage = 10   Radiant       Rolled: 6     Bonuses: 4     Critical: 0
Hit: Until the end of your next turn, your allies gain a +2 power bonus to attack and damage rolls against the target.
Potential Bonuses: Hidden Sniper (Gain CA against target if you have concealment against it)
* Notalix Harebrain so fortitudinal
Crixsara: Tsk.
Fleed: SLAM
Lance Brandt: (( AAAA ))
Fleed: Tremors and shaking and SLAM
Fleed: More shaking. More SLAM
Lance Brandt: (( Loud noises ))
Galbine: ?!
* Vahlarandan Behemoth SNORT
* Lance Brandt frowns
Lance Brandt: well fuck
Galbine: ...That appears to be the actual Behemoth.
Galbine: ...
Celia Dunesend: "So the real thing has appeared, it seems."
Christina DeMarsey: YOU!
Crixsara: Well, now, *kupo*. Guess there was one here afterall.
Cid: Ah, that's. That's a problem.
Galbine: Also determined to be of incredibly high threat level: Advised to be ill-engaged.
Celia Dunesend: "It couldn't have picked a worse time to show up."
Zorya Whiteshield: "Oh God what."
* Vahlarandan Behemoth ROAR
Zorya Whiteshield: "I-I think it's time to be running away now!"
Lance Brandt: (( SHOOT IT NED ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I love how my responses take a solid sixty seconds for MapTool to agree that I have started typing something. ))
Zorya Whiteshield: "AAA INTO THE HOLE."
* Notalix Harebrain stand up oh god oh god run away
Lance Brandt: (( are we still in combat time or no? ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Still in combat time. ))
Meryl Kincaid has received initiative.
Lance Brandt: (( don't fuck beemouths ))
Meryl Kincaid:
Devastating Strike • Standard • Primal, Weapon
Here comes th' pain!
Attack = 14 vs. AC       Rolled: 7     Bonuses: 7
Damage = 22   Physical       Rolled: 15     Bonuses: 7     Special: 7     Critical: 0
Effect: Enemies gain +2 to hit you unless raging.
Cid: Did she just say "bee mouth".
Lance Brandt: (( do you still have your resolve? ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Hell no ))
Lance Brandt: (( also is that with flanking? ))
Lance Brandt: (( if its without flanking them uhh... use your augment ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Flanking isn't +6 ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( If we have to fight this thing, then spending it to kill the Alchemist looks pretty silly ))
Lance Brandt: (( I thought terrain and prone ))
Galbine: (( I think we're running from a level level 20+ solo. ))
Fleed: (( I'm not saying you have to fight it. Because it will probably wreck you up good. ))
Fleed: (( You can fight it...! If you want to. ))
Celia Dunesend: (( I doubt that's L20, but it's up there ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( After some of the shit SCales has sent at us I'm not entirely sure what 4e wants us to see as run-from-this ))
Crixsara: (( The macros don't take CA or flank. ))
Lance Brandt: (( so I think Blaine may have hit ))
Galbine: (( considering we're level 1 and it has that much HP and defenses... ))
Lance Brandt: (( unless prone and terrain don't boost to-hit ))
Fleed: (( Blaine, did you heal from Zorya's burst? ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I don't see where you're getting terrain from. And no, I wasn't bloodied. ))
Crixsara: (( Difficult terrain doesn't give to-hit, unless you have the feat. ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( it's only bloodied folk, yeah ))
Lance Brandt: (( galbine dropped it ))
Fleed: (( Yeah, so no hit. ))
Lance Brandt: (( eh ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I'm done at any rate ))
Christina DeMarsey has received initiative.
Lance Brandt: (( sorry :/ ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Gotta say, trying to be positive here. ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( But it's not easy. ))
Galbine: (( Kid is kinda a fucker. ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Do I need to roll to get out of the pit? ))
Fleed: (( Yeah, you're getting kinda unnaturally fucked over. ))
Galbine: (( it's not your fault, it's random-ness. ))
Fleed: (( Nah, just use two squares to get out. ))
Lance Brandt: (( anyway uh... I have a rope and a grappling hook so:V ))
* Galbine turns, points up North to the artifical cave thingermobob
Meryl Kincaid: (( Well I've had a lot of time to stew over how I react to bad rolls over the last few weeks ))
Galbine: Most advisable route of escape is into there.
Meryl Kincaid: (( So I'm making an effort to try not to get so upset about it but.. yeah, not easy tonight. ))
Christina DeMarsey: "I don't intend to run from it now."
Christina DeMarsey: (( Turn done. ))
Lance Brandt: (( understandable :/ ))
* Goblin Alchemist 2 stando
Goblin Alchemist 2: Oh, dear.
Zorya Whiteshield: "You are going to run from it if I have to drag you." She flexes her noodle-arms at Christina
Lance Brandt: Yeah we're in no shape to fight this thing
* Goblin Alchemist 2 abandons all hope, gets the eff outta there
Lance Brandt: Stupid goblins have worn us down as is
Zorya Whiteshield: "We'll make nice with Mr. Goblin if we must, but we're going to GET AWAY FROM IT."
Goblin Alchemist 2: (( Provoke from Galbine and Meryl, if so inclined. ))
Meryl Kincaid:
Melee Basic • Standard • Weapon
Bunka dunka!
Attack = 17 vs. AC       Rolled: 10     Bonuses: 7
Damage = 17   Physical       Rolled: 10     Bonuses: 7
Melee Basic • Standard • Weapon
Attack = 15 vs. AC       Rolled: 7     Bonuses: 8
Damage = 12   Physical       Rolled: 8     Bonuses: 4
Celia Dunesend: "Yes, merely looking from it I can tell you that even with all of us combined we're overmatched, and on top of that combat with these infernal goblins has weakened us. As they say, he who runs away lives to fight another day."
Goblin Alchemist 2: (( That... actually does hit, Blaine's. ))
Goblin Alchemist 2: Goblin Alchemist 2 loses 17 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( ))
Galbine: (( I have...+5 to hit so I hit! ))
Goblin Alchemist 2: Goblin Alchemist 2 loses 12 HP.
Meryl Kincaid: (( How did I hit him? ))
Goblin Alchemist 2: (( Running grants CA. ))
Galbine: (( +1 stance +2 ca +2 healbot ))
* Christina DeMarsey jams her sword into the ground angrily. "I havn't come this far to run away from it!"
Goblin Alchemist 2: (( I dunno if you still get that walk-over bonus or not...? ))
Lance Brandt: Did you come this far to die like an idiot?
Celia Dunesend: "Yes, but unless you have a death wish you would be best not to fight it now."
Meryl Kincaid: (( I didn't get the healbot bonus ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Uhh... sec ))
Cid: I am strongly in favoe of not dying.
Galbine: Advised to run, and fight again another day. Is that how the proverb goes...?
Meryl Kincaid: (( Effect: Enter the rage of the thunder hooves. Able to move through enemy spaces, and gain 1« W = Invalid expression: W. » damage to attacks against them if done in the same turn. ))
Zorya Whiteshield: "Something like that."
Goblin Alchemist 2: (( So I guess not, okay. ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Does this count as the same turn? ))
Goblin Alchemist 2: (( Unless Tilus says yes. ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I mix up turn and round sometimes ))
Celia Dunesend: "I've lost one group to an ambush, and I am not losing a second. We are getting out of here."
Christina DeMarsey: "...Damnit!"
Goblin Alchemist 2: (( I... eehhg. Tilus/Mechperson do you know any rulings on that offhand? Because I think I might just executive-call a "Yes, Meryl can continue to beatstick dudes in OA" here if not. ))
Celia Dunesend: (( On what? I missed it. ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Same turn is "Has she taken a turn of her own since she activated it" ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Thunder Hooves gives me an extra 1(W) if I trample them in the same turn ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( We're musing over when that would end ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( As it has her initiative come up again since then. ))
Lance Brandt: (( as it hasn't ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( If it hasn't then she'd still have it I think ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Yeah, end of turn is just end of actions. I'm pretty sure it'd proc not on your turn but before your next one. ))
Goblin Alchemist 2: (( Good enough for me. Carry on. ))
* Blaine rolls: 1d10+2 Bonus then => 10 + 2 = 12
Meryl Kincaid: (( Oh now I roll high ))
Goblin Alchemist 2: Goblin Alchemist 2 loses 12 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( yay murder goblin ))
* Goblin Alchemist 2 splut
* Fleed rolls: 1d20 => 13
Galbine: (( Now let's and go out of here. ))
Cid has received initiative.
Meryl Kincaid: (( Hang on ))
Goblin Alchemist 2: (( If concensus is to FUCKING RUN then I'm ending Combat Time after Furu's turn. ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I got some widgets for killing a dude ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( First, temp HP ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( consensus is running time ))
Lance Brandt: (( yar ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( It is yeah ))
* Cid just gets the eff way from the behemoth
Cid: (( turn over ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Eh fuck it, not worth holding it up ))
* Vahlarandan Behemoth ROAR
Meryl Kincaid: (( Swift Charge would probably miss anyway, and even then it wouldn't kill a Tunneler ))
Fleed: (( Well, general majority seems to be OH FUCK GET AWAY so Combat Time over. ♥ ))
Crixsara: Forget about the rest of these, *kupo*
* Vahlarandan Behemoth STOMP
* Lance Brandt shoots off the last of his corona at the behemoth before buggering off
Goblin Trenchman 1: Yeah, we're gettin' out. Have fun bein' space-rocked to death, losers.
Galbine: It appears to be much larger and more powerful than expected.
Crixsara: I won't stop you from attacking it, *kupo*.
Fleed: The goblin tunnelers collapse the tunnel behind them, leaving their escape route inacessible! Only Crixsara would've fit through it anyway, really.
Zorya Whiteshield: "Not into the hole then?" She looks down at the sinkhole. "...oh dear."
Galbine: I'
* Zorya Whiteshield scamper
Lance Brandt: God damn it
Galbine: This one is sure we can still kill it later.
* Fleed rolls: 1d6 => 4
* Vahlarandan Behemoth burns. Big deal.
Vahlarandan Behemoth: Vahlarandan Behemoth loses 4 HP.
Cid: We'll come back with a cannon.
Christina DeMarsey: (( Are we going north or left? ))
Galbine: (( we're gong here, my character knows this is safe~ ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( North is templey, there's clearly shit in there ))
Lance Brandt: (( shit that isn't a behemoth ))
Lance Brandt: (( clearly ))
Lance Brandt: (( its a crystal temple ))
* Galbine unsummons debris now that it ISN'T running from a monster.
Meryl Kincaid: WELL AH'M right n' embarassed now, ah hope ya'll're happy.
Lance Brandt: Better embarassed then dead
Galbine: By technicallity, we still killed a Behemoth.
Meryl Kincaid: Y'ain't from whar ah am.
Galbine: Likely not.
Christina DeMarsey: I want THAT Behemoth.
Fleed: You're... mostly in just an interior courtyard; while pillars put themselves between you and the behemoth, there probably won't be much trouble in it breaking them down to get to a snack.
Celia Dunesend: (( Are there any exits in any direction? ))
Meryl Kincaid: Well if'n we're runnin let's do it right.
Celia Dunesend: (( Because please don't advance the behemoth until you've drawn everything. ))
Galbine: (( you are likely to be eaten by a gruehemoth ))
Fleed: There's a big giant doorway still further in.
* Lance Brandt grits his teeth, glaring at Meryl, "Don't talk to me about where either of us are from, I've been in this kind of situation before, it didn't end well, at all, got it?"
Zorya Whiteshield: "The door, there!" She points and runs to it.
Galbine: Entrance to further inside detected.
* Vahlarandan Behemoth ROAR, SLAM
Cid: Yes, thank you, we can see.
Meryl Kincaid: When yer livelihood depends on killin' big monsters, it's not a good thin' ta run from one y'ain't even swung at.
Cid: I feel like I'm forgetting something.
Zorya Whiteshield: "Panicking! Too scared to think about not pointing out obvious!"
Lance Brandt: My lively hood DOES depend on killin' big monsters. What it DOESN'T rely on is being KILLED by them.
Galbine: Trust this one, it is far more powerful then the fake.
* Lance Brandt moves to try to pull the doors open or something I dunno
Fleed: The interior room is... well, looking more like a cathedral, almost. Huge, if poorly-lit, with a large altar on the far end, and rows of half-destroyed stone pews.
* Lance Brandt close door behind, etc.
Celia Dunesend: (( Entrances? ))
Fleed: Two large, much more manageable-looking doors are in the far corners.
Meryl Kincaid: Th' hell's this room fer?
Christina DeMarsey: It looks like a cathedral.
Meryl Kincaid: Cawhatle?
Lance Brandt: Big church
Cid: Very interesting.
Galbine: It looks like a place where beings practice worship of what it is they follow.
Meryl Kincaid: Wot, y'mean fer prayin? We do that in th' forest. Closer'ta Fenrir 'at way.
* Lance Brandt also begins emitting light to make it a bit easier to see
Celia Dunesend: "Let's go left! We worry once we're sure we're clear of the behemoth!"
* Galbine emits light too~
* Zorya Whiteshield hides next to Lance, shaking like a leaf and stroking her holy symbol for comfort. "It's... it should be beautiful in here."
Meryl Kincaid: (( emits ignorance. ))
* Meryl Kincaid emits ignorance.
Meryl Kincaid: (( This is the longest loading roguelike ever ))
Fleed: (( Haha~ ))
Lance Brandt: (( LOADING ))
Celia Dunesend: "In that door! After that we should be in a room too small for it to follow!"
Lance Brandt: (( LOA- WHOOPS YOU DIED OH GOD ))
Fleed: This just... seems to be an empty chamber. Or a destroyed one. Most of it seems to be dust and rubble.
Fleed: Still, another door on the far corner.
Meryl Kincaid: (( You know... ))
Crixsara: (( Search the clocks. ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( After seeing Lance's subheading is Blazing Dynamo, I'd change mine to Madness Hero if I thought anyone else would get it ))
Lance Brandt: (( ))
Lance Brandt: (( I'm more glad that someone actually got the reference ))
Celia Dunesend: "Okay, now we should be safe."
Zorya Whiteshield: "I hope so..."
Meryl Kincaid: (( Takes a lot to slip a Legend of Dragoon reference by me, I love that game ))
Celia Dunesend: "It shouldn't be able to squeeze through that small of a passageway."
Lance Brandt: (( ))
Fleed: This room is... somewhat sparsely decorated. Ancient paintings, with stone framework, adorn the unrecessed walls, but much of it is too faded to make anything out.
Fleed: Also, the far door creaks open.
Galbine: ?!
Old Man: ...??
Christina DeMarsey: (( I need to go eat. Be back in a little bit ))
Meryl Kincaid: Somethin' ta smash still?
Lance Brandt: Hopefully not
Galbine: Appears to be an elderly hume.
Old Man: Hoh?
Meryl Kincaid: (( Getting something to drink on that note. Not beer, just liquid to ingest ))
Lance Brandt: (( I still got delicious lemonade ))
Lance Brandt: (( mostly because I kinda cheated and left the lemons in the cup ))
Celia Dunesend: (( Does it have oranges in it? ))
Celia Dunesend: (( *dash* ))
Old Man: And... who might you be?
Lance Brandt: (( no : ))
Galbine: (( brb for a sec as well ))
Crixsara: (( For cheating, you lose your lemonade ))
Lance Brandt: (( noe ))
* Zorya Whiteshield falls over with a shriek when she notices the old man.
Lance Brandt: ... That seemed like an unecessary reaction
Old Man: Oh, my.
Meryl Kincaid: (( Back ))
* Lance Brandt scratches his head before stepping forward, "We're... Adventurers I guess... We WERE here to fight a behemoth but uh... It was a bit bigger and angrier than expected."
* Zorya Whiteshield picks herself up and shrinks down into her robe. "S-sorry, Mister Lance..."
Cid: Greetings, elderly man.
* Cid has no room to talk.
Old Man: Yes, hello!
Zorya Whiteshield: (( is that man melting? ))
Old Man: I... once again, though: who are you? I've not had visitors in years, I hardly think this is a place to simply drop by.
Lance Brandt: (( no he just has a weir portrait ))
Lance Brandt: (( weird* ))
* Meryl Kincaid leans on her axe and idly stratches at her cheek, looking bored. She doesn't react well to a smashing deficiency
* Lance Brandt sighs, "I just said"
Old Man: (( Full image for Pygmy: ))
Zorya Whiteshield: "I'm... Zorya Whiteshield." She waggles her staff a bit.
Meryl Kincaid: Meryl.
Galbine: This one is named Galbine.
* Lance Brandt rubs his temples, "Lance Brandt."
Zorya Whiteshield: (( oh ))
Old Man: Are you the ones who caused that awful racket moments ago...?
Celia Dunesend: "Celia Dunesend."
Crixsara: Crixsara, *kupo*
Cid: Anathia Cid.
Zorya Whiteshield: (( :E ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( By the way Fu we should put your full name in your token ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( I just put Cid as a placeholder and it's been this ever since ))
* Old Man regards Cid for a few moments, before changing his expression to one of mild recognition. "Oh, my. What brings someone of... your prestige here?"
Galbine: (( the only people with name are non-humans! ))
Cid: At the moment we're staging a tactical retreat from a very large and angry Behemoth.
Old Man: Hmm.
Old Man: I had heard the rumors, but to think one actually took up residence so far south...
Cid: Yes. Odd, isn't it?
Old Man: Very much so. Yet, fascinating, wouldn't you agree?
Zorya Whiteshield: "Can you help us get out of here?"
Lance Brandt: A better question would be what an old man like you are doing in a run down place like this.
Old Man: I live here.
Cid: ...Here.
Meryl Kincaid: Seems l'git.
Lance Brandt: ... Of course
Meryl Kincaid: (( I apologize for nothing ))
Crixsara: Not my idea of home, *kupo* but if you enjoy it here then it can't be all that bad.
Old Man: Oh, yes. It may be run down, but some of the rooms are quite serviceable.
Celia Dunesend: "Interesting place to live, with a behemoth rampaging around your yard and goblins roaming around the hallways."
Galbine: This one presumes you have your reasons for living in this place.
* Zorya Whiteshield nods
Old Man: Oh, the goblins. No, they don't bother you so much when you've an accord with them.
Old Man: Namely, that you don't fry them with the wrath of the heavens if they don't interrupt your work.
Lance Brandt: Hmph... Well we've already tried setting them on fire but they've kept pestering us so far.
Old Man: But--! I must be getting ahead of myself, aren't I? I imagine you're rather tired from both your journey and... encounter. Let's find you all some place to sit, yes?
Zorya Whiteshield: "They don't seem to mind it terribly when /I/ bring the wrath of the heavens on them..."
Cid: That...that would be nice, yes.
Meryl Kincaid: They dun like th' wrath of an axe either.
Old Man: Yes, yes, come along, then.
Galbine: Recurpuration needed after encounter.
Celia Dunesend: "Indeed, I'm sure all of us could use a little rest."
Fleed: And inside is... well, it's something of a study, or a library.
Meryl Kincaid: (( And now he sounds like Apafi in my head. ))
* Lance Brandt so this is going to end with us opening a portal and letting the goblins and behemoth swarm in and kill him isn't it?
Lance Brandt: (( that was supposed to be ooc ))
Galbine: Place of storage and recovery for tomes of knowledge.
Old Man: Please do not mind the cluttering; as I've said, I haven't visitors in some time.
Lance Brandt: (( damn it ))
Cid: How long would that have been, exactly?
Old Man: ...I would say maybe ten, fifteen years...?
Old Man: Not counting goblins, of course, but their idea of 'visit' is more 'ransack'.
Lance Brandt: Of course
Old Man: And you say you're adventurers! I suppose it was that mercenary organization that sent you here, wasn't it?
* Zorya Whiteshield flexes her hands, waiting for her healing to recover.
Fleed: (( Yeah you guys can Short Rest/surge/etc. ))
Zorya Whiteshield: "Wh-huh? You're mercenaries?"
Lance Brandt: To handle the goblins and behemoth, correct.
* Zorya Whiteshield hands out healing pokes to those that need it.
Cid: Well *I'm* not. I'm here on the behalf of Feoria. I just happened to meet the rest of these...fine. people.
Meryl Kincaid: (( Any bonus healing to be aware of? ))
Old Man: Hmmf. A much needed job, I do admit.
Galbine: This one is not, however.
Old Man: Ahh. Yes. You.
Meryl Kincaid: (( I keep forgetting if that's a Bard thing or a Leader thing ))
Galbine: This one has only recently woken up.
Christina DeMarsey: (( Back ))
* Lance Brandt points to Galbine, "The metal guy is the one who led us here."
Old Man: You are the interesting one, aren't you?
Galbine: This one is?
Galbine: (( I would headtilt but that's Azar's thing~ ))
Lance Brandt: Lance Brandt recovers 9 HP.
Old Man: Oh, yes. What a glorious day, finding you and your ilk, tucked away in some forgotten room like excess storage.
Old Man: Yet, how did you manage to wake up?
Lance Brandt: Lance Brandt loses 1 HP.
Christina DeMarsey: Christina DeMarsey recovers 9 HP.
Galbine: ...? This one simply did, but this one was lost.
Meryl Kincaid: Meryl Kincaid recovers 9 HP.
Old Man: ...Hrrhm.
Celia Dunesend: Celia Dunesend recovers 15 HP.
Lance Brandt: So what IS he anyway?
Galbine: Cannot recall any notation of actual purpose. This one wandered until this one met this group.
* Celia Dunesend burns two surges healing back up to full.
* Old Man continues to look over and observe Galbine, rather... excitedly, for an old man.
Zorya Whiteshield: Zorya Whiteshield recovers 8 HP.
Galbine: Galbine recovers 7 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( Galbine needs an adult ))
Cid: ...Who ARE you, old man?
Old Man: I... am not fully sure what manner of construct he is myself.
Galbine: Nor does this one. As stated previously.
Meryl Kincaid: (( NOW the old man sounds like Guru ))
Zorya Whiteshield: "He was a great help to us against the goblins."
Lance Brandt: (( also man, Astrid would be going nuts in this place ))
Galbine: Basic functions known and able to be used, however.
Old Man: But he certainly is nothing short of incredible, isn't he? A fully metal construct, capable of walking and talking on its own, without so much as a single outside input!
* Galbine creates puffs of light, and opens/closes plates to reveal, but not use, weapon implements
Old Man: Why, I imagine it that even the great Cid family finds it but difficult to create their own constructs to such quality... while I do mean no offense whatsoever, of course.
Galbine: Is that correct, Engineer Cid?
Cid: None taken. He's truly as remarkable as you say.
Cid: Even my C.I.D. unit isn't capable of independent operation.
Old Man: Near as I'm able to know, this shrine is... centuries, maybe even thousands of years old, and this construct may have been around for just as long!
Lance Brandt: You named the robot after yourself?
Cid: It's an acronym for Combat Intervention/Destruction
* Lance Brandt raises a brow skeptically
* Galbine raises finger to ah-hah!
Old Man: To see one active... this is important. A red letter day to be sure. History in the making!
Galbine: This one can recall last operational date.
Old Man: What?!
Zorya Whiteshield: "Do you think Mr. Galbine is also an acronym?"
Galbine: Recalled to be...677?
Old Man: ...Hmm.
Galbine: Scale of time not known, however.
Old Man: Yes, of course.
Galbine: This one is sorry it cannot recall more.
Old Man: It may be yet possible you're simply ancient, but nearly 500 years old at fewest!
Old Man: However... history records do not detail such technology during that time in the Greymond calendar. Why, the Eastern Kingdom had yet to even take form by then!
Cid: You know your history.
Old Man: As well I should, to consider myself a scholar of the ancient studies.
Old Man: This is why I choose to live in this place, decrepit as it is; every mote of dust is full to the brim with unknown history, that many toss aside, yet could just as easily unlock the secrets of this world we live on!
Old Man: Even I, in my decades of research, barely scratch the surface of this ancient shrine.
Old Man: Quite... literally, to a degree, I loathe to admit.
* Old Man hangs his head for a moment of pause.
Lance Brandt: So what DO you know about this place?
Old Man: This place. This... Titan's Cradle.
Lance Brandt: (( we're going to encounter Titan here aren't we? ))
Old Man: What would you imagine a place such called to be?
Galbine: If this one were to say...processing...
Lance Brandt: Isn't Titan one of those phantom whatever?
* Zorya Whiteshield casts Cure on Meryl and Christina.
Christina DeMarsey: (( I already used a surge ))
Meryl Kincaid: Titan's th' shield'a Earth.
Zorya Whiteshield: "Titan is the Phantom Beast of Earth. And you say this is... his home?"
Old Man: "W-whatever"?! Young man, have you no appreciation of your own planet!?
Meryl Kincaid: We revere Fenrir where ah come from. Y'learn bout Titan in th' process.
Lance Brandt: It's tried to kill me more times than I care to talk about so...
Galbine: Titan...Titan? Titan...creativity abilties not up to task.
Old Man: But... yes. Some of you are correct. Titan, Shield of the Crystal of Earth, this place called his homeland for being the largest mountain range in Vahlaranda, rivaling even the Eastern Kingdom's great mesas.
Old Man: Yet they call this place Titan's Cradle in no mere description; this shrine is testament to this fact.
Old Man: Even still I say "this" shrine, but I should be saying "the" shrine.
Christina DeMarsey: The entire place is a single, large shrine?
Zorya Whiteshield: "But why is it in ruin?"
Lance Brandt: That's what tends to happen to old forgotten places, I imagine
Old Man: Unfortunately, yes. Age, migration, and difficulty of terrain has left this in such a disrepair that few even know of it, and those that make it here are now often run out by the goblin brigands.
Galbine: This one figures given the large field and labyrith of caverns would be hinderance.
Cid: Annoying little bastards.
Old Man: Strange that a mining community would up and abandon itself so close to such a wealth of minerals, isn't it?
Christina DeMarsey: Perhaps they ran from the Behemoth?
Lance Brandt: I assumed the goblins, or the behemoth were to blame for that.
Galbine: This one presumes the beetles encountered in the tunnels may have been a cause of escape?
Old Man: I can't say for sure.
Cid: Perhaps there's something...deeper at work here.
Cid: That was a pun. You have my permission to laugh.
Crixsara: Creatures such as goblins and vermin tend to move in after the occupants have left, *kupo*.
Old Man: It could be the goblins, it could be the Behemoth. I say it's the work of our Guardians themselves.
Zorya Whiteshield: "That was pretty bad, Mrs. Cid."
* Galbine laughs a rather hollow 'ha-ha'
Meryl Kincaid: Ah'll letcha know if it starts bein' funny.
Galbine: Is that the appropiate response?
Zorya Whiteshield: "Hee~"
Old Man: Excusing humor, yes.
Old Man: You're more right than you know, at least to my belief.
Old Man: If not the Shield, then the Sword, correct?
Meryl Kincaid: Fenrir? 'E stays in th' forests.
Old Man: So you would say.
Old Man: However, if you were across the world from what you held most dear, and it was attacked, would you not return?
Cid: ...Hmm.
Christina DeMarsey: If I was aware, yes.
Galbine: It would be difficult, but it seems an appropiate action.
* Lance Brandt shifts position, becoming somewhat restless as bad memories start to flood back from this conversation, "Hnnn..."
Old Man: The Guardians are... temperamental, at best. Anyone who rides the seas knows the fury of its protectors.
Lance Brandt: (( MERYL SURE KNOWS ))
Galbine: (( and then the kraken killed half the party ))
Old Man: Even our esteemed colleague from Feoria well knows the terrible powers that may come from its source of industry, should the nation overstep its bounds of accord.
Meryl Kincaid: Ah get th' feelin ah should remember somethin bout that.
Cid: I am well aware, yes.
Old Man: Greymond finds itself so wrapped up in a nebulous belief that they utterly blunder into their patron protectors, and now the Royal Family is too scared to even look to these peaks.
Lance Brandt: Normally it would seem apropriate to ask if you honestly believed all of this but... I'm standing here I suppose. For all the nonsense about bein blessed by Phoenix I heard as a child.
* Old Man looks to Lance and nods.
Old Man: Perhaps not by Guardians; more, the Phantom Beasts as a whole. I too know of such blessings.
* Zorya Whiteshield wanders over to the shelves and browses through the titles.
Christina DeMarsey: So what's our next course of action? That monster is still alive and out there.
Old Man: Hmm.
Galbine: Perhaps the Shrine has another exit?
Old Man: If I suggest... perhaps waiting it out?
Christina DeMarsey: That doesn't solve the fact that it's still alive.
Old Man: Beasts run on instinct. Eventually they get tired, or hungry, or simply forget what it was they were chasing in the first place.
Crixsara: It might have even already wandered off, *kupo* considering we haven't heard it crashing through the shrine yet.
Cid: Then hopefully we'll sneak by it without someone sneezing and getting us all killed
Galbine: The Beast is likely to stay alive for some time, it seems to be incredibly hardy. Likely it will still exist at a later point in time.
Old Man: Yet, while you're here, perhaps you could make yourselves useful to my studies?
Lance Brandt: At this point I feel it would be better to collect the bounty on those goblins and be done with this place... The air in here unsettles me...
Zorya Whiteshield: "How can we help?"
Galbine: This one has no arguements, as task of defeating behemoth determined impossible at this point in time.
Old Man: Well, as I have said... I have yet to make any deep impact in searching this shrine.
Old Man: There is a... door, you see.
Meryl Kincaid: Unless yer studyin' smashin, ah ain't much help.
Lance Brandt: (( he's studying smashin ))
Cid: A door.
Crixsara: Hmpth, *kupo*. The job bounty wasn't for THAT behemoth, so I could be convinced to assist.
Old Man: And, such as I'm embarrassed to admit, one who devotes their magical studies to the arts of thunder and lightning are ill-equipped to break through the seals of earth.
Lance Brandt: (( this guy is Ramuh isn't he? ))
Galbine: This sounds like a job of smashing, Berserker Meryl.
Old Man: As much as I would like you to not be "smashing" this door, if such an opportunity becomes inevitable, you may well do so.
Lance Brandt: Hmph, so where is this door?
Old Man: Further back. Further down. I imagine it leads yet further.
Meryl Kincaid: Well if it's Earth, maybe Fenrir'll be nice an jes open it up without th' smashin.
Meryl Kincaid: But that's borin'.
Old Man: If you say so...
Zorya Whiteshield: "Please don't destroy the nice man's doors..."
Old Man: You seem to hold Fenrir in such high regard, young lady.
Galbine: This one recalls that doors may be sealed with complex puzzles to keep out intruders.
Lance Brandt: (( BLOCK PUZZLES ))
Meryl Kincaid: Ah'm a hunter. M'folk've been huntin' 'is forests fer generations.
Lance Brandt: (( WITH TIMED TORCHES ))
Lance Brandt: (( AND SWITCHES ))
Meryl Kincaid: Y'learn ta respect 'im when ya prowl 'is land.
Old Man: Maybe so...
Old Man: If nothing else, I know the sentiment.
Lance Brandt: So, you think you can take us to this door?
Old Man: Of course.
Old Man: Though, it may not surprise you to hear a request that you accompany me in exploring beyond it as well.
Christina DeMarsey: ...fine. Maybe I'll find something that can kill the behemoth down there.
Old Man: Consider it repaying an old man who so kindly provided you shelter from a rampaging beast of certain doom.
Lance Brandt: Hnn, well I've nothing better to do for now I suppose
Cid: Yes, I'm sure there will be a storehouse of ancient behemoth poison.
Zorya Whiteshield: "Thank you for that."
Galbine: Speaking of shelter, this one wonders if rest of party needs actual rest? This one is at full combat capacity, but others may not be.
Christina DeMarsey: It could be a lava pit to lure it into for all I care.
Lance Brandt: (( now is the poison ancient or does it only work on ancient behemoths? ))
Galbine: (( full combat capacity of dissapearing for two weeks, whoops ))
Old Man: For now, however, perhaps you would rather retire for a rest.
Lance Brandt: (( OOOORGUN ))
Crixsara: (( Your full capacity is, in fact, being invisible. ))
* Zorya Whiteshield tugs on the old man's sleeve. "Sir, when you get a chance, if you're not busy, that is... could you tell me what you know of God?"
Old Man: ...I am... a historian. Religion is not much a specialty of mine.
Lance Brandt: (( he knows to blame yourself or god ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( Zorya Fluttershield ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( Already doing that joke! ))
Zorya Whiteshield: (( heh ))
* Zorya Whiteshield 's face falls. "Oh... well, that's okay. Thank you anyway."
Lance Brandt: (( I'm more interested in tugging his sleeve from across the room ))
Lance Brandt: (( long old man sleeves? ))
Meryl Kincaid: (( They're really long sleeves ))
Galbine: (( well I can do that! ))
* Galbine magic rocket spirt handddd
Lance Brandt: (( oh no the robot has gone rogue ))
Old Man: Ah... my. So much conversation, and it only now strikes me that I've yet to even disclose my name. Shows how accustomed to isolation I've gotten, over the years. You may call me Aldun.
Galbine: Historian Aldun. Is that a correct designation?
Lance Brandt: (( ALDUiN? ))
Aldun: If you insist on a title.
Meryl Kincaid: (( Nah, we don't have a Dragonborn. ))
Galbine: That is what this one does, indicated as proper tone.
Celia Dunesend: (( Blaaaaaaaaaaah. can we please call it here? ))
Galbine: (( considering we're resting, yes. ))
Christina DeMarsey: (( I figured we were anyway with the resting ))
Lance Brandt: (( yeah lets rest and then start up at the door ))
Fleed: (( Yeah, I was winding down anyway. You're gonna be doing up fullrest, so. ))
Celia Dunesend: (( alright ))
Lance Brandt: Lance Brandt recovers 1 HP.
Celia Dunesend: (( *steps out for the night* ))
* Christina DeMarsey goes off to a corner to brood. Brood brood brood.
Meryl Kincaid: (( Alright, then I'm gonna heal up and restore surges ))
Meryl Kincaid: Meryl Kincaid recovers 7 HP.
Christina DeMarsey: Christina DeMarsey recovers 6 HP.
Lance Brandt: (( aaand testing tomethin ))
Lance Brandt: Flesh Grinder Damage: « 1d6 = 1 »
* Galbine holds sword in scabbard balanced on the ground, much like displays of knight armor
Tilus is disconnected.
Galbine: Galbine recovers 2 HP.
Franky is disconnected.
Galbine: This one shall keep watch.
Yuu Inohara is disconnected.
Zorya Whiteshield: Zorya Whiteshield recovers 3 HP.
Threden is disconnected.
* Zorya Whiteshield stays up to browse through the books, looking for any mention of God among them.
Zorya Whiteshield is disconnected.